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  1. See the top jacket button? The executioners' bullets are going to enter right about there and just to his left of it.
  2. Kanye running isn't complicated. Trump has already gained almost half of the black population, it was unthinkable just a few years ago that anyone could do that. Historically 9X% of black votes went to Democrats. (Honestly, I don't think they like Trump, they just figured out how evil Democrats are and are angry at how fully conned they have been by DemocRats for generations.) But the other half will still vote for any Democrat. Unless ... And now the Democrats have zero chance at survival. People like Billy who do not like this turn of events and what it really means will turn themselves inside out and post the stupidest articles ever conceived on the topic before acknowledging what is really happening and what it means for their side.
  3. Dr. Death out there slaying the false narrative that fewer corpses is somehow good.
  4. You don't talk about your Russian Collusion Conspiracy Fantasy anymore, so I have to put together where it stands today. Apparently, the United States Senate is also in the hands of Vladimir Putin, correct? Since that institution acquitted President Trump of the airtight charges meticulously developed over a period of three years. Correct so far?
  5. Interesting. Then everyone who pushed it is suspect, starting with RFK, Jr., I believe, who would know the updated info all along.
  6. Beginning to test the people's responses to tyranny. Do those in the buildings resist? Do citizens not subject to this lockdown intervene? Learning and practicing for when they release the next bug as pretext for total police state? Food rationing. Necessary? Or normalization of it for near future, much more intense, false flag mass imprisonments?
  7. I don't know what's happening there. I always thought it strange that Trump talks about a vaccine for a particular cold, as though one could really be on the way as the globalmurderists suggest. No such vaccine has ever been possible and no such vaccine in on its way. So what would be in it when they introduced it? What would its actual effect be on the billions who injected it? Likely very few people would believe the answer. Will they have to be shown what they were going to inject into all of us? Most people have to be shown. Does Gates need more funding to finish what he was making for us? For attempted mass XX to succeed at tribunal, it must be shown that the perpetrator went all the way to certified delivery of syringes filled with the compounds, chalkboards don't count.
  8. Ethics aside, when no one in private enterprise has given you a paycheck in decades, and no one wants to send you free money since figuring out what you and your major donors are all about, and you can't produce enough on your own steam -- you run to the government for paycheck protection at your tax-law-advantaged charity, your "non-profit org." Atlases don't need paycheck protection. But people with the track records and productive capacities of Binswanger and Ghate, every person at ARI, needs government-provided paycheck protection. They need it. So they accept it.
  9. Colds have zero impact on a population except missed work days and some people who were going to die soon die sooner and murder can be committed with them. I wonder the severity this illness has had on our populations …
  10. Biden is running a future-oriented campaign? Trump loses unless Kanye decides to run?
  11. The enemy that coordinated the mass casualty event is in control of most of the systems that generate data about the world that we mistakenly accept as base-level facts.
  12. Oh, Billy got sad that Merlin is a morally repugnant monster, like Billy himself. You also have zero interest in mass murdering politicians so long as they are on your side of the political battle. Both of you are inexcusable scum.
  13. There is no impact. It is a typical bad cold. They tell stories that indicate otherwise. Lasting impacts stories. Lies. Shutting down has had enormous negative impacts, but those were not caused by too many old people dying, they were from intentionally shutting down economies, which were political calculations having nothing to do with the new cold.
  14. If they answered honestly: I don't understand most conspiracy theories, so I don't believe in them. I do trust the pretty faces on the magic screen on the wall, always have. When they tell me a conspiracy has happened, then I know to believe in it, because that's when I know everyone in my circle will believe in it and I wont be challenged in my beliefs.
  15. Merlin is an idiot. Just look at him, here. Elected mass murderers and he only wants to talk about Trump's verbal insensitivity to scared people's feelings. A dumb piece of shit and a moral monster.
  16. Remember the people who said Hydroxychloroquine will kill you? That its efficacy was merely anecdotal? Remember the pharmacists who refused to fill Doctor's prescriptions? The Democrat governors who interfered with supplies, hoarded, hid, supplies of the drug? Premeditated Conspiracy to Commit Mass Injury and Death.
  17. Social media was alight with excited progressives mistakenly thinking this is a change away from how elections have been conducted for generations now. Reactions make clear they think popular vote over electoral college was in some way promoted by the ruling. I really do feel bad, because being them, it must hurt, over and over and over and
  18. This doctor of forty years says "It is like the flu." But "bad cold" is much more accurate as influenzas are not coronaviruses, while the common colds are. Stop consuming fear porn. Listen to doctors. Listen to medical science and decades of experience …
  19. " "Coronavirus" is a wider category than the types of coronavirus which produce common cold symptoms. Severe acute respiratory syndrome, which COVID-19 produces in susceptible people, is in a different league of bad from "a bad cold." " I disagree. It looks to me like every other bad cold I saw in my over fifty years. The bad ones killed the old peope like it was the plague. The rest of us got it and called it a bad cold. The kids got it and didn't slow down. Same as today. Bad cold. Indeed, "bad cold" is exaggeration for 9X% of the population. Worldwide hundreds of millions of us have likely already "had" it and it didn't even make us feel sick. Yes, the 2020 Scamdemic is also mass murder on the grounds of keeping people electively out of hospitals which will result in delayed cancer discoveries, for starters, and deaths (2020 Scamdemic murders.) And their emptiness and the layoffs demonstrate that the nation's resources were never going to be stressed by covid, have not even been challenged in the slightest by covid. All their front line stories are bullshit. The staffs at all the hospitals spent the time making Tik-Tok videos and went home with layoff slips.
  20. Five Democrat Governors in the U.S. are guilty of mass murder. Merlin stays stuck on jokes he lacks the neuronal aptitudes to interpret.
  21. I love their hate for Trump now. I love watching it. So much negative energy emitted by the minute. He is helping them get healthier and happier whether they know it or not.
  22. According to CDC a "positive" result may indicate nothing more than that the patient recently had a cold.