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  1. 6 minutes ago, william.scherk said:

    Believing in bullshit (or not applying a coherent realist/small-O epistemology) is not an Objectivist virtue. In my opinion, Q is a fraud and a distraction with all the trappings of a cult movement. It boggles my mind that Objectivish people accept either the soft or hard version of the Q lore, or find the foundational premises of Q captivating in themselves.

    This slide away from Objectivist epistemological norms is really testing your nerves, Billy! I feel for you. Hang in there! Keep praying for a universe that will one day make sense again!

  2. Billy refuses to discuss climate science with Jonathan at his very own climate blog here at OL because Billy is incapable of discussing science or anything technical. That is why he posts links, instead of making his own points in his own voice. That is why he has never responded to my chemtrail posts. It is all over his little head. He can sneer. And he is expert at tricks like "Jon has yet to present any persuasive evidence regarding chemtrails." How convenient. No response in years. But Billy can't respond, you see, as there is no persuasive evidence in my lengthy posts (that go over his head.) Poor little lightweight has to keep up these tricks and sneers to avoid discussing anything substantial and looking like an idiot to all who know something and can see. I have made lengthy posts on the subject. Billy the lightweight has pointed at links.

  3. Pedo Joe, who likes having his legs stroked by children in the pool, says Latinos possess diversity of thought, unlike African Americans.

    Democrats: Your party gave you a field of great-appearing but fake candidates who all stepped down so that this demented imbecile could play place-holder and someone you didn't ask for could be foist upon you at the last minute. Are you not irate at being used this way, played for a fool this way?

    See you in November, idiots!



  4. Trump's re-election is certain, that is why we see all the let's-all-vote-by-mail fantasies and other shenanigans to avoid the inevitable. They know that all-mail is impossible and will only result in massive chaos. They want more chaos and more pandemic fear and anything else that will disrupt and prevent the November election. They are desperate to avoid the election totally as it will make clear that the vast majority of Americans are behind Trump in a very public way that is hard to propagandize away.

    President Trump will be President until January of 2025. 

  5. 37 minutes ago, william.scherk said:

    Now, if anyone says "The Obama website got caught testing the image prior to Floyd's ritual murder," they do not know what they are talking about.

    Was five years sentencing enough for that time he entered a woman's home and held a gun to her baby while his cohorts robbed her?

    Why exactly should anyone mourn the earth being cleansed of him?

    Police brutality bad, but they are saluting his casket.

    How long do you really think the world will tolerateyour satanic and masonic bullshit and evil?

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  6. 15 minutes ago, william.scherk said:

    How could a tweet from May 17th contain an image depicting Floyd when Floyd did not die until May 25th?

    How coincidental is it that Floyd worked with his future "murderer"? They worked together, as security guards, I think it was. How often do "random" murders by police involve people who have a past with the "murdering" police?

  7. Even if they are not guilty of this one instance in a million of faked fuckery, why are you trying to rescue their integrity? You’ll say, facts matter, but really? This fact, matters? Matters to what? To your thesis that they are not frauds, afterall?

    Scum defending scum.

    You are a bag of shit.

  8. I think it was late 2017, wasn't it Billy? When you discovered I had been reading Q. Maybe early 2018, but very shortly after Q started posting. Your reaction was mocking, of course, but I sensed a little bit of fear, a little bit of anxiety, like you actually believe it yourself but just hate all the implications, because you have chosen your side and it is opposite the Q side, etc. Your reaction told me to look even more closely and take it even more seriously as possibly real. Thank you.

    And now, in the middle of a scamdemic, after months of basically total radio silence from you, you post this. Thank you.

    Thank You!

    Reader, please do look into it, because if Billy and his mainstream media heroes are correct, then these Q people are dangerous and they have to be challenged head-on. How else to do that than to familiarize yourself with their crazy nonsense. It is all compiled here:


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  9. I’m sure they are torn between damning the climate emergency that caused coronavirus versus quietly celebrating the elimination of many CO2 emitters. The question of exactly what to feel I’m sure is causing great anxiety. Plus, comms are breaking down from The Storm, they are no longer being synchronized by Soros, so they are waiting patiently (they will have to wait forever) to be told what precise horseshit to spread.

  10. 15 minutes ago, Jonathan said:

    Hey, did Billy get fed up with his own hypocrisy and decide to start walking the walk instead of just talking the talk? Is that why he no longer has an online presence? Is he off the grid, living in a Kaczynski shack that he constructed only from naturally-fallen timbers, gathering roots and berries while writing his manifesto using handmade ink and paper?


    He never did post a pic of his gas pipeline turned to “off,” did he? Does he burn raw wood? Is he a super-polluter? Total and complete hypocrite.