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  1. 37 minutes ago, william.scherk said:

    Now, if anyone says "The Obama website got caught testing the image prior to Floyd's ritual murder," they do not know what they are talking about.

    Was five years sentencing enough for that time he entered a woman's home and held a gun to her baby while his cohorts robbed her?

    Why exactly should anyone mourn the earth being cleansed of him?

    Police brutality bad, but they are saluting his casket.

    How long do you really think the world will tolerateyour satanic and masonic bullshit and evil?

  2. 15 minutes ago, william.scherk said:

    How could a tweet from May 17th contain an image depicting Floyd when Floyd did not die until May 25th?

    How coincidental is it that Floyd worked with his future "murderer"? They worked together, as security guards, I think it was. How often do "random" murders by police involve people who have a past with the "murdering" police?

  3. Even if they are not guilty of this one instance in a million of faked fuckery, why are you trying to rescue their integrity? You’ll say, facts matter, but really? This fact, matters? Matters to what? To your thesis that they are not frauds, afterall?

    Scum defending scum.

    You are a bag of shit.

  4. I think it was late 2017, wasn't it Billy? When you discovered I had been reading Q. Maybe early 2018, but very shortly after Q started posting. Your reaction was mocking, of course, but I sensed a little bit of fear, a little bit of anxiety, like you actually believe it yourself but just hate all the implications, because you have chosen your side and it is opposite the Q side, etc. Your reaction told me to look even more closely and take it even more seriously as possibly real. Thank you.

    And now, in the middle of a scamdemic, after months of basically total radio silence from you, you post this. Thank you.

    Thank You!

    Reader, please do look into it, because if Billy and his mainstream media heroes are correct, then these Q people are dangerous and they have to be challenged head-on. How else to do that than to familiarize yourself with their crazy nonsense. It is all compiled here:


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  5. I’m sure they are torn between damning the climate emergency that caused coronavirus versus quietly celebrating the elimination of many CO2 emitters. The question of exactly what to feel I’m sure is causing great anxiety. Plus, comms are breaking down from The Storm, they are no longer being synchronized by Soros, so they are waiting patiently (they will have to wait forever) to be told what precise horseshit to spread.

  6. 15 minutes ago, Jonathan said:

    Hey, did Billy get fed up with his own hypocrisy and decide to start walking the walk instead of just talking the talk? Is that why he no longer has an online presence? Is he off the grid, living in a Kaczynski shack that he constructed only from naturally-fallen timbers, gathering roots and berries while writing his manifesto using handmade ink and paper?


    He never did post a pic of his gas pipeline turned to “off,” did he? Does he burn raw wood? Is he a super-polluter? Total and complete hypocrite.

  7. Hey Billyboylover, aren’t you supposed to be saving the planet by supporting your hilariously stupid climate beliefs with actual science?

    Why are you wasting your time choosing my comments for highlighting and adding to Recommended Comments and declaring me the “emperor’s new policeman”?

    We are running out of time, Billyboylover. The planet is running out of time.Are You not really serious and sincere about all that, afterall? Then why are you sitting around twiddling your little thing while earth burns? 

  8. 7 hours ago, merjet said:

    I see. Jon unwittingly reveals his dominant motive for visiting OL. It is not to learn or discuss, but to hurl crap and insults at other people he hates and know he is a "snake." He is so disappointed that I won't join him in his hurling crap and insults at BaalChatzaf, who may not even read them. Foul-mouthed Jon's pseudo-self-esteem remains in need of a big boost. He'd have a much better chance of a boost by begging Jonathan, MSK, or Ellen. 😄

    Here is your insult:  “the visuo-spatially inept Jonathan.”

    I haven’t asked you to hurl insults at Bob, you incompetent liar.

    I asked you to backup your insults toward Jonathan.

    Back up your insults toward Jonathan.

    Can you back up your insults, Asshole? Doesn’t look like you can, so far.

    So far it looks like you make up all your insults from thin air.

    Show us one error Jonathan made in this long, complex visuo-spatial discussion, just one, Shit-for-Brains, so we can all see that you do not lie right through your teeth ... show us one error Jonathan made ...


  9. On 2/17/2020 at 3:24 AM, merjet said:

     the conceptually and mechanically inept Jonathan

    Jonathan participates heavily in discussion below, both conceptually and visuo-spatially.

    Since he is so inept, since you are not at all a stone-cold liar indulging in classic narcissistic projection about that, then he surely committed many errors in a complex visuo-spatial conversation?

    So point one out to us, you miserable little Shit-for-Brains ...


  10. 9 hours ago, merjet said:

    I have no desire to sling arrows at BaalChatzaf. He hasn't posted here in 4 months. He is getting up there in years. Give him a break.  

    This is subtle confirmation of what I was just saying about Merlin’s intentions here at OL, or likely in any social engagements he indulges in.

    I invited him to join a conversation. What is that, though, joining a conversation? Why? To what end?

    Most people would say join the conversation because it will be enjoyable, you could learn a new thing, it will be a contribution perhaps even helping some of those involved resolve their thinking on the matter, etc, etc, etc.

    But how does Merlin think about it?

    He sees that if he joins the conversation it will have to include going against Bob and he does not hate Bob so he is not interested. It would involve implicitly backing Jon and Jonathan who he hates, so he is not interested.


  11. 34 minutes ago, Jonathan said:

    You actually seem to have gotten less crazy with age.


    Brant is a gentleman and a sincere intellectual. I have interacted with him online for at least fifteen years, I’ve openly disagreed with him and him with me countless times and we have never resorted to personality, never failed to remain on the intellectual plane of the discussion. He can do it, and I can do it (and you as well) because it really is what we want, what we are here for.

    As you know Bob and Merlin come here to prop up their low esteem by trying to show up people, show them as dummies, his inferiors. Slamming these characters’ faces into a toilet in front of all is simply good old sweet, irreplaceable, precious Justice, a necessary action against their attempt to subvert the purpose of the forum.

  12. On 2/17/2020 at 3:24 AM, merjet said:


    No, fabricator. I didn't fall for an "illusion" and said nothing about being being dazzled. I dared the conceptually and mechanically inept Jonathan to explain why what happens does happen. He failed. You and Brant also didn't explain why or even feel it was needed. I'm not surprised. None of you saw the significance of the center of the moving coin. Déjà vu.
    Analysis and Solution
    Why does the moving coin make two rotations? From start to end the center of the moving coin travels a circular path. The radius of that path is twice either coin's radius. Hence, the circumference of the path is twice either coin's circumference. How much the moving coin rotates around its own center en route, even if none, or in what direction -- clockwise, counterclockwise, or some of both -- has no effect on the length of the path. That the coin rotates twice per the description on Wikipedia makes a distraction.

    Excellent, Merlin.

    Now do this one ...

    Bob Chatzaf says he logically proved there can be no such passages, and further, he says that “drawings are crutches for the logically feeble.” Are the people on that thread “logically feeble” and he their cognitive superior, as he insists? We need your help, Merlin.

  13. Nah, they know they are the lesser beings. That’s why they hate us and cannot remain on the intellectual plane in any discussion. They hate us intensely for being so much better than them and not doing anything to help hide the fact. Projecting it onto us and putting on airs to the contrary is a necessary defense mechanism, so they can get up and face the day despite what they (always struggling to keep sub-) consciously know about themselves.