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  1. I watched the video. Another Deep Stater from early in the admin that got cleaned right out of there. I laughed when he said that Trump told California to stop paying people who lost their homes. Q covers the fires in CA. Trump stopped paying because the Pelosi/Newsom families, who control San Fran for generations now, were pocketing those funds for their own programs and purposes. They were starting fires to skim from the federal funds. Trump cut them off. Making America Great Again.
  2. For people supposedly opposed, I notice they are surprisingly capable of belief in fairly wild conspiracy theories, if conditions are right.
  3. I said “candidate” but was thinking and should have written “ticket.” I think both he and she are perfect turds selected because that’s exactly what they are. I am with you and Michael much of the way re: a last minute candidate. One the powers that be wanted all along and knew better than to put into the primaries, because they would bomb. So that candidate will come forward at the the last minute. So far I think we agree. I’m just not confident it will be Killery herself. And I think both Biden and Harris will be absolutely toxic and “have to go” by end of Sept, in all Dem voter’s
  4. Joe Biden boat parade Donald Trump boat parade
  5. That is correct — because they are perfectly balanced and complementary turds. Both are exactly what actual Democrat voters did not ask for.
  6. The Democrat Party had a large diverse primary field. When they all collapsed or quit unexpectedly so that turd-nearly-no-one-wanted, Joe Biden, could rise to the top was the first clue that the people in control (can dictate to all of those primary candidates, and) planned to override Democrat voters and foist their backroom candidate on them later. PedoJoe's selection of Harris is dumb beyond estimation and strongly backs up the above observation. It was essential to select a Biden/Harris-type turd combo to ensure that the membership, the Democrat voters, are begging for a better c
  7. This is good for America. I am going to vote Biden/Harris for more of this method of politics.
  8. That works once one sees they have no intention of sincere discussion. Lately I am enjoying switching to gaslighting and generally driving them nuts, as they did to us for 8 years of Obama, once I see they have no intention of sincere discussion. "This President has violated more laws than anyone in public office in the history of the United States and still you frothing retards seem incapable of doing a damned thing about it."
  9. Fantasies can be fun to discuss but we will re-elect President Trump by in-person balloting. It is the only tried and true method, it is the way our grandparents did it and the way we have conducted elections for hundreds of years.
  10. Say, "He lied and he probably did much worse things, too. But it doesn't matter what great evils he has committed because your side is incompetent and cannot do a damn thing about anything. Now, what else do you have?"
  11. Say, "And yet still your useless side can't do a damn thing about him walking free and rejoining the administration. Can your side still tie its shoes?"
  12. Sure sign you are talking to a fascist. They are unbothered by treason to eliminate a duly-elected President of the United States if they did not vote for that President. Despite all the lip service they simply do not embrace any democratic ethos.
  13. FBI systematically lied to the Senate in pursuance of treason against a duly-elected President of the United States.
  14. Donald J Trump is the greatest President ever. Lincoln set the enemy back four generations, as had to be done, but failed to avoid massive bloodshed. Trump is destroying their political organization for good and avoiding massive bloodshed. President Trump is saving America and the whole world from the leftist, progressive, globalist enemy.
  15. Nine women have brought a new lawsuit against the estate of Jeffrey Epstein. One was 13 years old at the time of the abuse. Another was 11 years old. (I wonder who they will testify under oath as having been there while it happened? Don't forget that years later Bill Gates would find himself donating $ millions to MIT "at the direction of Jeffrey Epstein," according to their own internal memos. Internal communications at MIT also directed that the source and circumstances of the donations would be hidden, the money to be recorded as from an "anonymous" source.) "Five of the w
  16. The risks to children are lower than with seasonal flu. Remind me, when did we last lose our minds and undermine the children over seasonal flu?
  17. Slimy New York lawyers rotting in federal prison are a dime a dozen. No one cares. No one cares about Avenotti, either. And no one cares about Stormy's story. Peace in the middle east is breaking out and all you turds want to do is talk about gossip and the gutter. Have fun down there.
  18. No one is there. The Empty Room Tour. Fake candidates. Fake, fake, fake. And you, dear voter, are taken as too dumb to notice or care.
  19. Today the 9th ruled that California's ban on "high-capacity" gun magazines violates the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution. Real justice is returning to America.
  20. They are planning violent false flags they will pin on "Q people." First, they want him to own it. As I have explained, he will never own it explicitly, there would be no value in that. He will be asked again. They'd really, really like to get his thumb's up, first. Not going to get it.
  21. Today an FBI lawyer pleaded guilty to charges stemming from Durham's Investigations. The FBI lawyer acknowledges deliberately fabricating evidence presented to the FISA Court to obtain illegitimate approval to spy on candidate Trump. Just the beginning of the Durham fallout.