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Found 22 results

  1. Can anyone recognize this Cabal flag? Under whose flag is Alex Jones working The Freedom Flag. The same one I work under. "I salute the Flag of False Flags, as pre-manufactured." Or, "The Florida High School Shooting Something Something False Flag."
  2. I'd hoped you would look into and comment on the kind of disinformation exemplified by the Syria Sarin hoopla noted above. The tactic certainly worked to edge the Russian Narrative closer to mainstream acceptance in America. That the intel agencies are hopelessly confused, that ISIS-ish rebels in Syria are responsible for all the Sarin use documented by the OPCW and the UN investigations. The "Dems," as a blob, can seem a hideous and corrupt political actor, bloodless and instransigeant. That the blob has convinced itself that Trump himself is tainted by Russia I can agree with. There are a few independent researchers (meaning non-affiliated groups of ad-hoc diggers and doubters and skeptics) who have and will have dug deep into the particulars of the influence campaigns you remark upon. If you like, I can assemble a primer on that kind of stuff, minus the Louise Mensch-ish outliers and kooks who abound. Yeah. But you and I aren't doing that. I mean, by my example of the Syrian Sarin file, I can contend that influence campaigns have particular effects. I do know a fair bit about this issue, so that is why I go on boringly on about it. It creeps me out that the 'false-flag' 'hoax' brigades do so well in discrediting rational inquiry such that the 'woken' population accepts without question the "Mattis Admits" line. The success of Russian-Syrian misinformation is depressing to me. Does that throw an election? Not at all. I guess I must expand my remit here. The grossest generalization is that Russia helped swing the election for Trump. The least gross generalization for me is that it pays rational dividends to be aware as much as possible just what "active measures" Russia employs in disrupting the Western alliance members. This puts into sharp relief a rather comic vision of "a few mesmerizing posts and memes" on the transmission belts of social media, at least as concerns the blob Narrative and the blob Dems. What about an informed person like me, who gets depressed at the penetration of falsity and deception (eg, Sarin) into the American opinion-o-news-sphere? If media today has an influence, if social media has an influence, if social media led influence campaigns ramify false premises and corrupt erstwhile "independent woke investigators" in the demi-media -- how could one possibly measure effects, ramifications and so on? A good set of queries ... I try to answer or investigate individual claims and the arguments within which they are embedded. My interests sort of converge in Syria. The cult of Assad has taken root in the alt-right 'woken' fringes. it is disquieting ... At some point, perhaps, I became a controlled zombie puppet of the Soros-Reptilian-Unwoke Cabal -- which is what the kooks I encounter on Twitter tend to assume about anyone not bought into the false-flaggery crap in re Sarin. You wouldn't believe what kinds of satanic memberships are presumed by some of Eliot''s most lit critics. Including such leftist stalwarts as Max Blumenthal, who ends up slagging Eliot and associated Syrian claims and groups ... on Sean Hannity. Yes, RT alumni and Sarin truther Max Leftmost Party Blumenthal on FoxNews. Anyhow, active measures. Cyber-intrusions into state election machinery. Disinformation on bloat, disruption of and weakening confidence in US institutions, diminishing prestige of its brand. November on the horizon, and six grim clowns suggest the Ruskie has his eye on doing more of the same (mesmerizing). I have a couple of fleas in my ear, I expect. In a slightly larger context, Trump has his own 'committees of benghazi' dogging him -- as it pertains to his enunciated Russia policy, he is constrained. That may be a defect in the US system -- that the chief executive is stymied in his plans for a major re-set of relations -- or it may be a built-in check and balance. I see a disjunct between what the Trump-appointed Grim Clowns say and what the President says. I do hope the benghazis come to a conclusion that unconstrains Trump's policy vision. A president is given the power to change policy. He should be given the opportunity to do so. If there is a big re-set on the horizon, however, it may be just out of reach until 2021. Depending on whether Congress lurches slightly left this fall and how much benghazi-committee bullshit drags on. For the woken, a report like this one by the BBC yesterday will be trashed as NATO 'narrative' ... that Sarin is always and only used in false flag attacks. Ergo, this is notice of a false flag. Syria war: suspected Sarin attack on rebel-held Saraqib – BBC Newsnight
  3. Sniff test. How would you use those 6 ways to debunk the following conspiracy theory? I would answer in two ways. First I'd question the identification: is Jerry's linked material making a claim, positing an explanatory theory, offering previously unconsidered evidence of criminal collusion/conspiracy to deceive? If so, how to apply the six key items the author suggests we wield: The “no leaks” objection The “evidence gap” objection The “inconsistent capabilities” objection The “prediction horizon” objection The “method-goal mismatch” objection The “unfalsifiable” objection -- in other words, if someone is proposing a controversial theory that posits a hitherto hidden conspiracy, then yes, test the evidence for the claim. But how? Simply follow the procedure outlined by the author at my link ... DIY Secondly I would answer by positing that the Northwoods proposal was different from the Bay of Pigs fiasco, that a fact is different from a theory and from a plan, and that we not mix up concepts. To illustrate the differences, I would posit a hypothetical, that the operational reality was reversed: the Bay of Pigs was kept an operations proposal, but a US ship was indeed attacked by US secret forces in Guantanamo Bay in 1962 and blamed on Cuba. How do we know of the other extant hidden proposal? Well, because hidden material in the ops reversal was declassified. Take the illustration one step further, obscure the secret plan more deeply: In the absence of declassified material on the did-not-happen Bay of Pigs plan, who would then be propounding a theory of the secret-and-stupid operation? Nobody. Which is the point of the two answers: no conspiracy theory as generally-understood was propounded at Jerry's link. And Jerry has made no coherent claim yet. Sure a plan can be a conspiracy plan if it satisfies certain criteria, but that is not a theory. You know, what is your theory? We need to be constant in our definitions, to avoid equivocation. A conspiracy theory might surround the Northwoods declassified documents, the proposed false-flag deception, or more narrowly speculate on the reason why the operation was not approved and set in motion. But your mention hasn't brought up any covering 'theory' that purports to explain hidden events ... ie, you haven't told your story. Maybe your Story 'theory' is that not every plan is set in motion. Which although a truism, has room to grow. How can we tell the difference between a plan and an act, a proposal and an operation, a dream and a reality, a conspiracy and a claim of conspiracy? Reason! Like I said, we need be constant in our definitions when making comparisons. And your operational definitions don't match each other or usage. What was revealed in the declassified documents was a plan at some stage of development. The goal of the plan was to provoke international condemnation against Cuba, and so to precipitate an 'allowable' war with a casus belli. Classic military spook behaviour. If you or another person was touting a theory contemporary with the documents, more or less saying "our military has come up with a plan to bomb our own ship and blame it on Cuba to allow a 'just war,' under the JFK administration," well, I don't know if we would bring out the six items, but surely we can. Understand where equivocation gets you, Jerry -- "it could have been a theory" doesn't satisfy your own criteria. You are in effect asking us to review 50 year old documents ... and generalize the story contained therein to something else unstated, offstage. Which is fine, but to assess today's story, one still needs to do an individual analysis of an actual story as related. One can't generalize from a known plan for a false-flag provocation to a particular and later claim of, say, a suspected false flag. Known event A does not prove event Z. In more conversational fashion, we cannot generalize from one revealed 'conspiracy' to another claimed 'conspiracy.' The burden of proof rests on the claimant. It is a 'same applies here' conclusion that needs to be tested, not assumed. A double-hinged generalization is the issue: if male person X did rape female person G, then conclude 'Man rapes woman.' But if 'Men rape women' is used as hinge to claim person R raped person E, it is illlicit logic. You need a fresh trial, fresh evidence. So in this sense a trial is what is needed for any such claim, and Trial is another word for Test, and how's that for equivocation? But back to the mirror of Jerry's Northwoods/Pigs relation. If the evidence in declassified documents had not been forthcoming, then one could apply the six analytical tools. Would a claim of "they were considering false-flag ops to make a US hot war on Cuba acceptable!" pass initial sniff tests and warrant a more rigorous examination? Why not?. Military does make and have plans rejected by political authority. So, yes, go to trial. The “no leaks” objection The “evidence gap” objection The “inconsistent capabilities” objection The “prediction horizon” objection The “method-goal mismatch” objection The “unfalsifiable” objection Here we can see that ultimately a probability estimate is often the best we can do, personally, to assess a given theory that passes sniff tests. What is the probability that a conspiracy to hide the flatness of the Earth exists? What is the probability that an international satanic coven covertly directs vast networks of ritual abuse? What is the probability that the Damascus Sarin attack was a 'false flag'? For each independent assessment, we need tools. What are your best tools, Jerry, to sort wheat from chaff, bizarre cultish beliefs from reasonable scientific conjecture? Since you have a few bizarre and intractable beliefs about human physiology, I wonder how they withstood the use of the best tools at hand. Consider, again, if you will, the poor video dude who can point out a few obvious defects in broader Pizzagate claims -- he can apply tools of reason to chisel out no-evidence claims. But, but, but, sadly, he cannot apply the same tools to his own Flat Earth whoopee. Speaking of whoopee and the Earth, I love this guy's Is Earth Actually Flat? It tries to bridge the evidence gap and invokes a metaphor from the world's greatest living philosopher, Susan Haack. At 12,815,105 views, he appears more monetized than David Seaman and David's mad detractors. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  4. I don't like the term Fake News, but bow to usage. That is important, that Snopes is spreading false (fake) news, and I want to dig into the details. Later. I truncated Michael's comment to note the example of Snopes -- but there is a larger context and a larger claim. I fished out the sense "Snopes is 'notorious for spreading fake news themselves'" but that might not do justice to Michael's argument, and he may not agree or elaborate on my sense. I mean, going in I don't support that Snopes is "notorious for spreading false news" and I give Michael the benefit of a charitable reading and put Snopes aside as the exemplar of the class for the moment. The context is the actual newsy moves inside the Facebook borg. However you dub them, "truth censors" or "filter queens" or "sink strainers," a group composed of established 'fact-checking' bodies is going to be interposed between the consumer and the news. Facebook has just launched some tests of its strategic response to charges it fostered so-called Fake News. The new tests supposedly help a Facebook mission to stress-test and flag fabricated or hoax claims masquerading as news. Here's a brief but informed take on the moves from Nieman Lab's @laurahazardowen, Clamping down on viral fake news, Facebook partners with sites like Snopes and adds new user reporting. Decent reporting by Owen. See also the Wired story covering the issue. Here is an example of the kind of thing you might see in your mobile Facebook experience, at end-of-process: It's true. It all began about a month ago. In the rest of Zuckerberg's post, after the boilerplate about freedom: There has been a lot of movement since then. One point of information is a Facebook executive's blog posting, excerpted briefly below, and the work of such as Slate. This posting is the source of the images and the video at bottom. News Feed FYI: Addressing Hoaxes and Fake News The last point is Disrupting Financial Incentives for Spammers. Cool? I just got acquainted with Slate's 'gift' to fact-checkers, the entity and a Chrome extension that works to red-flag sites: Slate’s Chrome extension helps identify fake news on Facebook — and lets readers flag it themselves This is what the current FB tests will probably end up rendering: What indeed could go wrong with ABC News, Snopes, PolitiFact,, and AP being tasked with fact-checking stories flagged by readers? I think the first thing to happen would be overwhelming the staff. "False Flag" so to speak. I think a good option will be open share-sourcing the fact checks. It's like we do here at OL often -- seek verification of claims made, and find them of X accuracy. I am sure we could make it less messy. ........................................................ ** -- a couple of pointers to Poynter. I hadn't heard of them till Michael's mention and wasn't sure just how bad their influence was. [(The sites are part of Poynter’s International Fact Checking Network and have agreed to a “fact-checkers’ code of principles.”)] Part of the funding of the Fact-Checking Network comes from the Open Society Foundations. Insert monster image here. Politifact is okay by my lights, and so is The fact-check folks at WaPo presumably fail to do a good job on their own enormous production of would-be facts, or not. I don't know how bad their reputation is. Snopes as a 'fake news spreader' is still on my radar, but perhaps before I finish digging there, Michael will elaborate on his meaning, not my interpretation. I will see who else is making similar noises about Snopes and report back. Associated Press has I expect a similar record with own-goals, and may or may not be a terrible filter itself for inaccurate, erroneous, intentionally false fact claims in its output. I don't know. That some of these award-wining outfits can't ever be trusted to fact-check is not yet in evidence. Insert Satanic Cult reference here. Alert!
  5. I'd have to enroll you in a lengthy seminar, Tony, to properly answer this. To summarize or hang a couple of points -- I believe Syria cheated in its declaration (of stock, mixing facilities, delivery systems -- which were subject to OPCW-supervised 'destruction' outside and in-country). The OPCW-UN Joint Investigative Framework report on the 2017 Khan Sheikhoun massacre found the chemical 'fingerprints' of Syrian Sarin stocks/process in the attack. This means that the state retained either binary stocks of or the industrial capacity to produce Sarin, or both. The other summary point would be in the form of a question back to you, partly rhetorical: "How is Sarin made?**" In other words, can a non-state actor build a secret Sarin industrial capacity that matches that of the Syrian state (or any other non-state actor, such as Aum Shinrikyo)? The entailments of this question are many. "If they could" ... makes sense. However, I would guard against the fallacy of the excluded middle. One can be thoroughly opposed to the Islamist militants who until yesterday were in control of the last remnants of 'rebel'-held territory in the capital region. But there is a civilian population that should not be so easily grouped into one or other pole of evil -- the civilians are double-victims. If they could ... make Sarin ... then they would use it. Sure. If they could use it ... why would they not use it against their enemies in the IRGC, SAA? The other dog that did not bark in a sense is "where are the defectors?" Meaning, how was a purported 'false flag' operation able to operate without a whistleblower? And of course -- if the Al-Qaeda-offshoot forces in then-controlled Khan Sheikhoun masterminded a false-flag in that Sarin massacre, then how did that Sarin come to have the fingerprint of state stocks ...? ** -- my go-to guy for reasonably-technical but not overwhelmingly technical chemical weaponry explanations and analysis is my London beer-drinking friend Dan Kaszeta, a person with knowledge and expertise in CBRN. Here is a very brief Sarin story including his views: Why it's a bad idea to make sarin gas in your kitchen (it includes Dan in conversation with the PRI reporter). See also the accessible but more technically deep: Examining the Turkish Sarin “Recipe.” If "they" (the Syrian military-industrial complex) could make it ... then they would use it. Right? Nope, at least not according to the Red-Brown blob, which I address in some several tweets over the years: "Dread, hopelessness and horror." The day of the massacre in Douma was the day Jaish al-Islam (the militant Islamists) agreed to Russian -supervised plans to evacuate from Douma (also agreed to release prisoners/hostages). And the civilians will be loaded onto buses and transported to Idlib. Earlier last week the Syrian dictator issued a decree that requires 'evacuated' people to prove their ownership of their homes or have the homes and land seized by the state. The law gives them a month. [Added: link to Dan Kaszeta's articles at Bellingcat (hated by the red-brown blob) and link to Bellingcat articles by key-word "Sarin."]
  6. Rush Limbaugh suggests New Zealand shootings might be a false flag attack committed by a leftist to smear conservatives Limbaugh: "There's an ongoing theory that the shooter himself may in fact be a leftist who writes the manifesto and then goes out and performs the deed purposely to smear his political enemies"
  7. Below is some thinking from a former 'historical revisionist' at Taki magazine, a 'race-realist' hub, notable for the neologism, if not the details. To my eyes the biggest schmozzle-fxck of a 'false-flag' claim in recent years is the August 21st 2013 Sarin massacre in Damascus. Such is the power of a 'narrative' that bizarre confections abound -- laying that war crime at the feet of anybody but the regime, a regime which held Sarin stocks and had deployed the unique delivery system. Seymour Hersh is the most well-known and respected of authors who have published an alternative 'true flag' story. To a chorus of contempt. In the sorrow over the Orlando massacre, false-flaggotry by Alex Jones is explicable: he sells nightmares. Also explicable are egregious comments by less-successful weirdoes. For example, Walid Shoebat. Read what he has said about the dead, and weep. Not a notable person otherwise, the son of said Shoebat says Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes should be put to death. (these two last links from Right Wing Watch.) I figure there is greater mania and sleaze and ugly rumour-mongering than Alex Jones on his worst day (his "hoax" claims, his FEMA death camp claims) -- from people who also benefit in some way from offering nightmares. Back to the toastedness of the Beeyotch ... the fallout/hoopla from the Trump teleprompted remarks has been overtaken by newer-ish kerfuffles in the continuing pre-convention media circle-jerk: Corey gets hired by CNN, the Clinton News Network! If there is anything the media-hydra loves, it is self-generated hoopla. To see the extent of the flouncing and gurning about Corey + CNN, check out Memeorandum. Most outlets report the assumption that Lewandowsky is constrained by a non-disparagement clause in his Trump contract. This would make him a Trump supporter in all on-air encounters forever. Score one to the canny lads who conspired to shift Corey as an asset from Trump campaign duties ... to Trump campaign duties. False Flag! In terms of polls, meaningless-in-June polls, polls, polls, Toast is leading in Arizona.
  8. The Toasted Lady has trained to be able to riff off some kill-shots -- with a sniper's aim, as they say. A sample from commie-leaning Time magazine. But, her telepromptrumping aside, this following cyber-hacking does not look good for the D's anti-GOP campaign (from the commies at Mother Jones, so you can avoid the Washington Post, as now does the Trump): Russian government hackers have breached the Democratic National Committee's computer network and have stolen the committee's entire opposition research on Donald Trump, the Washington Post reports. Now, what does this mean, that Russian Hackers have the Dirt on Trump? Well, the media machine of the Russian regime is spring-loaded with fear and loathing of The West and its evul designs. The candidate has a flimsy Russia policy, and would disassemble NATO, and this is good for Putinism. Knowing what the Democrats have in their dirt file on him is in Trump's interest. That is what Stone, Manafort and other members of the brain trust/kitchen cabinet can intercept, if they offer top dollar. Knowing what is in the opposition chest is golden. Mind you, there might not be much in the chest that isn't already known. "Is that all they got?" says the man who first opens the folder. In other news, Trump information czar Alex Jones of Infowars has an interesting take on the hideous mass-shooting in Orlando. In a nuanced, thoughtful and historic address to his fans, he explains that it was all a False Flag. (does that mean that no one died, or that the flag (ISIS) was fakery, or that the Real Actors are .... as Donald Trump suggests ... a colluding Obama and the Hidden Powers? I can't quite figure it out, but when Michael gets back from his trip, perhaps he can assess the argument): Alex Jones Already Calling Orlando a ‘False Flag’ Some team of unpleasant folk put together a round-up of 'conservative' or 'GOP" voices who praised Toast Lady's entry into the Swift boat race. The most hilarious reaction to Clinton's needling over Trump's thin skin -- his rebuttal that he has thick, beautiful skin. By providing an illustration of her point, Trump lost a little bit of the edge in Hoopla. Not that it matters beyond June 4 1/2, not a bit.
  9. Here's Mr False Flag: Cesar Sayoc identified as Florida man arrested in mail bombings: report Florida Man With Van ... ?
  10. I don't quite remember the details ... did I use the term "false flag"? [Search returns] That is opinion. Not everyone will share this confidence and certainty, even in the current climate here. How would we attempt to persuade those who haven't made up their minds (about the probability [or certainty] that these packages were sent by an actor or actors 'pretending')? I'd say it is more reasonable to keep an open mind, and see what the FBI discovers in their investigation. Idiocy, incompetence, Hail Mary, lame-ass, dastardly deed or other padding notwithstanding. "It is attributed" means somebody somewhere attributed a robocall to "Road to Power." Who was that? In other words, is the attribution correct or not? The call, as put on Soundcloud by minions at the Huffington Post Politics: And if the robocall was paid for by the "Road to Power" folks ... what is wrong with that? Supposed by whom? Supposedly -- meaning some offstage folks suppose this to be true, but the smart elite here do not? Do I understand correctly that their bona fides as actual white-power mouthpieces is pretended, in your Executive Summary? Road to Power on Bitchute ... has a few videos. I choose to embed here the earliest one at that account (their latest is here). Ah. This claim is based upon what elite objectivist expertise in How White Power People Talk? "Hello, my name is Everybody, and Everybody sees exactly what I see. If they don't, then they are Korben Dallas-types, weak-minded, gullible, un-woke, and unwelcome in Jon Letendre's world of Objectivish Slurring." You're a bitch. You're a slut. You're crazy. You are stupid. Hee hee. Gotta love Jon. And his cheerleaders. I've listened to so much HA Goodman on the #Midterms that I have become agnostic. HA Hammered Home several points yesterday (among the digressions) and collected some fine remuneration for doing so. Here is a sound file that might be of interest to the "Blue Wave ba-bye" thinkers, movers, and shakers. Fourteen minutes of 'respectful' analysis ... especially the sadly biased Nate Silver at 538. Here's another illuminated perspective on the #MAGAbomber whoop-up. Jordan Sather is not so sure all alternatives have been explored. His video is called "[10.24] Were the #FakeMailBombs a White Hat Operation?" -- I listened a couple of times, and still need some cognitive assistance in figuring out what is fake, how it was faked, and how Jordan gets from A to Q in fifteen seconds. He doesn't provide a list to organize his points, and his show-notes are shit at the moment.
  11. Who the heck is News Hound Ellen? Who sends this stuff directly to Mediaite and Crooks and Liars? Who is riding the gasoline babykill steamroller? Who is performing high histrionics today at OL? Now a more balanced brief from Fox News. The likely story of a 'false flag.' Get out the Q-Anon-Fan whoopee-translator, everyone.
  12. Here's Candace Owens, future Supreme Court justice ... Although summary execution by Hanging is Jan's fetish, perhaps we can expect commentary on the incident at Capital Gazette. A few newspaper folks faced a gunman today, according to Breaking Faye Deep: Shooting reported at Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis Cue the "false flag" reflex in 5, 4, 3 ...
  13. 01:28 and then it turns out general mattis 01:33 admits there was no evidence Assad used 01:35 poison gas on his people lost in the 01:41 hyper politicized halle-loo surrounding 01:43 the Nunez memorandum and the steel 01:45 dossier was the striking statement by 01:47 Secretary of Defense James Madison at 01:49 the US has quote no evidence that the 01:51 Syrian government used the banned nerve 01:53 agent sarin against its own people 01:57 so that gets Turkish swept under the rug 01:59 that's the last one the first one 02:01 happened in 2013 that also was debunked 02:04 and proved to be a false flag operation 00:30 reports that all Assad gas civilians now 00:32 like before several times before they 00:36 verified that Assad had deployed some 00:38 sort of agent on people they claimed 00:40 that it had happened and it turned out 00:42 that it was actually the FSA in one case 00:45 they had I guess accidentally shelled a 00:47 nerve gas supply of some sort then it 00:50 was an accidental release on several 00:52 occasions they deployed chlorine gas it 00:54 wasn't Assad that deployed them though 00:56 the UN had to come out with their part 00:58 months later after the US Congress shied 01:00 away from the concept of striking Assad Report Of The OPFC Fact-Finding Mission In Syria Regarding An Alleged Incident In Khan Shaykhun, Syrian Arab Republic (April 2017) The OPCW-UN Joint Investigative Framework report on the 2017 Khan Sheikhoun massacre (October 2017)
  14. Israel is most likely the power that bombed the Syrian airbase. From a story in the Daily Beast: Here is a bit from the State Department Twitter account, which features some statements from the President: -- as is par for the course, commentary and claims from Syrian allies on the ground -- deny deny deny. This RT story is particularly interesting, and gives grounds for the Red-Brown blob to dismiss the massacre as a complete hoax (which doesn't comport with the contravening "false flag" notion, but hey)
  15. Many OLers -- lurkers, guests and members -- may have learned of a fresh massacre in Syria, a massacre using chemical weapons. By some accounts by people on the ground (in the Eastern Damascus city of Douma) the attack came from the sky, in two parts, the first being chlorine and the second being a nerve-agent such as Sarin. The so-called Red-Brown alliance** of socialists and fascists has of course leapt in to rubbish any notion that the attack was carried out by the Syrian military. The key term is "false flag." The alliance of apologists for the Baath regime has decided this was a provocation carried out by the armed Islamic group currently in control of Douma. The key hinge of this kind of argument is, "If Assad is winning the fight against the last remnants of 'terrorists' in Douma, having won control of the other hold-outs from his rule, then why oh why would he commit war-crimes now?" What doesn't seem to enter the deliberations of allied minds is that the government side would itself use terror tactics ... Be that as it may, you will find that large segments of the so-called alternative media has already rubbished the notion of an Assad nerve agent attack as implausible in the extreme. Expect the Jimmy Dore party & RT-American hirees to run with this. In the meantime, Fox News reported on the massacre -- with horrifying photos of expired women and children -- and the President reacted on Twitter. Here is a sample of the news curated by Memeorandum this moment. I've highlighted items from the more or less 'right' side of the political aisle, to aid those who will not read or credit information from the Fey Canoes media: Here are the US President's tweet mentions. The last time the US believed Assad had used Sarin (almost exactly one year ago), Trump ordered a thumping on an airfield. I actually expect no punishing military action from the US and allies this cycle. ** -- it is a furiously contested term. Here is a link to an article that goes over the top in finding links and convenient overlap between the two blobs: The Multipolar Spin. See also an explainer of the controversy over that article, An Inside Look at How Pro-Russia Trolls Got the SPLC to Censor a Commie.
  16. Get ready for an avalanche of 'Red-Brown' reaction to Theresa May's announcement in the House of Commons. "False Flag," "Fake News," yadda yadda. Read up on Novichok ... I wonder if Mr Trump will have anything to say about this ...
  17. The lamentable death toll in Parkland Florida is dominating US news coverage today, as it did yesterday. Also dominating demi-media and the various hoopla vendors (link to massive page of items at In my continuing education about our Suspicious Minds, I checked with my favourite conspiracy theorist of the week, Jordan Sather. He has -- surprise surprise -- concluded that the shooting was a so-called "false flag." A good time to repost that consumer's caution from WNYC? Look out for "Milkshake Ladies" ... and other unnamed, unidentified sources such as featured in the Vimeo video referenced by Jordan. A small excerpt from this moment:
  18. A glimpse of the worst kind of 'reporting' ... from the Gateway Pundit, determined to put something out there to agitate and draw clicks, regardless of truth: Then there are those who go with the first thing on their minds (a sample): -- and of course, the "news" from good old 'Baxter Dmitry' ... spinning hard, and adding a "false flag" note drawn from his asshole. Helpfully, the ghouls at Infowars are busting a gut to lay blame ... Alex Jones has identified the culprits: the Democrats and the Deep State:
  19. How many? No. Posting a tweet about polonium poisoning claims is ... We all await some confirmation that Stone was ever given radioactive substances. I expect he will give a name (of the doctor at Sinai Miami) or give copies of medical tests taken that show the presence of deadly radiation. Or simply share the results of the CDC tests he says were made -- upon which the medical conjecture was made. Until we get some or all of this, the claim is just a claim. I am sorry that Stone had a terrible illness, but I don't expect to gain any substantiation of the tale told about it. His symptoms -- if he is telling the truth -- do not fully resemble a radioactive injury. Here is the claim excised from the longer appearance at Infowars: I should note that the last claim+proof of radioactive-agent assassination attempt was that on Alexandr Litvinenko. Of further note is that Alex Jones considers this a "false flag" ... Some information on Polonium poisoning: I am setting my stopwatch now. I will turn it off once Stone and/or Jones releases some of the 'proof' they say exists to support the claim. Here I give way to the forum's expertise on radiation illness ...
  20. Yeah, it's a foursome made in Heaven -- Objectivist Living, the Nation of Islam, Infowars, and Trump. Add the endorsement of David Duke and Cubic Zirconia and her sister Rayon Blend ... you got a consensus. Mind you, I do not think that the Trump organization is yet about to invite Farrakhan's zany hijabi jihad ladies corps to a rally. There are so many things to like about Farrakhan. Not least that he is all snuggly with Scientology, and has a fine taste for racialist bombast and well-cut suits. And what is not to like about Alex Jones? I mean, there is not a 'false flag' or FEMA re-education camp that he has not mapped out. There is no Muslim Menace he has not warned us about. He has even warned us against the maniac racism of the Nation of Islam. Er, wait. Shock Alliance: Farrakhan Praises Integration of Scientology Into Nation of Islam Theology, Says Whites Should Use it to Become ‘Civilized’ & to Avoid Being ‘Devil Christians’ & ‘Satan Jews’ Hmmm. Of course, the narrow issue is Refugees. It is possible to get a TrumpGasm at agreement with Ban Muslim Entry/Deport Syrian Refugees -- it shouldn't matter where the agreement comes from, as long as you get off. Like, I don't get off on Them putting Gay Frog chemicals in the water. I don't like that either, so I guess you could say I agree with Jones now and again ... ****************************************************************************8 I looked at Farrakhan's comments in the Infowars video, and entered a zone of simplicity: Our government has gone into nations with money from our Congress to stimulate the dissatisfied and then arm them against a government that is their government. That's what America did in Libya, that's what the're doing in Syria and the blowback now is they have created a refugee crisis that is destabilizing the countries in Europe. So when Mr. Trump said we can't allow the Muslim refugees into America now a lot of people were upset with him but I know that hatred for America in the Muslim world is building. As we told Mr Bush no Muslim leader could cause Jihad and have it stick. No Muslim leader had the power to unite the whole Muslim world, I said, but America's policies will unite those people against the west and it is happening. So in this way Mr Trump I think is wise to vet anyone coming from that area into America ,because the hatred for America is in the streets now, so if those people are refugees and America feels I gotta let 10,000 of them in because America created the problem. Now, if you let them in and you don't vet them carefully you might be letting in your own destruction. When we dialogue we correct misperceptions. That is what makes Trump acceptable to so many white people who now feel "Damn, I can't be myself now, I can't say what I really feel without paying a political price," so Mr Trump said, "The heck with that. I'll tell you what's on my mind, and that is freeing a lot of people that like what he's doing." Farrakhan: Trump, ISIS Are Signs God is Sending Plagues Down on America “Thomas Jefferson said it right, brother. He said, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just and that His justice can not sleep forever. Well his justice has awakened and all over the world, the nations are turning against America. America the great is falling right before our eyes. And that is why Trump is saying we got to make America great. How? When? Again, because she is not great today. People are not afraid of her. ISIS and ISIL over there, they want America to send some troops back so they can send them back in body bags. People are not afraid. The world has taken enough of America’s evil. So death is sweeter to some than continuing to live under white supremacy and under tyranny.” Yup, the world has taken enough of America's evil, says the Koran-toting, Hijabi-enforcing, Sharia-loving Minister of I Want A Racially Separate Nation of Crazy Black Muslims. We got enough American white supremacy evil, so let's keep out fleeing victims of war, especially Muslims, because I am a Muslim and I follow Dianetics. From Thetans and Bowties | The Mothership of All Alliances: Scientology and the Nation of Islam However, there are some striking theological overlaps that might help explain how Farrakhan came to adopt a religion invented by a white man. There is, of course, the attachment to science fiction: Scientologists believe in an alien dictator, Xenu; the Nation holds that the white race was created by a mad scientist named Yakub. More significantly, though, at the core of both religions is a never-ending pursuit of a better self. In the case of Scientology, that best self is “clear” of residual traumas buried in the subconscious. In the Nation, that self is free of the hang-ups of white culture that black people have internalized to their detriment. Scientology, Farrakhan seems to believe, provides a new path toward black empowerment. “I’ve found something in the teaching of Dianetics, of Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, that I saw could bring up from the depth of our subconscious mind things that we would prefer to lie dormant,” he said to his Chicago congregation in early summer. “How could I see something that valuable and know the hurt and sickness of my people and not offer it to them?” Hijab + Scientology! "No, we are not nuns." -- and finally, Alex Jones's earlier address to Farrakhan. "You've got the globalists who are putting cancer viruses into the vaccines ... forcibly inoculating all the Mexican girls and all the convulsions they are having ... " and something about how he respected Farrakhan standing up for Kaddafi who was a reformer after all, and, well, it is good good shit, if you like Jones. One more Alex Jones suggestion: Alex Jones: Is The Pope The Devil?
  21. Phil, there are two special rules for you in this thread and two special exceptions from General Rules, and one Explicit Rule that everyone else understands implicitly. 1. Pay Attention 2. Look For Clues 3. Watch what I am pointing at, not The Finger 4. Answer the Poll if you want to be replied to in this thread by me from this moment on 5. You may change your answers in the poll at any time 6, You, and YOU ALONE are able to bring in further illustrations to broader our understanding of both The Point and The Question. 7. If you quote another post from OL, you will use either of the two following formats in your quotation: a) standard OL quote / includes conversational paraphrase such as earlier in this discussion (two posts up), George said this, "Blah Blah Phil Fuck Blah Argh Kill Me No Not the Challenge ARGH!" b) None (meaning, in particular, if you use one of your fucking little left-caret or 'left-angle' bracket things (circa Usenet 1996 and email lists since the dawn of time, I CANNOT SEE YOU. 8. There are eight correct answers to the Poll. That is your final answer, Phil. Now, since you at least grasped a portion of the task, I will score you. a) what you did was label three of the 'false flag' clues from the second image. You forgot about 1) the Poll 2) the first image b) your labels were anger, fear, disgust surprise, joy/happiness/pleasure, sadness or wistfulness or longin c) your attempt at the task Adam recognized resulted in 0 answers, thus giving you 0 on task awareness at this stage. However, you transferred the task paradigm to the second target (which had no labels, and was a False Friend). You get then, full points only for 1/2 of the answer FEAR, and thus would get 1/6 of the score applied to the whole task set. Since, unlike Adam, you did not understand what was being asked of you by a exponent of 1/8, this further reduces your provisional score, I am sad and disappointed to say. Phil, if you have an understanding of only 1/8, and have misapplied two clues, you are not eligible for bonus or percentage as was Adam. Your score stands at only 7 per cent, Phil (and no, that is not 70 marks against Adam's provisional 55. It reads SEVEN. And Teacher is getting just a little bit vexed with you already.
  22. I watched it all, Jerry. All twenty one and a half minutes. I even took notes. A lot like a cooking show where no one does any cooking, just a lot of scarey banging of pots: Infowars Nightly News by Alex Jones. Earth First Death Cult. Some bearded (Rob Dew**) guy says "basically we have these upper-crust level ... who think humans are bad. Their mission is 'off yourself.' They don't come out and say "you need to die.' Blazers with elbow pads. Equations. Time Magazine "How to Die." Hate yourself. Hate life. Clip of Al Gore. Talking to the kids to become good little Green Police. Our generation told our parents that it was wrong to have segregation. Equate fake Climate Change with racism. Tell your parents. Change your lightbulbs. It slowly creeps through. There was a TV network. Professor Schpinkee's Greenhouse Calculator. Find out when you should die. How big of a Greenhouse Pig are you? Indoctrinate the kids. UC Professor Richard Cardullo WHO all this other stuff. Skipped the first part. Into Science, Physics, Harvard. His job is now to go around telling kids the Earth is overpopulated. Stop having children. Hell, maybe get sterilized. Going to analyze each one. Tarpley. Malthus. Population versus food supply. Famine, disease, war. Control population by having people starve. Quotes from Malthus. Make streets narrower. Court the return of the plague. Real smart man. Charles Darwin, grandfathers of the Eugenics Movement. Children must perish. Don't impede the operations of morality. Malthus. Blah blah blah. Blah. When I have ants in my yard I use hotwater or boric acid. Paul Ehrlich quotes. Entire planet is vastly overpopulated. Enough room in Texas for an acre for everyone. Ehrlich doesn't care. Engineered catastrophes by NGO famines, genocides. Development of a long-term sterilization capsules. Eco Science. Tarpley Eco-science. Science Czar. Peas in a pod. Shift to cutting out of the cancer. Brutal and heartless decisions. Population bomb. After-birth abortion. Brainwashing our children. Recycling was the start. Now electric cars. I am all for solar. Killing brown people in Afghanistan. Dumb people down. Cull the population. We need to combat this mind control. More unvaccinated kids is what we need to make a better earth. More people will make it better. Youngevity products. Erin Dykes lost 82 pounds. I wasn't even trying to lose wait. I want to challenge our radio listeners. Sign up. Enhance your stored food supply today. Get all your Youngevity Products such as Beyond Tangy Tangerine, the Alex Pack and Pollen Burst. These supplements are a great way to get your essentials vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other beneficial nutrients. ProPur Water Filtration ________________________ ** Rob Dew is the News Director for and the Infowars Nightly News. In 2010 he co-directed with Alex Jones Police State 4 The Rise of Fema, a hard hitting documentary which covers the Fema Internment Camp Plan, The Pittsburgh G20 protest where the police and military used sound cannons on the American people for the first time, and covers the false flag terror attack known as the Underwear Bomber which was the pretext to put radiation spewing naked body scanners in our airports and has evolved into the TSA putting their hands in our pants. Rob is a graduate of West Virginia University with a BFA in Theatre.