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  1. Jon Letendre

    Donald Trump Judge Ken Starr, former Solicitor Generel & Independent Counsel, just stated that, after two years, “there is no evidence or proof of collusion” & further that “there is no evidence that there was a campaign financing violation involving the President.” Thank you Judge. @FoxNews 8:20 AM · Dec 16, 2018
  2. Jon Letendre

    Donald Trump Brazil gets a populist president and then suddenly their famous names start getting rounded up. Where have I seen this before? Oh, and why do so many of Oprah's preferred guests turn out to be perverts and sickos? #DrainTheDeepState A Brazilian faith healer who rose to international fame after being promoted by Oprah Winfrey is now wanted by authorities for sex abuse allegations by hundreds of women. Will Oprah be held accountable? See Something? SAY Something! #QAnon #WWG1WGA 3:01 AM · Dec 16, 2018
  3. Jon Letendre

    Fake News

    I haven’t seen any tv news for about three years. I heard that’s what they were saying and I’ve seen the occasional clip, but that’s all. So that video really hits me like a ton of bricks. I feel embarrassed for people still consuming that garbage - what on earth are they thinking? There must be some sort of analogy to co-dependency, the woman who never leaves him no matter that he lies, insults, demeans and abuses her incessantly. I mean really, could they please wake the fuck up?
  4. Jon Letendre

    Donald Trump

    “Police have arrested 122 people as part of a massive investigation. “The child abuse victims, some as young as three years old, were unable to “utter” a word in order for police to file an official report, according to Inspector Tina Chalk of the OPP counter exploitation section. ”A total of 55 victims were identified during the investigations and referred to relevant community-based support for immediate assistance “Up to now, 2,009 child victims have been identified in Ontario, Canada. “Police referred to the massive bust as the “tip of the iceberg.”” READ MORE:© Neon Nettle
  5. Jon Letendre

    Conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theorists

    Excellent video. It may sound heavy on speculation to some but they should have some humility - he’s not some yahoo, he knows what he’s talking about he’s a trial lawyer with decades of experience including in New York and at the Supreme Court. He has friends from that lifetime of experience, he has sources we don’t, and he’s as confident as we see him here. We will be celebrating The Great Cleansing very soon.
  6. Jon Letendre

    Donald Trump

    Not looking good for Macron when his top generals are openly calling him a traitor.
  7. Jon Letendre

    Donald Trump

  8. Jon Letendre

    Rigging the 2016 Presidential Election

    What names?
  9. Jon Letendre

    Rigging the 2016 Presidential Election

    I hate to disappoint you, Twat, but I was never sexually abused.
  10. Jon Letendre

    Rigging the 2016 Presidential Election

    I think it’s right there in the “Interests” of your bio: ”Attempting to not piss everyone off (mostly failing at that.” As a kid, I saw a lot of you shitty little low-lifes get smacked. Low IQ twats who couldn’t keep their mouths shut and whined about being bullied when they finally got savaged. ”Poor” my ass, twat.
  11. Jon Letendre

    Rigging the 2016 Presidential Election

    Poor? Oh, come on, Jules. No one gets bullied just for being poor. You were a total cunt then, just like now, is my guess. What did they call you? What names? That should help zero in on it. What names did they call you?
  12. Jon Letendre

    Rigging the 2016 Presidential Election

    When are you going to tell us for real why you were bullied as a child?
  13. Jon Letendre

    Rigging the 2016 Presidential Election

    Anyone who dislikes the way OL’s leading cunt and I interact should consider encouraging that cunt to reconsider my offer, while it is still being offered.
  14. Jon Letendre

    Donald Trump

    Fuck off.