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  1. Some dumb leftist today said to Kayleigh McEnany during her press briefing question period that he has never heard of the government getting a percentage of private transactions. He really said that. He asked her to explain how that would work because he has never heard of such a thing and it sounds fundamentally wrong to him. How did Trump get them to open that conversation? Tik-Tok is a spy and data theft operation of the PLA (People's Liberation Army) of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). It will soon be ended as a data theft and enemy spy operation. Microsoft is buying it and will be subject to privacy law, storing data only in U.S., etc. Negotiations got pretty hard for Microsoft (the sellers want fifty thousand million dollars) so Trump pointed out publicly he can and will ban it in the U.S. as soon as he feels like doing that. Of course, that would destroy the value of the social media app before a deal and so the CCP grew more agreeable, negotiations sped right back up. Trump then says the U.S. government should get a percentage of the deal from Microsoft, for helping facilitate, . So anyway, the dumb leftist today at the briefing can't stand that the CCP's operation is being shut down and openly questions "the government receiving a percentage of private transactions."
  2. I may have a warrior's mind, but I also have a nurterer's heart. The former was useful in my fifteen successful years as a slumlord and the latter as a successful at-home parent, raising two daughters after their mother spent 12 family leave weeks at home then returned to work. I am probably the one with the highest nurturing credentials here. I know I don't win the warrior contest, never been shot at, never had a knife come at me, never had to even try to harm another. I carry since being a slumlord at age 22 and several times I was about to draw and fire but still have never had to. The last time was about 15 years ago at the end of my landlording career. I was selling my last building and had with me my two year old and my newborn sleeping in a takeaway carseat with a handle. We arrived a little early for a morning showing at the building so my selling broker and the buyers were not there yet. We were in an empty unit with wood floors, you could hear a pin drop and it was very echowy and I wondered why my newborn was making those nasal sounds. I walked to her and realized it was not her but was coming from a closet. I put them into a room and went back to this closet, opened it and took four or five steps back. A man emerged, befuddled. I don't know how he got into the building or the apartment but he looked strung out from the night before. I had my palm on my CZ 9mm now and could be very fast. I mustered my sternest, pointing to the exit and saying "that way." He went that way.
  3. Strange how none of this fascism and economy cancelling was ever required when we had much worse outbreaks in the past. Premier Andrews is upset that when ADF went to homes to visit some people who presumably knew or should have known of their positive status, they were not at home. He assures us he will refer them to the police (but doesn't want that to be seen as a criticism of them.) "Mr Andrews said there were 30 Australian Defence Force teams doorknocking in Victoria on Wednesday and 269 homes were visited. A number of coronavirus-infected residents were not home. 'Now, I don't want this to be seen as criticism or blame, but I'm obliged to point out that there were a number of people who were not home,' he said. 'They will be referred to Victoria Police.' "
  4. The guy on the right makes no sense -- if what he says would happen when the two come together on a stage was really what he thought would happen then he should want such a spectacle, over and over and over, he should want it. He knows that nothing like what he says would happen would actually happen.
  5. Has anyone heard of the freedom thing yet? Craziest shit I have ever heard. He seems to seriously believe in it, too. Thoughts?
  6. Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews explained that his slaves are forbidden from visiting friends in their homes but not forbidden from visiting commercial hospitality, because they would be "unsupervised" in their homes and may not practice the correct protocols.
  7. The election will be in person on Nov 3rd. Magic face diapers will make it safe, everyone knows that. The fearful have tainted past elections but this time they will stay home.
  8. Sara Carter addresses nat'l security and pedophiles in gov't. The Cabal the mayor of New York identified in 1922 has long allowed only those they control with blackmail for nomination for high public offices.
  9. I am starting to wonder if hydroxychloroquine cures and prevents many diseases, even some we have been told are incurable and unpreventable.
  10. Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS) filed a lawsuit, AAPS v. FDA, against the Food and Drug Administration to end its arbitrary interference with the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which President Trump and other world leaders have taken as a prophylaxis against COVID-19. “It is shocking that medical workers in Brazil will have access to HCQ as a prophylaxis while Americans are blocked by the FDA from accessing the same medication for the same use,” observes AAPS Executive Director Jane Orient, M.D. “There is no legal or factual basis for the FDA to limit use of HCQ,” states AAPS General Counsel Andrew Schlafly. “The FDA’s restrictions on HCQ for Americans are completely indefensible in court.” Many foreign nations, including China, India, South Korea, Costa Rica, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey, use HCQ for early treatment and prevention of COVID-19, AAPS points out."
  11. Homeland Security not leaving Portland.