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  1. Another thread opens on the matter of Q. What is Q / QAnon? Why should anyone on OL pay attention? Is skepticism justified? What are the main questions readers have in mind to guide discussion?
  2. Intriguing article: Psychology and the Allure of Conspiracy Theories -- I just bought the newish book edited by Joseph Uscinski, whose research is noted in the article cite above. I'll try to take a fair-use excerpt from the Uscinski appearance on Watter's show, and maybe put it together with some other material celebrating/castigating the segment by the 'Qmmunity' (and its skeptical attendants) ... in the QAnon thread, once Chod finishes with his spasms.
  3. "Fuck off, pedophile." The QAnon movement is chockful of anti-semitic garbage -- based on the wildest bullshit peddled by the Q-collective itself. If the correspondent wasn't so opposed to reason, he'd figure that one out on his own.
  4. Michael wrote: That's why ruling class elitists, including those idiots who wrote and monitored the Wikipedia article, try to paint Q as a cult with specific weird-sounding jargon and beliefs. Q scares the shit out of them--like bombs are supposed to. end quote Thanks Michael. That was very informative and well said. I agree that it is correct to have backlash against the polarized left wing media but my fear is that “unknown sources” who suggest conspiracies can have a worrisome effect on anyone who does not fact check and use reason. Oddly, since I asked the question of “who Q was” I
  5. It usually comes down to The Joo ... Readers can find a spate of Q/QAnon posts beginning here, along with a lengthy commentary here:
  6. Peter, Q is what the Tea Party tried to be--a spontaneous huge group of people traveling in the same direction--a good direction of freedom and individualism and family values--without a named leader. This phenomenon scared the holy hell out of the ruling class establishment and the left with the Tea Party, and it scares the holy hell out of them with Q. The Wikipedia Article If you want to see an explanation and history of Q from the side of those who fear it, look at the Wikipedia article: QAnon Just look at how the Wikipedia article opens: Notice
  7. Q is saying Adam Schiff is Mossad.
  8. The 8kun site is offline at the moment, again. While it was up and available yesterday, some entity posted four posts, two cryptic and two with links. Nothing since yet, and the site is only available right now via Archive: included the four posts as canon.
  9. Advantage, Fredrick Brennan. Here Brennan joins the QAnon Anonymous fellows for another show featuring the not-yet-functioning 8kun. Includes a section crushing the stupidities of Jordan Sather ... the king of "Disclosure."
  10. The inimitable Trump hater Rick Wilson** asks the obvious question, "Is William Barr the Head of DOJ or QAnon?" -- the second most obvious question being "have PACs hired you to make blistering video ads in 2020?" ______ **"Apostate GOP Media Guy, Dad, Pilot, Hunter, Amateur Epistemologist, Cognitive Engineer. Writer.' Sez his Medium bio. I wonder what it would take for him to come over to the President's side. He's now written two hatefests ... 'Human scum' quotient one over one?
  11. So strange that all of you are still dutiful followers of “QAnon believers.” Why do you care, why does M Roths follow so carefully the thoughts of “believers” in a pimply kid in his mom’s basement who you are certain was successfully and permanently silenced over two months ago?
  12. Cunning little video exposing a much-cited QAnon account's disinformation ...
  13. @PokerPolitics continues to offer poignant takes on the Q phenomenon. These sum up a feeling I get when I consider the self-sealed mental landscape of extreme QAnon cultists ... ... ... "Only via isolation can we achieve salvation."
  14. Viral Video About Eating Babies at AOC Town Hall Was Staged by Pro-Trump Group From the article, another 'possible' correct identification: On the other hand ... See one of my favourite QAnon researchers, Adrenochrome Harvester.
  15. #QAnon #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening More from the gang at the bottom, but first -- young Jordan Sather got some mileage from his time at the rally. See if you can pick out the scabs, infiltrators, imposters, 'fake news' media reps, patriots and stunned also-rans. The QAnon Anonymous podcast, interviews, interactions, observations, along with Jake Rockatansky's fits of screaming laughter. A bit of Q-reportage and queries on the main stage: At, you can view and search all of the 'drops' made at 8chan (eg, search 'snow white'). It has a clean and useful d
  16. Michael: "In addition, I have another question. Why is downplaying the Scientology connection important enough for Barney to make a stink about it (through Biddle)? I mean, a simple, "Yeah, I was part of that crap back then and did some stuff I'm not proud of, but I later changed my mind and got out, so who cares?" would be enough to bury the interest of most people. Is it vanity? Or something else?" Maybe he knows he will be in the headlines shortly? Be first to tell your story. Q says Snow White a lot. Often he seems to mean CIA supercomputers thusly named, other times
  17. The Gang from QAnon Anonymous podcast hooked up with the jaded, middle-class meddler Jared Holt. Maybe we could assemble a list of OL Member-Approved QAnon-whisperers. My guess is that Praying Medic, InTheMatrixxx, Liz Crokin and Joe M (StormIsUponUs) would be in a Top Ten.
  18. Mike Rothschild has a new article up .. "How to Save QAnon in Three Easy Steps."
  19. Today, no Q. The red-pilled and the could-be-deluded are having a fairly good time constructing the culture of belief during the prophet's absence. Even if 8chan manages to find a functioning, secure replacement or resurrects itself like Stormfront, even if Q somehow manages to establish his or her or their 'verified' status ... the groupings or movements around the Q phenomena will continue as a kind of end-days body of beliefs. Some people -- and not all of them zany -- have invested a lot of heart and soul into the 'movement' (or whatever it is). The founder of 8chan, programmer Frede
  20. The President posted this on his Instagram page early this morning. What is that in front of him? Some type of cord? Does it say Q?
  21. What happened to Denmark? Trudeau coulda learned Prime Minister Nastyass on how to get along with the elephant/ally, yes? We haven't had a curse-out in a good long while. Cross your fingers for the final signatures on the USMCA. In other words, Don't Poke It! Or your Queen will suffer .... Nothing much happened to Denmark. Nothing happened to Greenland. The 'nasty' remarks are to one's taste, in comic opera perhaps. Denmark is one of those small smug EU socialist hellholes where almost everyone lies about quality of life on surveys, and rides around on bicycles. The
  22. We generally keep our opinions to ourselves, Canadians, with obvious exceptions. Look what happened to Denmark. -- this item, what passes for an expose these days, could have been posted in about five different threads. From some folks at NBC ... -- reading that story is its own reward (just click the image above), in the sense of updating your shelf of conspiracy/mistrust/distrust/bias knowledge. In the story and in subsequent reports the writers' research suggests that the organization is targeting a solid bloc of voters via the Largest Ad Rotation at Facebook. Con
  23. QAnon Anoymous podcast team-member 'Travis View' had a very popular tweet this week. I tried to wakeboard his wave ... Not much discussed here is the probably-temporary decoupling of 8chan from the "normal" internet. The site is now being distributed through an unauthorized application -- a peer-to-peer distributed virtual- host software robot network. From most accounts, the new format downloads parts of itself to your machine and of course knows your hard address, thus defeating the essentially-anonymous nature of 8chan. Apparently the distribution strongly suggests you serve your
  24. And also here: For example, Q dropped this just a few hours ago ... 3462 News: The U.S. Army Is Engaged in a Mysterious Operation Around Washington, D.C. Q!!mG7VJxZNCI22 Jul 2019 - 9:49:22 AM Anonymous22 Jul 2019 - 9:41:08 AM ClipboardImage.png What is this? > >>7131949