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  1. We have not had a military draft for about 40 years, due to Rand's influence on Martin Anderson who advised Richard Nixon to make and keep a campaign pledge to end it. Some (mostly leftists?) claim that if the draft were still in effect, we would not have been involved in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the 5000+ who died there would still be alive. Perhaps, but perhaps more would have died elsewhere. Hard to invest in retrospect. REB
  2. Not legally. Guilt must be proven in court. Until that happens your are legally innocent. Guilt is a -legal- term. You guys are arguing at cross purposes aka duelling definitions. Webster's New World Dictionary - guilty: 1. having guilt, deserving blame or punishment, culpable (guilt: the state of having done a wrong or committed an offense; culpability, legal or ethical). 2. having one's guilt proved; legally judged an offender. 1 is being guilty *in fact.* 2 is being *found*/*proved* guilty *in a court of law.* You can be g
  3. George, I particularly appreciate how you consistently present the strongest arguments for ideas you consider to be wrong. If enough libertarians and Objectivists, not to mention conservatives and liberals, would approach ideas in this way, our intellectual and cultural prospects would be much brighter! I know it's important to keep rolling these essays out on schedule, but you don't have to apologize to us! I, for one, am grateful to read your thoughts whenever you have some to share. You're always thought-provoking. REB
  4. Ellen, I would sure appreciate it if some rational, artistically inclined person could do this. Being myself very aesthetically limited, visually unaware and unobservant, I would greatly benefit from the advanced knowledge, experience and sensitivities of those who see not only what those with normal aesthetic and visual/observational capacities are able to see, but even more. The following seems like such a good example of the kind of deep aesthetic insight that I am incapable of: Thanks, William, for sharing this. It will have a prominent place of honor in the book I am writing.
  5. As of this past weekend's poll results, Trump and Hillary have a combined unfavorable rating of 112% (one has 54, one 58). That suggests that about 12% of those surveyed will not vote for either of them - and since Gary Johnson is polling at about 10% in a three-way matchup with Trump and Hillary, it indicates that the election will be very exciting in at least some of the "swing" states. Johnson (assuming he's nominated by the Libertarian Party) will be the "balance of power" and will receive scalding denunciation from either or both of the two main candidates, and recriminations and rev
  6. Timing is everything. Even if Hillary is indicted, perhaps the indictment will not come until, say, November 10, after she is safely elected. Then, still-President Obama could issue a pre-emptive pardon, and all would be well for the third and fourth terms of Barack Obama. As slowly as the wheels of "justice" turn in this country, that is what I see as the most likely scenario for Crooked Hillary's presidential aspirations. REB
  7. I keep sayin' :
  8. To me, it's very Objectivist. Old-school Objectivist, where smoking was a big deal to heroes and heroines, and those who tried to emulate them. If I owned it untitled, I would make a little brass plate to attach to the bottom of the frame saying: "Mind if I (paint) smoke?" REB
  9. George, it's so good to see you doing so well what you do so well: intellectual history. Keep up the great work! REB
  10. I love steak, hamburger, pork chops, sausage, chicken, turkey, and fish (especially salmon). I haven't had to resort to cannibalism...yet...though some folks have tried to tear chunks out of me from time to time. Ribeye REB
  11. This one looks sort of like dung from a cow that got into the grape patch. Or maybe like a blueberry bagel. Whatever. He also produced something in 2011 called "Between Shit and Architecture." See here: . It doesn't look as much like dung as it does columns of insulation. Inspiring, huh. Kapoor seems to have a thing about sculpting enormous vaginas, too. Apparently some vicious "extreme right wingers" vandalized his "Queen's Vagina," and he had these comments about it just last year:
  12. Speaking of which, here's some of William's P/A caca now. (It is awfully long, but you should have seen it before he edited it! REB
  13. I hear murmurings that *silver* is "poised for a historic runup," perhaps 2-3 times its present price per ounce. I would vigorously check that out before making a recommendation or purchase. I don't know anything about gold, except that it's purty. REB
  14. I had to re-read that twice. I thought you said, "Greg likes two goats." (Recalling that he alluded on this thread to Jesus being the Great Shepherd, but not the Great Goatherd, I thought maybe he was getting ready to apply for the job.) REB
  15. I'm going to have to do some research, because I'm not sure that's correct. I have in the past, and I will again in the future. Giants are much appreciated as a perch for perspective. REB
  16. How does THIS feel? And THIS? REB
  17. I agree. You've got to watch those "supposed individualists" very carefully. At least, I think so...not sure. And even if I disagreed, you certainly have a point...I think. REB
  18. At 252 pages and counting, this thread certainly seems that way. REB
  19. Roger, before you can even disagree, it's necessary to at least understand what you're disagreeing with. Your questions indicated that you didn't understand the difference between "man is a cockroach" and "man is of no more or less importance than a cockroach", so I defined that difference so you can at least have an idea of what you have a disagreement. I have no problem with disagreement as long as people first understand exactly with what they do not agree. Do you have amnesia, or are you deliberately pulling our legs her
  20. No. Try to follow. If there is nothing transcendent to man... then men are not any more or less important than cockroaches. They are of equal importance. I'm not a sheep. I do not follow. If you wish to apply your condescension to someone as dimwitted as you seem to think I am, I suggest speaking to the mirror. More or less important TO WHOM and FOR WHAT? If you don't consider and answer these questions, then the whole issue of life with or without God is meaningless. So, don't be projecting YOUR failure to consider the source and meani
  21. If you had a chance to live to a thousand in a healthy fashion would you take it? Well, maybe 200, subject to Brant's additional points about companions, memories, etc. A thousand might be difficult, kind of the crow epistemology applied to mental longevity. A very touching movie, my absolute favorite by Robin Williams, was Bicentennial Man. He plays an android who eventually becomes fully human, which is all I'll say about it, except that it's very pertinent to the whole subject of the meaning and value of life, especially in the face of mortality.
  22. I am an autodidact. I am a member of a primate species and when I die my body will rot, and my consciousness will cease. All there is are atoms and energy flitting about in the space-time manifold. Do not confuse your subjectivities with the facts of reality. I am enjoying my 10^2 years (order of magnitude) of a non-equilibrium thermodynamic state. That will end soon enough. This is basically what my uncle tells me each time he sees me - right after he gives me a hug and tells me it's really good to see me. All of that would