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    The Virtues of Benevolence and Tolerance Benevolence:People as Tolerance:Ideas Freedom of Conscience Respect for the Value of Other Thinking Men The Individuality of a Thinking Human Being Rational Men Must Be Tolerant of Others The Complexity of Reality

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I enjoy rational analytical conversations, learning from thinking people, and solving problems of science and technology. My perspective is that of an Objectivist with a joyous sense of life, a great appreciation for human complexity and achievement, and a benevolent and tolerant regard for others. Nothing clarifies understanding like writing about it or trying to teach it. A recurring theme is the importance of individuality and the fight for individual rights against the onslaught of the Nanny State and socialism. I wish to live the life of a rational self-managing adult and am amazed that so many others wish to be perpetual children. The fear, envy, and guilt that cause many to yield their individual rights to collectivism are ugly, anti-life emotions. I consistently believe in both the personal and the economic rights of the sovereign individual. As the United States Declaration of Independence says, each of us has the selfish right to our life, our liberty, and our pursuit of happiness. Our mostly ignored Constitution attempts to severely limit the powers of the federal government and to preserve the development and the exercise of our individual conscience.