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  1. He would arrive with force. They would cuff her the moment she opened the door. They would never let her go back into the house. He would arrest her if he was there executing a warrant to arrest, not stand cross-legged in the threshold debating with her and her family then walk back and forth. He would never plead with her to come with him, as he did 'I've been patient enough.' She would never go with a single shady cop who cannot get his story right. The husband would not acquiesce as his career anti-Deep State wife is escorted away by one shady cop who cannot get his story right. There are s
  2. They do not need a warrant to search your home. All they need is for their victim to acquiesce. They are allowed to lie and tell their victim that they do not need a warrant in this rare instance. They are allowed to intimidate (and lie more) by saying that all this criminal stuff gets much worse for you if you continue resisting. Then, most people acquiesce. They only need a warrant to search your house if you respond, "fuck you, go to hell, come through the door and you die." Only then do they need to go ask a judge for a warrant.
  3. Why did she comply? He was out and staying out on the porch. So close and lock the door and say out a window, "Show me the documents or get the fuck off my porch." Never comply with "you are coming with me, I'll show you the orders when you are behind bars." InfoWars saying she was "hauled off." She was not. She was told she would come with him and then she did that, all on her own. He or maybe both of them are acting. If it was a real arrest on court orders following an indictment then he would have arrived in force and cuffed her the moment she opened the front door.
  4. Her mother is from the elite Brahmin class that abused and exploited 99% of India for thousands of years.
  5. Sucks when your entire elite family is deep in the gang Trump is annihilating. Sucks being married to a man who murdered his intern. Those have to add to the tension of each of her days.
  6. I like that signature, it highlights that your side's Big Hope for Nov is not just any book but one written by a slimy New York lawyer, rotting in Federal Prison.
  7. Was it rushed? To distract from middle east peace news today? Looks that way to me.
  8. But you don't explain how it is insanely-wrong, weird, or unusually-stupid. You just like to sneer. So you assert with no backup, quote others and sneer.
  9. After centuries of blood and pain and death The Great President Donald J Trump is helping bring peace and healing to the people of the middle east. Obama/Biden campaigned on the promise to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead they vastly increased our involvement and added many more. President Trump got us out of both and out of Syria, talks underway with N Korea, etc. And now peace between Israel and the Emirates. When will you figure out that the old guard telling you he is the devil might just be upset because they want the world back the old way?
  10. Loud music overlay at the end was very smart way to cover that there was not a single clap then, either. The Joe and Kamala Empty Room Tour coming to a high school near you!
  11. At 17:00 she is introduced to zero cheering or a single clap. The room is empty.
  12. Billy refuses to discuss climate science with Jonathan at his very own climate blog here at OL because Billy is incapable of discussing science or anything technical. That is why he posts links, instead of making his own points in his own voice. That is why he has never responded to my chemtrail posts. It is all over his little head. He can sneer. And he is expert at tricks like "Jon has yet to present any persuasive evidence regarding chemtrails." How convenient. No response in years. But Billy can't respond, you see, as there is no persuasive evidence in my lengthy posts (that go over his he
  13. I'm only at 9:20. Is he alone in that room but for a few cameras? Why is there total silence in the room, even when he makes big points? I think he and Kamala and three cameras are otherwise all alone in that room. No one would come. No one is interested. Listen to it. Not one "yeah!" or "say it, Joe." The room is empty. Fake, fake, fake. You are supposed to believe that these imbeciles who cannot get fans into a room for their big first event together are challenging Trump and matching him in the polls. You are being taken for an idiot.
  14. Is the real Kamala/Jussie Smollett story in the video? Is her direct descent from the largest slaveholder in Jamaican history in the video? Are any of the blacks she tossed into prison for years for marijuana, and freed by President Trump, in the video?
  15. All the defects -- are you sure? Is his Zero son receiving millions from Ukrainian mobsters and billions from corrupt Chinese communist elites in the video?
  16. Billy, you consistently prefer material that reads like intended for twelve year olds.
  17. Him actually being their guy would explain sporadic blindness to their blatant propaganda.
  18. Cultist? But you dislike loaded language, right? A cult with a leader who says over and over to think for yourself? Is it a cult like the climate hoaxers' cult that tells everyone to shut up, it's all settled? Are you playing Opposites today?
  19. Still a good example of confirmation bias. You believed an absurd story. Your defense, 'but I found it in print' only emphasizes your naivete and general poor judgement. You try to shift it to the Post, like a narcissist who will never acknowledge even the slightest error. Peak Merlin.
  20. I know you will never come forward and acknowledge how wrong you were, but maybe just in your minds all you retards who said World War III under Trump, you can go ahead and raise your little hands now.