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  1. Kant acknowledges that consciousness has identity. He goes to great lengths to discuss what he thinks it is. Rand's point is that Kant thinks that the identity of consciousness disqualifies it from knowing reality as it really is. (This is discussed in Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology.) REB
  2. I predict it will mirror the primary. 150 days out, all of our glimpses of the future are fantasy. If the November election "mirrors the primary," then Hillary will win by a comfortable margin. I got the following data from Real Clear Politics, in case someone wants to double-check my analysis: Hillary got 15.7 million votes in the primaries, while T
  3. Yes, and I think that will be decisive. Johnson's impact will be (mostly) to throw some should-be Trump states back to Clinton, by siphoning off some of the laboring-class Reagan Democrats from Trump. The marijuana issue will have a minor effect, and perhaps none, if Trump or (more likely) Clinton co-opt it from Johnson. Hard to say, though - Hillary is making a big deal about the "chaos" of Trump's foreign and domestic policies, and she might extend this mantra to the idea of legalizing drugs, even if just pot. I can't see Trump going for it, because he has been ranting about heroin comi
  4. I'm sure this will be true in some states. But what about West Virginia, which Hillary should lose (because of antagonism toward her anti-coal position)? Won't Johnson throw it toward Clinton? I'd wonder the same about states like Ohio. Yup. REB
  5. Realistic - yes, no? REB
  6. I remember leaping directly from the fiction to the available non-fiction, which in 1966 included only For the New Intellectual and The Virtue of Selfishness. And the Objectivist Newsletter and Objectivist, which I didn't have access to until sometime the next year, followed closely by Capitalism the Unknown Ideal. Powerful, exciting stuff. Even Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology, as geek-friendly as it was, had a really delicious literary quality to it. I remember Linda Northcote very well. We called her "Rocky," because of her geology major. She was a sweetheart, and one of
  7. Do you consider yourself an honest man Bissell? Do you think any dirt on Trump that could be dug up wouldn't have been dug up by now? Have you considered that "Trumps" tax returns are private corporate business, businesses being run now by Trump's kids, revealing private information to their competitors could be very costly. If not a requirement of the law why should he reveal information that could cost his kids millions? Go find your own dirt, then prove it, stop the bs. I think you're a clown, you have no idea what's really going on, that embarrasses you, and no, you're not honest abou
  8. I've always felt that way, too, Stephen. Living in the Midwest during the heyday of NBI was providential insulation from the worst of the dysfunction of the earliest days of the movement. I think NB's "scare the hell out of her audience" was a bit hyperbolic, but there is some intimidation and fear and self-doubt that naturally occurs when someone pontificates about certain works of art being no good and says that your response reveals your soul. Suppose you like one of those (supposedly) rotten or defective works of art - you really like it. Now your revered font of philosophical wisdom
  9. Me 'n' some of them other "stupid assholes" would like to get a peek at the Trumpster's federal tax returns for...oh...some reasonable and relevant portion of the past 20 years. ("Every single thing he's done is in the public record...What's not to know? Hahahahahahahahaha ROTFLMAO on that one, buddy! ) REB
  11. One reason why is the intellectual inconsistencies of conservatives:
  12. Too funny not to share:
  13. Which emotions??? Do anger and hatred promote cognition or do they cripple cognition. A little fear increases watchfulness. Panic destroys reason and judgement. I have been boring at length on this since I came to the forum in 2006. My thesis is borrowed almost entirely, with biggest debt to Antonio Damasio. I have only convinced one person to read an item or two from Damasio's booklist. I am saying I have been banging a drum for some time. I don't recall you engaging with any of my other boring banging, so I am kind
  14. I commented on this previously a couple of months ago, but there is a discussion of the essay on Facebook in the Neo-Liberal Drawing Room, and since I cannot trust that my comments will not be deleted, I thought that I'd share them here. What the author is pointing to is the paradox of referring to someone (Aristotle) as the "father of individualism," when he held statist-collectivist political ideas - which, if you think about it, is no more perplexing than referring to Kant as the "father of collectivism," when he upheld constitutional government and individual rights. In each case, the
  15. If Barbra Streisand had been a Marine drill sergeant... REB
  16. False alternative. Check your premises. REB
  17. I occasionally listen to Beck and Rush who have morning weekday programs on a local AM talk radio station, but lately, I find them really hard to stomach. Beck also has a tv show on his "Blaze" network. I don't subscribe. I bought two of Rush's books back in the early 90s (approximately). They were ok, not great. I much prefer Mark Levin, who is on a local FM talk radio station in the evening. His books are pretty good, much more principled. He's followed by Michael Savage, who is marginally ok. On the same station in the morning is a guy named Michael Delgiorno. He's too religious for my
  18. It will be in November or December after she's elected, and BHO will issue a pardon, and we'll move on into the 5th term of George W. Bush (or the 3rd of BHO, if you see it that way). REB
  19. If Roark had been black, his courtroom speech could have been much shorter, and he'd have had people demonstrating outside the courtroom with signs saying "Black architects' lives matter." And Loretta Lynch would have intervened saying his civil rights were violated by their changing his building design. I think it would have been a very entertaining book, especially hearing it snap, crackle, and pop after I threw it in the fireplace. REB
  20. Our brainy modern army has lost over 5,000 service folks in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 15 years, thanks to ambushes, IED's, and whatnot. Granted, that figure is a far cry from the 58,000+ lost during a decade or so 50 years ago, and that is certainly something to be thankful for - but from the high intensity of present-day 24/7 cable news coverage, you'd think that the respective casualty figures were just the opposite. REB
  21. Yes. Sometimes it's done according to the Trader Principle - and sometimes according to the Traitor Principle. Heh. REB
  22. "Free gesture" "exuberance and freedom" I can try to translate this into a more standard English: While being a metaphor not mystifying, aptly in keeping with microcosm, it is illuminating Gesture is of the style the art. This does not mystify (me). In keeping with it, as them of this, just how reflects here mysticism. It me mystify does, not. It reflects here just how. Empiricism reflects here. Here reflects it Empiricism. And mysticism here it being reflected. It does. It does in people. It does in me not. About art. Here. I applaud the gestural freedom and abs
  23. Where's your info on that death rate? From DNA analysis? There were a hell of a lot of people 200 years ago. --Brant It appears that Brant is correct on this. Apparently the total number of human beings who were ever alive is about 108 billion. (Sorry for doubting you on this, Brant!) REB