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  1. 3913 Q!!Hs1Jq13jV68 Apr 2020 - 10:49:22 AM📁 What is the primary benefit to keep public in mass-hysteria re: COVID-19? Think voting. Are you awake yet? Q The referenced Tweet
  2. Maybe the ships are intended for other victims? Trump and military announced total war on [Mitt’s] Mexican drug and human trafficking operations. Many previously trafficked victims currently held inside US? Commander in Chief empowered to destroy domestic enemies? Total war coming with some near death to be freed, protected, and healed?
  3. That ring again. Mount Sinai’s “first patient” in Central Park wears one.
  4. What better time to take down Romney’s only business that hasn’t gone bankrupt yet?
  5. Feds are charging him with intentionally attempting to destroy Mercy. What possible motive? Is that ship for something other than what you are being told?
  6. Strange. I posted Malik Obama’s Tweet in the above post. Now it is an Anonymous video. When I went into the post to edit, it was Malik’s Tweet again.
  7. Comments following him are quite an eye full. One comment: I recognize the photo of Oprah. She is presenting the blonde to Weinstein in the full pic:
  8. It was just a page or two down for me, but now I don’t see it, either. He wrote: “This is the time people get disappeared.”
  9. Malik Obama made a comment. Check the comments.
  10. Current take is same as before, 4-10-20 got used strangely throughout the system the last few weeks and will continue to be, as his signature on all of it.
  11. First, you know nothing of the history discussed above and you don’t grasp a word of it. Second, you couldn’t answer a single probing question about the theories presented above. So what is your point?
  12. Mnuchin was with Goldman for how many years? Bill Barr was kinda SES and deep state, too. I can’t tell from here who was and is sincere deep state but is complying and cooperating with white hats now to stay alive, versus who was always a white hat and was simply faking and infiltrating.
  13. Another changes her ways overnight due to gun held to head. Was she told she works for us now, or else she contracts “coronavirus”? He wouldn’t positively refer to her and she wouldn’t do this administration-and-military-positive piece in the first place, until after fully under control. Very good sign.
  14. Q just now posted this Tweet ... Next “Fed” Chairman? (after taking it away from its current private ownership, the criminal elite member banks, most controllers of whom are about to die of “coronavirus.”) None other than your President and Commander in Chief, Donald J. Trump.
  15. You imagine he could understand the question? You imagine he might have any interest in even trying?
  16. That Lieber head of chemistry dept at Harvard piece of shit that turned out to be secretly taking pay as head strategic scientist at Wuhan and who then got arrested in Boston last month might be an interesting part of the coronavirus origins story, as well.
  17. Trump is crashing the dollar, the Fed, the banks, the entire system, intentionally, that’s how it is going to start. You are watching it start.
  18. So GHWB’s Secret Service name is Timberwolf. He was in Dallas the day JFK was shot. JFK’s grandchildren are gleefully singing “Timber! You’re going down.” And now Dylan is gleefully singing about a foul wolfman in a song that is how many minutes long?
  19. I have no boys. How drunk are you, Peter?