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  1. Satire is usually their thing, but this Tweet from The Bee is straight-up reporting. California authorities released criminals from jails and prisons "to protect them" and have begun re-filling the facilities with arrested surfers and beach walkers.
  2. I don't understand how anyone goes on day after day believing in this obvious Scam.
  3. It was not just about "politics." Attempted coup. Treason. Death Penalty. Soon we all get to have a future again.
  4. Liberal progressive democrat constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley appears to believe in the fantasy that human beings conspire. What a dumb fucking idiot, right? And "deep state"? Everyone knows that's stupid.
  5. Because it would instantly defuse their Scamdemic if everyone understood the microbe was of no consequence?
  6. It was Hussein's FBI, but we understand what she means.
  7. FBI handwritten notes coming wherein they openly discuss framing Flynn. Our government framed a three-star general and our duly-elected President's Advisor. Why isn't the media discussing this? Because, Scamdemic.
  8. Watch Bill Gates discuss “intentionally-caused epidemics”
  9. You think that positing a time "when nobody pays brainwashers any attention" is an example of true identification of human nature? Of course not, you will explain. Then you will re-assert the same and report not seeing how you've done so. You win, Tony. I'm sorry, I don't have time to continue.
  10. 2) Maybe Pence (and Trump) wear no mask because they read this?*FygQO5BMz6IRHV9NxHyxgA "The HCQ-AZ combination, when started immediately after diagnosis, appears to be a safe and efficient treatment for COVID-19"
  11. Anything can be envisioned when we imagine human nature being different from actual.
  12. Under 5,000 dead total in several months from Wuhan Virus in China. About 30,000 people die every day in China. Brazil, 474 in one day, wow. About 3,800 people die in Brazil every day. Is he God? What do you want him to do?
  13. Watch out, Jews. His patience is wearing thin.
  14. Just make a list of possibilities, then eliminate the less likely. I'll help you start: 1) Because he is terrified of the Coronona Cough.
  15. Yes, we see causality very differently. You don't seem to grasp that the people in their billions believe all that because the manipulators made them believe it by corrupting scientists, journalists and mass media to systematically brainwash them.
  16. A lot of fog of war coming. Sleepers being activated. Pro-magas, some of whom we trusted 100%, will flip to anti-Trump as they were anti-Trump the whole time waiting to bail out at strategic point. This will happen even more to the enemy. I can easily buy that all four; Shiva, RFK Jr, Polly and Jordan are all pretending enemy sleepers.
  17. Mike doesn't look frightened by the Scamdemic.
  18. Good video. No wonder YouTube deleted it. The Great 2020 Scamdemic.
  19. These are vicious criminal tyrants you let get inside your head and fill you with fear. They want you dead and you quiver on the edge of your seat to receive their medical advice while they silence and abuse all truth-tellers. "Dr. Fauci, not only is connected to Bill Gates and together they are set to make millions on a coronavirus vaccine. But a little known story is how Dr. Fauci ruined the career of a brilliant young doctor who blew the whistle on the harmful consequences attributed to vaccines. "Dr. Judy Mikovitz was a brilliant young doctor with a promising career, until she discovered what she considered to be harmful consequences with vaccines. After she came out with her warnings, she was jailed for identifying the link between vaccines and chronic diseases."
  20. The military is already deployed all around the country these traitors just don't like who it is who will be hunted down, rounded up and interrogated about who they associate with.
  21. I'm sure it is exactly as terrible a pandemic as they say in NY … that the US Naval Ship Comfort is planning to sail away from in two days.