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  1. The post on my blog to which Merlin referred offers a number of physics arguments undercutting some of the more common theories offered for substantial to catastrophic warming effects of infra-red active gases on the Earth's surface temperature. Many of those arguments are completely laid out in this post and are hence available for anyone's reasoned evaluation. No one here has yet made such comments. There have been a number of comments that my viewpoint is not a consensus viewpoint, which is indeed the case. Nonetheless, there are many scientists who agree with me on many major criticism
  2. Beyond Little League baseball, my organized sport was only cross-country. Basketball in Rhode Island was a pick-up game at the Marine Gym. Football in Tulsa was a regular Saturday afternoon game of tackle football played at La Fortune Park. We usually had 4 or 5 guys on a team. No pads, but plenty of hard hitting. I was usually a receiver on offense since I had good hands, ran hard, and focused only on the ball. But I always liked defense best, since nothing beat tackling. I was usually the smallest guy on the field, but I always had twice the number of tackles anyone else had. Tulsa M
  3. Thanks Phil. Perhaps I will elaborate on a few other observations that were important to me later. There is much more, of course.
  4. Have you noticed that you put Objectivism in the same category as a religion? Hmmm.... I find that a bit disturbing. Do you ? Ba'al Chatzaf I am talking about human nature in the quoted part. I am not saying that Objectivism is like religion, except insofar as it and religion are belief systems and philosophies. The point is that very many people will not allow their beliefs to differ very much from those of others around them. They want to be accepted in business, in the Elks Club, and by women. On that last, I cannot tell you how many men have told me that they go along with religion be
  5. I believe Glenn Beck is a valuable ally in what has become a desperate fight to preserve freedom in America from Obama and his socialist hordes and manipulators. Mike has effectively stated how what Beck has been doing has been a good thing. He is definitely able to get large numbers of Americans to read and consider books with important ideas, such as Atlas Shrugged and The Road to Serfdom. Yes, he is a religious man, but so are most Americans. He serves as a bridge to get Americans to read Ayn Rand for her ideas, despite the fact she was an atheist. For many, that was a barrier they coul
  6. The framework of my early life was about all I gave, despite the length. But, those many early moves played a big role. Each move brought on a need to adapt to a new school and to develop new friends. When I first moved to a new place, I read an awful lot. As I developed more friends, I more and more played a lot of sports, often with special emphasis on a new sport. I was also a bit inclined to become more mischievous as I became comfort in the new surroundings. It was probably a good thing that I moved before I got into too much trouble! All of this does seem to have set up a certain
  7. No, I have no diary. Some things my family help me remember, there having been so many of us! Actually, part of the reason I got into it was because I wanted to push myself to remember the names of some of my friends and my better teachers. To do apologize for the length. I really got carried away.
  8. The socialists and Progressives believed they were about to gain power on a permanent basis with Obama and heavy majorities in the House and Senate. They thought that still more of their agenda would be in place now than they have been able to accomplish and that they never dreamed so many Americans would become so passionate in their opposition. They are frustrated to no end, especially because everyone they know is so on-board with the Progressive agenda and the peasantry was thought to be too mindless and incompetent to oppose them, the elitists. The many calls for a dictatorship are a si
  9. I love the heroic, the history of man, science and its applications, conversations about ideas with intelligent people, and writing. Of these, I came to a love of writing only after computers and printers became available to me. Before that, the fact that I needed to edit what I wrote to achieve any satisfaction from it caused too much frustration. The result was that I did not practice writing enough and I was never good enough at it before computers to get much enjoyment from it. Writing well is hard work and takes a very sustained effort. I remember many years in school and college of
  10. Angie's photos are fascinating and beautiful. Her love of natural lighting results in her catching some incredible moments, which pass too quickly for most people to even notice them, let alone appreciate them. Her gift is holding an instant forever, so we can all revel in the beauty of that instant for as long as we like. Angie is a time-stretcher with a perfect eye for the selection of the time worthy of eternal appreciation. I like the idea of this exercise Phil. I have to leave the lab now for a few winks and must return soon to finish a report on the surface chemistry of combustion-fo
  11. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris at events of The Objectivist Center and The Atlas Society, as well as at a few events in the Washington, D.C. area, such as at the Cato Institute. I have noticed him in a few audiences for authors on CSPAN TV also. I enjoyed our conversations and his presence at OL. In every instance, he always seemed to be a gentleman with a deep interest in developing his understanding. He was a man who valued his own mind.
  12. Charles, But wasn't that what many of her followers did? Maybe you were unaffected by it, but from what I have read, many elevated her to guru status, for example started smoking because she advocated it, or hid their homosexuality because she thought of it as "disgusting". Your observation has some substance to it, especially among those best known because they tended to gather around her and seek her approval. But, we have to remember that most people who enjoyed her books and found value in her philosophy went about their lives and did not try to remake themselves in the image of one of
  13. Michael, I would be very happy if you threw everything into the garbage after the cock ring discussion. As I write this, I see that George is present, so chances are he will have time to read my last response to him before it goes to the garbage. It is important to protect Angie and the very fact that this nastiness occurred here is hardly beneficial to Objectivism or the promotion of a rational forum for discussions. Thank you!
  14. You are right about men not infrequently taking offense that a woman is sexually confident. It is oftentimes even more likely that other women will take offense at the woman who is sexually confident. Generally, it is easier to be a man who is sexually confident. This contributes to my admiration of women who are sexually confident. It also helps that they are often more fun. I also admire people who are confidently individualistic. People are very complex and highly individualistic, but many want to do everything they can to deny their individuality by aligning it to the median of almost
  15. Charles, all, Rich isn't doing things he's "never done before." There's no devolution. He's periodically talked foul-mouthed about one person or another whom he dislikes as long as I've seen his posts on various lists (starting in 2004 on NB's old list). Read some of his diatribes about Perigo. Of course, folks here give those a pass, considering their target, but Rich can make Perigo's epithets look dainty. Brant, I think you're forgetting some of the characters on Old Atlantis in your claim not to have seen anything so vicious in your previous list experience. Nonetheless, Rich's stuff o
  16. I admire Angie. She has only brought goodness and beauty into my life. It is despicable that any man would call her a whore and other such ugly names. This has revealed a monstrous ugliness I would not have expected from Rich based on his pre-"evolved" nature, at least as it appeared to me then. It is always disappointing to find that someone has devolved, but it does happen. Talking about masturbation and cock sucking as though they are nasty and ugly is not my way. In the right context they many more sexual acts can be beautiful and that is exactly what they are in the well-lived life.
  17. It has been some time since I have posted here, so, yes, I am doing so now because my friend Angie alerted me to the strange turn the conversation here took. Such things happen with surprising frequency on Objectivist Forums, but then many people come to these forums who do not think themselves to be Objectivists, but they like intelligent conversation, and some come who are essentially cultists. I have had many conversations here in the long-distant past with Rich and he did not then present himself as an Objectivist, but he was generally a fairly rational guy and he had an interesting indiv
  18. Collectivism assumes individuality does not exist. Without individuality, the individual does not exist. The collective is then the sum of that which does not exist.
  19. Thanks Adam. We seem to share a goodly number of viewpoints and values. I am enjoying learning more about yours. And there are interesting different twists in how we think, yet so often arrive at nearly the same place. As for Obama's fascination with Americans serving government, especially young Americans, I have not forgotten this threat at all. He is attacking the private sector and the individual on every front. He is a tornado of activity and every bit as destructive. Obama and the Democrats are the Party of Mass Destruction. Nothing brings change to an Oklahoma town quite as effectively
  20. Hehehehe...this floored me, not that of Rand's sexuality but that of Vanilla. ;) OMG !!! I'm floored that you got that in there. Honestly, I'll never forget this. When I saw the beginnings of your post in my email, I had to come over and read. Well done. *sighing* Gotta go though. Always busy for both me and you. I feel a bit like Happy after Snow White has patted him on the head and given him a radiant smile! I'll share my vanilla ice cream with you some day dear. I hope your case is moving along well.
  21. Thank you, Bill. It is amazing how differently so many people view her novels. There are many who criticize, but who yet find her work fascinating. There are many who dislike her drama, yet that is all they can talk about. Then there are many who came away with a great sense of joy. Or like me, who loved every moment with her heroes, save a few where I wanted to kick Hank Rearden for being so slow! And, I was in love with Dagny then and still am. But then, what do I know? The first book I ever read that I enjoyed was when I read a biography of John Paul Jones in the 4th grade. I was hoo
  22. Hi Michael, Thanks for the welcome back. The way people see caring and empathy can be dramatically differently. For many, it can only even exist in the context of altruism. It is about social interaction, so it must be about socialism. Individualism is all about me, so there is no room for others. The reality is more complex. There is no real respect for others and no real caring for them, if the individual does not respect and care for himself. He can only do this if he chooses his own values and manages his life in accordance with those values. But socialism will not allow him to do th
  23. Charles, Rand's work does contain some truths I value highly. Her "Check you premises" is one of the best advices one can give. But this of course also involves checking her own. I also agree with her rejection of the fallacy which holds any 'moral code' allegedly being founded in transcendence ("God's will is ..."). I actually heard the name Ayn Rand mentioned for the first time during a discussion on atheism a few years ago. I'm from Europe and have the impression that Rand is not that well known here. I don't know about the USA, but in recent years, a veritable atheist movement has swep
  24. Thanks Adam. We seem to share a goodly number of viewpoints and values. I am enjoying learning more about yours. And there are interesting different twists in how we think, yet so often arrive at nearly the same place. As for Obama's fascination with Americans serving government, especially young Americans, I have not forgotten this threat at all. He is attacking the private sector and the individual on every front. He is a tornado of activity and every bit as destructive. Obama and the Democrats are the Party of Mass Destruction. Nothing brings change to an Oklahoma town quite as effec