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  1. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shared some reactions to an article some pig wrote and published in Jeffrey Epstein University Magazine.
  2. President Trump last week drew attention to meat and other food plants that mysteriously incurred huge employee Covid infections. He coyly asked about the Chinese and Brazilian ownership of certain closed plants. Today he apparently alluded to signing an executive order re-opening all the plants. They are national security essential now. And probably safe to eat, for the first time in at least decades, as soldiers will be present protecting these essential to national security plants and all their activities will be observed and recorded. The Scamdemic is starting to backfire hard.
  3. She says we are at how many per 100,000?
  4. He repeatedly says AIDS will be gone in ten years. He knows about things that have been hidden. MSM went nuts over Hydroxychloroquine because it cures Coronavirus infection and many other things, as well. They desperately want that knowledge kept buried.
  5. Here is a therapy Trump discussed recently. Tip: "Time" cannot forget anything. A thing can be suppressed, erased from the accepted base of a community's knowledge, but "time" can neither remember nor forget anything. Always watch for bullshit nonsense phrases like that. They always hide an important aspect. "Ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) was extensively used in the 1940s and 1950s to treat many diseases including septicemia, pneumonia, tuberculosis, arthritis, asthma and even poliomyelitis. The early studies were carried out by several physicians in USA and published in the American Journal of Surgery. However with the development of antibiotics, UBI use declined and it has now been called “the cure that time forgot”."
  6. President Trump has some access to national security secrets, Justice Department investigations, CIA, FBI investigations, classified DARPA research, NSA intercepts, etc. Medical people have access to none of the above. If cures have been suppressed then they are as ignorant of those cures as everyone else is. I trust President Trump to disclose therapies that work and which "time forgot", i.e., which [they] suppressed, especially as the MSM pulls its hair out screaming that these are toxic and he will get us all killed. Their hysterics are not random, but strategically ordered from above. So if their masters want you to fear something that Trump says cures, it is because it cures. Because it cures ailments that they profit much, much more by treating the lifelong symptoms of than they can profit (namely, $zero) from out-of-patent cures and because it instantly defuses their vicious little Scamdemic.
  7. Those groups of puppets have strings leading to one puppeteer.
  8. All they have to do is not align sometimes for you to conclude with confidence that their strings are not being pulled by a common master?
  9. I don't understand why you say that CCP/WHO/Gates/Plus cannot be tools of the Illuminati or the deep state. I don't recall who I was saying are united back then, but I do think that the CCP and WHO and Bill Gates are all on the same team. The WHO BELONGS to Gates, he is the biggest donor, it closes its doors the day he walks, he owns it. He defends indefensible horrors of the CCP. Of course they are united.
  10. It is easily curable so there is no cause for concern and no reason to wish for a vaccine. They suppressed many cures and are actively suppressing them right now. They are trying desperately to belittle Trump's allusions to suppressed (because they work) UV light therapies and drugs that were developed decades ago. There is literally nothing here to worry about except the globalist elites who will never stop trying to eliminate you.
  11. The numbers will fall off once the nursing homes are empty of residents dying of other causes but listed as corona. The scamdemic is losing steam.
  12. Conference in 20 minutes.
  13. Maybe the whole damn Russia thing was a giant, years-long HOAX?
  14. President Trump has been using "invisible enemy" for weeks. Here is an explicit example of him using it for other than a microbe.
  15. The chairman of Harvard's biological chemistry department, Charles Lieber, received millions of dollars from Wuhan University for work as a "strategic scientist." He hid the work and money. He lied to the Department of Defense about the work. He was arrested and charged a few months ago. His Lieber Research Group at Harvard University received more than $15,000,000 in grant funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) where Dr. Fauci is director of NIAID. A lot of people and institutions have a lot of explaining to do.
  16. Because they deserve it. They earned being exposed as criminals and being forced to stand up and do more briefings. We deserve the truth about who unleashed this thing on us and maybe they are the perfect candidates for explaining all that.
  17. That's true. Valid thinking can stand quite apart from facts and reality. Sound thinking must adhere to reality.
  18. A terrorist is top dog at Bill Gates' W.H.O. "Tedros was one of the top three members of the TPLF "The United States State Department has categorized TPLF as a terrorist organization due to its "violent activities before it became part of the ruling coalition and the government of Ethiopia in May 1991."
  19. It really breaks my heart to see so many people juiced up so strongly on anxiety right now. Everything starts to get better the day you stop letting them manipulate you by simply ending your consumption of their mind control systems. You can keep telling yourself you are straining out the truth and tossing the toxic but none of the truth is there in the first place and therefore cannot be strained out no matter how good you think you may be at such. Only closing access to you will work.
  20. Gates did a summer internship in D.C. at the recommendation of family friend and politician Brock Adams. Adams quit his US Senatorial re-election campaign after credible rape accusations.