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  1. Hi Samson, You are using "force" as what is felt at the end of swung baseball bat. "Force" in this context means as opposed to consent, so everything in your list is an initiation of force. In each case consent was defeated. There was no negotiation, instead the outcome was forced on the one whose consent was required.
  2. At Instagram I averaged his likes for the last eight photo posts, 419,000 likes per post. So the Obama spying subversion treason coup post is receiving about three times his usual positive reaction. The average number of comments on those last eight posts: 10,000 comments per post. The number of comments on the Obama spying coup post: 49,717, five times the usual discussion.
  3. The pic has 1.1 million likes on his Instagram page.
  4. Q posted this a few hours ago. It’s Jimmy or Ruth. Maybe both. 3794 State Funeral Definition Q!!Hs1Jq13jV623 Jan 2020 - 5:39:36 PM📁 Q
  5. FISA Court judge acknowledges illegal spying on Trump campaign.
  6. I was wondering what the trafficking thing was all about. Forced to grow pot, oh, I see. Thanks BBC and Billyboy. Shitty little liars both.
  7. You don’t want to post #3777? With the link so that everyone can see the video of President Eisenhower?
  8. At your Q discussion blog you hide the Q drops? Why are you leaving out 3777?
  9. What “latest Q drops”? You last posted 3776.
  10. I am laughing at all the people with horrified reactions to Weissgerber. Sanders is a Marxist and his campaign people will naturally be Marxists. Of course they make excuses for gulags. Gulags are necessary in their system. They in fact love gulags. Naturally and obviously, not shockingly or surprisingly. Now, they understand that healthy people do not approve of gulags so they usually hide their approval and even love for gulags. He didn’t know a camera was on and let slip his love of gulags, etc. I just find it kind of cute when people are surprised to learn that people who dream of anti-individual outcomes are happy to employ anti-individual means.
  11. Tuesday fast approaching. I just hope no one snatches them up from you while you suffer through this terrible irresolution.
  12. "Science" as systematic study: Nathaniel Branden, The Basic Principles of Objectivism, Lecture 1, The Role of Philosophy, @6:42: "Philosophy is the science that deals with Man's relationship to existence."
  13. Unlimited, well shit, Deal! You have a deal, my friend. I have 1,000 for you. Monday is a US holiday, so I’ll need that $100,000 Tuesday. Don’t worry about how I get the 1,000. You worry about your part and I will worry about mine. So, Tuesday, then, excellent, Gulch or Bust!
  14. That’s cute, Billy. He struggles with science but is quite adept with propaganda.
  15. “ ...designed to be an authoritative assessment of the science ...” Billy doesn’t understand any climate science or any contributing science involved, so he loves intros like that because it comes with a promise of authoritativeness and best of all there is no science involved, so he can actually read it.
  16. They think they can keep this satanic piece of shit alive with just $500,000 a year? 🤣
  17. A lot of zeroes. Is that how Shit-for-Brains can tell it must be super-sciency? It gets redder and redder. Wow. Science. 🤣 So cute and dumb.
  18. When will your heroes make Pence president, Moron?
  19. It’s cute how you think they’re enjoying a break. Idiot.
  20. “The State Department said it does not know how the remaining $1.3 billion was transferred or to whom it was transferred.“ ... “The administration is also withholding key details about the payment from leading members of Congress, including Sens. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) and Mike Lee (R., Utah), who launched an inquiry into the matter earlier this month. “The Departments of State, Treasury, and Justice all failed to respond to the inquiry by Monday’s deadline, according to congressional sources tracking the matter. "The already bizarre circumstances surrounding the $1.7 billion payment to the Islamic Republic have only gotten stranger in the weeks since we learned of the $400 million in cash that was sent to the Iranian regime last January 16th," Cruz said to the Free Beacon. "If this payment was, as the Obama administration insists, a straightforward settlement of an old debt that it would have cost America more to contest, why all the secrecy””
  21. Related to this topic, I recently posted the following comment on one of Atlas Society’s Instagram posts and Jennifer Grossman, CEO of Atlas Society, liked the comment. I reproduce my comment with original typos ... “Concern with wealth distribution is also about the influence that intense concentration has on political systems, cronyism, etc. If an illegitimacy (say theft by inflation by the privately owned Federal Reserve) yields $100 from everyone on the petrodollar then three quarters of a trillion dollars is raised. The problem is not that anyone is made poor by such a modest bleeding, rather the problem is that now someone has a quarter of a trillion dollars of ill-gotten gains and will spend it making sure this ride of theirs never ends. They will own all of your politicians. They will put people like Epstein out into to the world to blackmail all the people who could stand in their way. They will corrupt the whole world and make it very difficult to undue.”
  22. I cannot read the link. I get a message like Peter got. Sorry, there is a problem This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. Error code: 2C171/1
  23. We have to distinguish between two senses of “economics” : 1) The proper study of 2) the current state of the field Your assertions apply to 2, but not to 1. It’s not a hodgepodge field of study just because some do shitty work. Many have turned climatology as practiced today (2) into a laughable fraud. But that does not invalidate climatology as a scientific study (1) of climate. “Climatology is a lot of ideologies and opinions” may be true of (2) but it cannot be true of (1). Likewise, “economics is a lot of opinions” can be true of (2) but cannot be true of (1).