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  1. Jon, I have never heard of Austin Steinfart. I'll look into him. But if people want to play games of competing cliques while we are fighting a war, I'm not too interested. I want to win the war. And even if this Steinfart dude is an infiltrator or a guy with a savior complex, if he is making a splash, I'm all for it. Asymmetric warfare The way asymmetric warfare works in this fight (on the information and communication level) is that you call attention to one thing, then let people decide on their own about the parallel issue that was along for the ride. That parallel issue is your real interest. The reason for this tactic is to bring mainstream focus on an issue that is being throttled in the mainstream. The thing that gets the initial attention is not important and it doesn't even have to be true. It can be garbage. In this case, using what you said about Steinfart, he would be the garbage. But if he has called attention to QAnon and prompts mainstream curiosity, his unwitting role in this asymmetric warfare has been productive. Since I have never heard of him until now, I can't say until I look. The only thing I know for sure is that in the part of the mainstream that I do look at, I have never seen his name come up. But if his little shindig is getting the general public and people in the mainstream to look at QAnon and talk about QAnon, they will also look at and talk about the issues QAnon covers. I trust the common sense of good people once they are aware of a problem without propaganda trappings coating it. So, to me, that's a plus. President Trump uses this form of asymmetric warfare all the time. And he tends to put his entertainment skills (especially from pro wrestling storytelling) on the attraction component , which makes it a hoot. But every time he does that and the media goes apeshit, look at the issue that is getting a free ride. That is generally what changes when the public at large looks at it. Then the bad guys look at the change after it has happened and don't know what hit them. In other words, misdirection can be used like a magician to hide what one hand is doing, but it can also be used to expose what the bad guys want to stay hidden. Tore About Tore, the only thing I know about her is what I've recently come across and I really like the information she has provided in what I have seen. I really like Shadowgate, too. She seems to be a powerhouse at getting information out that is pissing the right people off. I am going to keep looking into her. Besides, there was a moment she said something that intrigued me (I don't remember where right now). Part of the Shadownet system (and other software that is similar) is to create stories and content that will push people's buttons once the operators have a profile of a target's vulnerabilities gleaned from AI massaging massive data. Tore mentioned that she was one of the people who produced such stories and content. That was her job when she worked for the bad guys. I want to see if I can come across her discussing this in more detail. Michael
  2. William, That's not true. You refuse to accept what QAnon actually is. It is a form of spreading the freedom message that no censor on earth can throttle. Call it a cult if you wish and clutch your pearls about the destruction of rational epistemology (as if that were even possible), but that will not stop the message of freedom from spreading via Q. And it will misdirect the attention of people engaged at fighting the current attempt at tyranny by an elitist class. QAnon is one of the strong drivers of this freedom and resistance to tyranny message. The more you dismiss it, call it lack of reason, cult, and so on, the stronger it gets. There is a reason for that--a perfectly rational, understandable and even measurable reason--but I doubt you will ever want to look. You have a story in your mind and you keep trying to fit reality to that story when reality is not so accommodating. If you want to destroy Q, you first have to identify it correctly. So far, all you've done in all your posts is talk about a cartoon that you want Q to be. Michael
  3. Jon, What are you talking about? I have no idea what that means. Is there a secret society with rolls, dues and so forth? The only person I know of here on OL who is trying to peel away QAnon people is William, but he's against the entire concept. Michael
  4. The Media is going full on against QAnon, too. I think part of the reason for the surge right now is because of Shadowgate. I hope I get to meet Tore some day. Michael
  5. Ha! Reporters keep trying to corner President Trump with QAnon and every time they try, they get their pokey fingers burned. Michael
  6. Here I've found more of Ivanka & Kushner's fiscal pla... er... um... I meant, Donald J. Drumpf's fiscal plan for Amerika in 2020 and 2021 and beyond. Summarized right here: I know, Drumpf is playing 4, 268D chess with the Deep State and other enemies of mankind, waiting for his second term... when he's really gonna take off the gloves. Oh, yes, and QAnon is calling the shots from behind the scenes, saying the things Trump can't say out loud and keeping us informed like real insiders. Lulzerskates. Groovy. Meantime I'm stocking up on .22, .223, food, copper, medical supplies, and still working lots of overtime up here in Governor Noem's beautiful South Dakota. I've written her a nice letter as of late, begging her to secede from the Union. Got high hopes for that request. I"ve asked her to name our new republic up here in the northland, "Little Siberia" That ought to keep you homeless riff-raffers outta here.
  7. This lady most likely will take a seat in the House come January. Great, a QAnon DF and a 9/11 Truther. She's the total package.
  8. More kerfufflage re QAnon fanciers running for the GOP ... ignoring Mr Chemtrail Whoopee Trump congratulates QAnon conspiracy theorist on GOP runoff win
  9. Crazed Never-Trumper Rick Wilson dips deep into the bag of loaded language, in a Daily Beast article decrying that Trump endorsed a GOP candidate who is apparently a full-on QAnon cultist ... The Party of Lincoln Belongs to QAnon Now. Thanks, Donald! From Politico: McCarthy faces QAnon squeeze One Republican called QAnon, which Marjorie Taylor Greene has embraced, the equivalent of "mental gonorrhea."
  10. I thought I'd just throw this out there. QAnon backer Marjorie Taylor Greene wins Georgia GOP runoff Michael
  11. LOL... Do not get Polly mad. Cory Doctorow is an all right science fiction writer, but he's lousy at understanding individuals. In fact, I have tried to read his science fiction and I couldn't get into it because the characters seemed so bland and/or unbelievable emotionally. Doctorow is good at technological theory from a narrow specific angle, but lousy at human nature. In fact, I doubt he would consider Polly's zinger to be magical thinking at all. But it is if you look at it from a reality standpoint. Human nature is reality and Polly knows about human nature. And she knows about good and evil. And she knows a thing or two about QAnon. All Doctorow and that idiot Ferguson he mentioned (the one who made the video) knows is they are superior lifeforms to humans who follow such conspiracy theories as Q. I saw some of that video and, as Ferguson said sarcastically in the video (with title card for emphasis), "It's always gotta be pedophiles." Well, yes... It does. When people are pedophiles. Including elitists and other superior lifeforms when they are pedophiles. Here's some more magical thinking by people like Doctorow and Ferguson: Everybody knows there is no pedophilia or blackmail going on in the ruling class. See? Say it out loud and it's magic. (btw - The video is not getting all that many views. I bet it's stunning to them that it hasn't gone viral from the moment it was uploaded.) Michael
  12. Ellen, I actually spray my masks down with alcohol after I come back home (btw - this thing is awesome if you ever need something like that). And after about 3 or 4 uses, a mask goes into the dirty laundry. I used to play trombone, so I know all about gunk buildup. As to my past drug and alcohol abuses, I'm probably more scarred than weakened by now due to years of mostly healthy living, with the exception of not getting enough exercise. (I keep promising myself, but I'm not the most reliable fulfiller of promises to myself. ) And the exception of maybe eating more crap these days than I should (fucking potato chips, chocolate covered almonds and so on ) instead of sticking to kale and similar mouth-fucking-watering delights. (I'm going to stop talking about the exceptions now. ) Obviously, I no longer drink alcohol or take drugs. I also take vitamins every 2 or 3 days, including D, a multivitamin, fish oil, A, different B's, etc. and I season foods with turmeric (including black pepper to bring out the anti-inflammatory goodness) and cumin and powdered ginger, lots of garlic and onions, and on and on and on. But thank you for the concern you exhibited. It's just words on a computer screen, but it means a lot to me. I hope you and Larry are staying safe, too. On the sensitive topic, I don't want to get into it again with Jon, but I don't think his intention is to exonerate bio-warfare creeps. In fact, I think he would like to execute them. And--like you--I fully believe this virus was produced as a weapon or human population culling agent. I don't know that (you might), but I believe it. Ah... what the hell... I avoid talking about this stuff to keep the tension down... but here goes... Jon is a warrior. He has a warrior's mind (I am going by his posts). That means when he sees an enemy, he goes all in and fuck the rest. What do warriors do? They break things and kill people. They do that because they like to do that, especially when they feel in the right. Warriors are blunt instruments. And for feeling in the right, QAnon does it for him. I'm perfectly fine with that, even when I disagree. I can't look at the mainstream and call that better. It's far worse. And, to be honest, being a blunt instrument is one of the things I like most about him. I love his default attitude toward elitist ruling class pedophiles and the rest. They deserve him. I have little doubt if you point him at the bio-warfare creeps in a way warriors respond to--in other words, prove to him (with a few examples) they are vermin that need to be exterminated, and he will be your biggest ally. I believe that. Michael
  13. Qanon targets pedophiles, sex traffickers and satanists. Twitter, Facebook, the MSM & some others target Qanon. Making sense yet?
  14. "We are the news now ..." Martin Geddes is one of the erudite QAnon folks out there with a largish support network and using a real-world name.
  15. Ellen, Ambiguity is the reason for the hint and this is used as a formal technique by Q--a hook that prompts action. The term for this is "curiosity gap" or "information gap." I first became aware of this by a hard leftie named Eli Pariser (who used to be the director of He founded a site called Upworthy and started the clickbait headline craze ("You won't believe what Kanye said to Mike Pence about Black Lives Matter" and that kind of crap.) The idea is to present a headline that promises an "hot emotion" payoff, but leaves out a critical piece of the information. In order to find out what's in the gap, you have to click on the article. A scientist named George Lowenstein came up with this gap concept in a 1994 paper called "The Psychology of Curiosity: A Review and Reinterpretation." Pariser took that information years later and figured out how to piss off everyone on the Internet with it, but also made a fortune by using it to promote leftie causes. Without the curiosity gap, QAnon would not spread in the culture as much as it does. As to Q's own insider status, based on a lot of different elements, I find it likely Q's an insider or at least friends with one. But there's a lot of mystery surrounding this, too--starting with his real name. Right? Another question, is Q one person or several? Helooooo curiosity gap. Twitter's ban (and Facbook's if it happens) doesn't stand a chance against that level of wedding messages to human nature. And that's just the curiosity gap. There are archetypes, codes, sundry cognitive biases, knowing secrets, the appeal to belong and be an insider, and a whole bunch of similar things. I think, just in terms of persuasion techniques alone, QAnon is one of the best formed public personas in our culture today. I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, Twitter just added the Streisand effect to the mix. Michael
  16. Here is some more information by Praying Medic. The Social Media Purge of Qanon Apparently in this go-around, the only accounts that got deleted were duplicate accounts and others from the Q universe that violated Twitter's terms of service. But eventually all accounts that discuss QAnon stuff in a big way will be booted from the platform. Facebook is soon going to be following suit. Michael
  17. Styx is not a QAnon supporter. He calls it "word salad schizoid bullshit LARPing that happens on several websites and people interpret it however the fuck they want." On the positive side, he thinks it's one of the longest lasting LARPs on the Internet and it's entertaining. (btw - LARP means Live Action Role Playing game.) I personally think QAnon is a lot more serious than that, but as a surface description, there is some truth to what Styx said. And the entertaining part for me is the hook. But that's always going to be in dispute due to the cryptic nature of QAnon messages. At its most ineffective (that is, accepting Styx's characterization as the whole shebang, which I don't), it keeps certain topics like pedophilia among the elites alive and running in the culture--and really pissing off said elites. At any rate, Styx thinks Twitter screwed the pooch on banning QAnon and it's going to backfire on them big time. He's right. Just the Streisand effect alone will grow QAnon. (Think Alex Jones, who has not downsized even though he's off the mainstream media, and his gazillions of fans.) The title of the video: TWITTER PURGES MORE ACCOUNTS, HYPERVENTILATES ABOUT THE QANON LARP (BITCHUTE EXCLUSIVE) As always, click the image and the video will open in a new tab. The video is on BitChute and is what Styx calls a "BitChute Exclusive." He puts one exclusive video on BitChute, and nowhere else, each day. One very interesting idea he talked about was how easy it is to get around the Twitter ban. All you need to do is take a common term (Styx's example was "ketchup relish") and give it a meaning all Q people eventually understand (which happens very quickly in that subcommunity). Then you end up defeating even Google's supercomputers. Why? Because computers suck at context. Styx says build a simple creole language structure (or pidgin language structure) for QAnon stuff, meaning take simple common terms and give them special meanings, and you will confound the hell out of Big Tech's search algorithms. I have very little doubt this is exactly what the QAnon people will do after they open new Twitter accounts under different names, even as they start making a few alt media sites grow by leaps and bounds. I suppose I should mention that QAnon people don't do actual harm out in society like Antifa, Iran and other Twitter members do. These last do not get banned, nor do their tweets get deleted. But who gives a crap? Like Styx said, Twitter is a place for shit posting. To be fair, I like how easy it is to embed a tweet on OL, even with video. Just post the link, hit enter, and the tweet appears. So I find Twitter a bit more useful than Styx. But I pick and choose what I put on OL, as do others here. Even among a huge majority of shit-posts, you can find some good stuff if you follow the right people, like, for instance, President Trump. If Trump leaves Twitter, I will probably embed much fewer tweets on OL. Michael
  18. Hammer down on QAnon ... Twitter bans 7,000 QAnon accounts, limits 150,000 others as part of broad crackdown
  19. What a lovely video by Liz Crokin about President Trump. I was unsure of who she was. I remembered seeing her name involved with conspiracy theories (and we know that's not a turnoff to me, right?), but I couldn't remember specifics. So I looked her up. I still don't remember specifics from the past, but she seems to be a QAnon person. Then, on Wikipedia: Liz Crokin, I read this: So I did the first thing that came to mind. I went to Twitter to follow her. However, Twitter is deleting all things and people involved with QAnon. They must have deleted her account because I could not find it, but I did find people asking what happened to her account. Then I went and looked up Out of Shadows. That documentary was posted on YouTube on April 10 and now has over 17 million views. So I am posting this in the "For the Children" section. (See here: Out of Shadows video.) But watch her video above on Trump if you haven't. It will make you feel good. She talks about the things Trump has done to help people, things he does not make a big deal out of. I skimmed around looking into Liz Crokin and I get the feeling she has been royally smeared left and right by establishment baddies and the Deep State. So I am going to keep up with her at the different sites I look at, especially the alt media sites. I recommend you do the same. Michael
  20. Heh. And this. And this. Somebody at Twitter sure doesn't want President Trump to be reelected. Nor do they want the pedophiles among the elites to be busted and thrown in jail. If Twitter didn't fear that, they would not ban QAnon from Twitter. This is good news, not bad, for Trump's reelection. The Twitter folks don't realize that they just fortified their competitors in a major way. Behold as the migrations start... Twitter is eventually going to MySpace itself into irrelevancy. The good news about that is I will be embedding fewer and fewer tweets on OL because it will be hard to find relevant tweets. And, as Rush Limbaugh keeps saying, the left thinks Twitter reflects real life in America. It doesn't. But anti-Trumpers and social justice mutts are in that bubble and that is what the top left leaders are using as context for their Presidential campaign. The bad news is that we have to endure a few more months of idiocy from these troubled souls if we want to look at the news once in a while. And we have to endure the riots and crap like that. Michael
  21. Listen carefully to CNN: Trump's first national security advisor, a career Army general and the 18th Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, uses phrases and slogans that are hallmarks of Q and uses the #QAnon hashtag in his social media posts.
  22. Small correction, Forbes, every business leader should be very concerned. Jul 3, 2020,01:55pm EDT QAnon Is Disrupting America — Every Business Leader Should Be Concerned
  23. That was then, and this is now. According to the last order from the judge (details from a June 26 Toronto Star AP report), Roger Stone will surrender to the Bureau of Prisons by July 14th. That decision was unsealed yesterday and can be read here. Dull recital of recent history set up, this is a fascinating interview given to Dustin Nemos, a notable QAnon author and entrepreneur. Nemos just lost his Twitter account for the usual murky reasons, but his YouTube account is still up. Lots of topical material, if not to all OL members' tastes. Bringing it back to Sessions ... his Alabama GOP Senate primary election run-off is set for July 14th. If you wet your finger and hold it up to the wind, you will discover who is going to win. My money is on the Trump-endorsed Tommy Tuberville, by a nose. An elephant nose. Don't piss off Big Daddy. He never forgets.
  24. Many leading lights of the QAnon movement just got together for a "pre-launch virtual live-stream" -- if I understand correctly, this will be the first of more "Virtual Conventions." Click the image or this link to visit: One of the sponsors of the virtual event was partly responsible for the in-person "Great Awakening" events celebrating Q that were held in Washington DC and Tampa Florida. I'll post any video I can find that shares the conference events one I find them -- I don't yet know if they are pay-walled or on an 'alternate platform' that can be embedded here at Objectivist Living. In the meantime, here is the QAnonAnonymous podcasters and guests commenting during presentations of the main speakers ...
  25. The Trader Principle ... There is another way I understand Q--in essential terms. I've talked about this before. It's called " trading up the chain." In mainstream press terms, the QAnon phenomenon has been a variation on this. This looks like some fairly effective "trading up the chain" ... Nice try and, I admit, there is a similar pattern. From an anonymous author at a conservative blog ... ... to an OANN (One America News Network) video cast ... ... to the Real Donald Trump Twitter account ... I think I understand that -- although you earlier stated that trading up "starts with a small site or place" with "slanted" discussion -- and that the slant is "what is really being promoted." And you went on to say: And that seems to be that. Of course, the whole "objective" issue is as always available for reasoned analysis, reasonable disputes and interesting differences of opinion.