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  1. Ayn Rand: Dialectical Objectivist by Roger E. Bissell October 23, 1995 What Chris Sciabarra says about Rand's historical context and method really "rings true" for me. We must have similar psycho- epistemologies. (Gotta make a "macro" for that word. Jeez.) Anyway, I heartily recommend Chris' book, Ayn Rand: the Russian Radical. He's a hell of a scholar and thinker and writer. Just for the record (I have an ax to grind, and this is the lead-in): I do not believe or maintain that Rand was a Hegelian school dialectic thinker. She would never have told anyone to embrace both sides of a true altern
  2. Dialectics: Guardian of Logic by Roger E. Bissell March 1998 In exploring Chris Sciabarra's arguments about the nature of dialectics, most people by now are catching on to the fact that its essential characteristic is contextuality and that it requires what may be called "perspectival thinking." In other words, in order not to overlook any important facets of our object of concern, we should take care to look at it from every angle and gather all the data we can, so as to give ourselves a higher likelihood of reaching a good conclusion. Indeed, it does. But rather than putting dialectics on t
  3. Well, get busy! Seriously, at a minimum, you should add The Disowned Self and The Psychology of Romantic Love (or whatever it's called). His more recent books on living consciously and taking responsibility are also important. I don't know. You by now have received the cc's of two emails I sent Nathaniel regarding possible projects. I think he is unsure of the market for such books, especially considering that he already has the daily self-esteem book available. He and I will sit down and talk (or chat by phone) about this idea some more soon. I'll keep you posted. But as a Plan B, if the
  4. Up from Despair—Becky and Me By Roger E. Bissell Since injudiciously opening up my yap when Michael Kelley bravely shared his life story with us on SOLOHQ, I have had repeated requests (most recently from Phil Coates, on the "eve of destruction" of SOLOHQ) to share how I have screwed up my adult life, and how I got it straightened back out again. I think the part that is the most interesting in this regard is not my musical career or my intellectual path, but my romantic-marital mistakes and how I eventually rectified them. As per the “spiral theory of knowledge,” I’ll go through the same pro
  5. I'm glad to be here, Michael, and I appreciate the warm words of welcome and the enthusiasm for some fun possibilities to work on together. I have been with and corresponded with NB a number of times, so I would be happy to approach him about our ideas. I agree with your suggestion of working offline and posting teasers to this list. Becky and I met Barbara a couple of weeks ago, and we are getting together with her and James Kilbourne in a couple of weeks for dinner. I will certainly pick her brains at that time about possible book projects. She may be wanting to keep her plans close to the
  6. Kat, Becky and I were thrilled to discover the location for next year's Summer Seminar. It will be just three miles from our home! I have submitted several program proposals, including a musical performance, to Will Thomas. I'm hoping at least one of them is accepted. I presented papers in 2002 and 2003 to the TOC Advanced Seminar, but I've never presented to or even attended the regular Summer Seminar. This will be a first, and a happy one, because Becky and I will both be able to attend! More later! REB
  7. Hi, Kat & Mike & Everybody! I have already posted twice, once as a guest and once as a member. Interesting how that works. Kat, I just sent you an email with a pic of myself attached. I already cropped it a bunch, but it still was too large (too many pixels) to upload. I hope you can "do your magic" on it so it will upload. Thanks in advance! Best 2 all, REB
  8. I'm all for it! You won't get any acrimony from me! (At least, not toward the Brandens. :-) In particular, I have always been greatly impressed by Nathaniel's output of books. What is it--20, at last count? Just amazing. I shake my head when I think about how much richer the Objectivist movement would be if Peikoff and Kelley had put out even half as many (or even 1/4 as many) books as Branden. Another enormously productive Objectivist is Tibor Machan. Both of them were "excommunicated" by Rand--as was Murray Rothbard, a libertarian (but not Objectivist) and another extremely prolific author.