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  1. I will drop it: — It has been several months since I last said Billy shouldn’t be allowed here, and I have said that maybe three times in as many years, but I will not do it again. — And I will not again say a word about anyone who gets run off unnecessarily.
  2. Without discouraging others from contributing, yes, I agree. But you can’t do that, Peter. I came here saying Michael unnecessarily discouraged Phantom from contributing. And you cannot say Michael should enforce the rules more diligently or consistently. That too is tantamount to attempting to shoot the traffic cop. Put your balls away, Peter, Michael will not sniff them.
  3. You speak of me above, leaving my name out doesn’t change that. I will keep it to minimum, if/as I observe you doing the same. But you cannot expect me to not respond to your blatant assertion that I should be banned.
  4. Aha! Peter is making his move! Batten down the hatches! It’s a hostile takeover, deploy the poison pills! Note: It does fit reality for Peter, who makes significant donations. It does not fit for me as I have never made any donation. But somehow I am the takeover threat.
  5. Ellen, Why are you connecting my alleging Michael misfired on Phantom to my observations that William is here only to thwart OL’s intended use? And why the siege mentality — I cannot replace Michael, I cannot take over, it isn’t even possible. It does not fit into reality.
  6. And then you do that. Every time that is how you handle it. No legitimacy for the criticisms, no acknowledgment of the dodgings or apologies for the wild accusations made in their furtherance — It all just dissolves away now like it never happened.
  7. You don’t want to understand, because it is a criticism and you always find a way of turning those into attempted cop shootings, forced ball sniffings, etc. so that you can not understand and dismiss.
  8. You do everything perfectly and no one is going to get away with shooting the traffic cop, I mean suggesting otherwise.
  9. Nothing of the sort? Deanna, was it anything sort of like being told you don’t quite have it right, that’s not what Phantom was doing, so you don’t quite have what it is right, anything of that sort? Asking for a friend. Did it land sort of like that, or closer to nothing of that sort?
  10. He does handle criticism, he handles it. In this case by pretending it is a demand to sniff balls and dismissing it, telling Deanna she doesn’t have the Socratic Circle quite right, mention some books on neurology, assurances he is really really good at this stuff, etc. But he hasn’t banned Max or Deanna or myself and this is evidence he constructively handles criticism? Really?
  11. Why are you even linking the two? Why would criticism or expression of disagreement with who gets run off and who is welcomed warrant a banning?
  12. You don’t do even the mildest criticism, not from Deanna, not from your friend. You turn it into a demand to sniff balls so you can reject it out of hand.
  13. Was that the second virtuoso people person test? Ouch. Don't get discouraged, we can do more of them.
  14. That's a criticism of my people skills, so we get a real world test ... Uh, oh. I'm not calling you my retarded brother, Alpha ball sniffer, etc. Looks like I pass the first virtuoso people person test.
  15. Priceless. I will remember not to criticize your inestimable people skills again. Sorry. lol