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  1. Truth right in front of you. 4344 81% of Minnesota COVID-19 Deaths Are from Nursing Homes Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 28 May 2020 - 11:39:13 AM The truth is right in front of you. Q
  2. 4334 Italy: 96% of Coronavirus Fatalities Had Other Chronic Illnesses Q!!Hs1Jq13jV627 May 2020 - 12:56:56 PM The more you know… Q
  3. Psychology is a science. Consciousness is a fact of the natural world, so yes, of course it can be investigated systematically, following scientific methods and principles. Perhaps all the "psychologists" have done and are doing shit work, so that no valid scientific psychology has yet been exerted. One could then say that psychology in its current state of practice is not science, or is failing to adhere to scientific principles. Same as if "doctors" were still letting blood — you could then say that medicine is not science. You wouldn't mean that medicine cannot be done scientifically, but just that it isn't currently. Does anyone hold that consciousness cannot be studied scientifically?
  4. Kanye is Trump’s friend, Racist Fucktard. He visits him in the Oval, walks up and hugs him while he sits at his desk — do you need pics? Do you visit the President at his office, walk up to him and hug him while he remains seated, hugging back? You don’t. Kanye is a King compared to your lowly self but you are too stupid and racist to see it, so stupid and racist in fact that you see the opposite.
  5. A blow to her head. Body found under his desk. Left Congress suddenly.
  6. Same as Heartland — “You don’t need to know who stuffs my pockets with cash.”
  7. And they answer “what question” If they are human, and incapable of going back to figure out to which question of yours you now refer and in practice instead make you go back and reconstruct it all, then I am certain I don’t ever want to try to discuss ideas with them, because it would be impossible. I may toy around with them, but only remembering that these are totally insincere, lazy, dumb people, if they are human. I think they are a piece of software.
  8. He pulled that off real sweet! What a bitch she is, getting in the way of important bicycle work like that. (I was sure we were going to see her knocked unconscious and him nevertheless hold the landing.)
  9. No, I don’t remember her. I wasn’t paying attention or wasn’t checking in then.
  10. Instead of why are some against, tell us why anyone should be for. How is covering up a bad idea / how is it hurting us? How would uncovering ourselves to one another be beneficial?
  11. Most women could never pull off cleavage and under-cleavage in one pic, so I am impressed by that.
  12. Just curious, Michael, have people ever registered as a multiple? The spirit of it is, well, unindividualist. And they can’t respond to your questions, such as names?, in simple introductions. In my experience, in a real discussion selective responses like that instantly collapse real conversations, and here it is in the introductions.