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  1. Several million have dissented, or are dissenting, from your "aggregate." Try avoiding this casual collectivism, please.
  2. {AncientJoke} Who do you mean with that "we," Kemosabe? {/AncientJoke}
  3. On Friday, December 16, 1983, I went to the movies thoroughly drunk. (To get the proper charge out of this silly tale, you have to realize that it takes a lot to get me drunk, between the physiognomy evident in the avatar at left, and a pronounced dislike for getting more than a relaxed buzz from alcohol. Thus, the adjective has only really applied to about four or five occasions in my life since I could legally drink. ... But I digress.) It was after the annual Christmas party held by my employer — actually, the larger trade association which controlled the smaller one that directly employed
  4. You may not believe me, but I told my brother hours before the results that the Iowa fix was in: Mittens, then Lubricant, then Paul. What few will acknowledge is that as far as delegates, which is what matter more than a highly visible straw poll, the three candidates did about equally. Paul is very much electorally alive. Genocide, as in Santorum's call for nuking Iran, seems to be what sells most readily among Christians in Iowa. I am abashed yet again about ever having been, as I was until age 19, a Christian growing up in Iowa.
  5. Not much useful information as yet in this thread. Let's correct that: Alongside Night is indeed downloadable for free, as a 3.1 MB .pdf, at (And, yes, Neil wrote the opening poem, meant to suggest an epigraph, even though it isn't one.) Neil has at least partial production financing in hand, and has begun principal photography. Some interiors have been shot, including at a TV station. Although some of the casting has been done (including Kevin Sorbo and some who acted in "Lady Magdalene's"), no casting has yet been announced for the two core characters, the teenaged protag
  6. "All" is neither "fair and balanced," nor a mere "rhetorical flourish." You do not speak for, among others here, me. I have thus disrupted your assertion of a unanimous viewpoint. (And if such an assertion was not your intention, you should have said so.)
  7. Eric Dondero Rittberg — his full name, and you can judge for yourself just how much of a paper trail he wishes to avoid by freely swapping surnames — was long ago fired by Ron Paul. He actively turned against Libertarian Party efforts to achieve ballot status. He has posted continual neoconservative bile against anyone remotely Paulian in viewpoint, under dozens of screen names, at Liberty Post, Free Republic, and other sites (those names having to do with being repeatedly banned for incivility and abuse). Rittberg is one of the most repulsive characters it has been my misfortune to even meet,
  8. Yes, by that point in the series, Earl Hamner (John-Boy's real-life analogue) had moved on to other projects, and the talents left behind to steward his first highly personal creation through the last four seasons were notably mediocre. My father and Hamner were roommates at the Cincinnati College of Music, and kept sporadically in touch. So you can imagine what was obligatory viewing at our house. And gladly so, at least until Richard Thomas left at the end of his seven-year contract, and the character left "for New York," and the show — even for the Reeds — never really recovered. But, oh, t
  9. When films are "ripped," condensed in file size, and placed on peer-to-peer networks such as BitTorrent, it's extremely rare for any of the special DVD/BD features to be included. (Except for subtitles, which are placed in separate files. On perhaps one out of fifty, a second audio track for a director's commentary.) I take it that those who avail themselves *a-HEM!* of this mode of access — whether to gauge disc transfer quality, sample a film before a purchase, or defy a bankrupt concept of "IP" — aren't missing much by not having several hundred such affirmations being included. Such postin
  10. The only corrective is to put the military members in a position where they do not require "care packages." That is, to bring them home at once. He is unarguably correct, both historically and in our experience since Nine Eleven. It has come to the point of inflicting verbal and even physical abuse in public venues, notably at sports events, for not making such obeisance to governmental symbols. Somebody in academe finally has the cojones to say this out loud! Suffolk University is not a governmental institution. No one is coerced in order to pay his salary.
  11. Aside from GHS's highly plausible "Melvin & Howard" scenario sounding the best so far (or at least the most cinematic), let's not forget the factor that nobody's mentioned thus far: copyrights. They're clearly the foundation of what is making Peikoff so confident as to his Popery. He can quash anything beyond "fair use," and a great deal that's within fair use, if sufficiently pissed off (such as suppressing a rock band's naming itself "Atlas Shrugged"). Does Kira Peikoff, soon, become the "intellectual heir"? She'll get the "intellectual property," which in the case of Atlas, for example,
  12. He just came along about a century too early to see the Congress of the United States in action, that's all.
  13. Oh, that's just great. NOW what do I do with the dozen nonrefundable tickets I bought for ARI's Straw Poll next month? So that people could be recruited to come to Irvine and stuff the ballot box for you? I guess I'll just toss them in with the 300 I bought for Ron Paul supporters. ... ;)