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  1. Not surprising when you are subjected to the same MK programming regimen at cia.
  2. Thanks! Coal tar is nasty. I used it on my skin for years (psoriasis) before the injectable biologics came around. For the first time I have a scent reference for how Petrograd smelled: like a pile of creosote-soaked rail ties.
  3. The other day my daughter in high school had a little talking to because the teacher was upset that when she mentioned the coronavirus during class my daughter said she knew some kids who have the virus. The teacher suggested China, pen-pals in China? She answered no, right here in Denver. She had her going for a while, then it ended when she said that infection leads straight to alcohol poisoning, every time.
  4. I never have been able to track down what acid she was talking about. My high school chemistry teacher assured me there was no such named acid. I’m sure there are thousands of “acids” and I’m not surprised no one has heard of all of them, but I have never been able to find a good explanation, either. I use a lot of apple cider vinegar, at 5% acidity. Drop rusty parts into a pan of it overnight and all the orange iron rust is now a fine jet-black powder at the bottom of the pan.
  5. Trump also spoke a lot about Comcast at a recent rally. “Very bad people at the top.” Bets on the future for the people at the top of Comcast? 😆
  6. In case you haven’t figured yourself out yet — if you are still a Democrat it is because you are a fucking psychopath, please help cleanse the world and go jump off a bridge. Democrats Block Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act in the Senate
  7. You are hilarious, Merlin, thank you. But you are getting up there in age, like you pointed out about Bob, so I am going to give you a break. As you said, this is only appropriate given a high enough age,
  8. This scumbag who wanted a race war is not going to be treated well in prison. And Cory Booker and Kamala Harris will go down in flames with him. Indictment with six new charges ... “Television actor Jussie Smollett will be arraigned Monday on a six-count indictment charging him with falsely reporting that he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack near his Chicago home.”
  9. Compare to young Ralphie, A Christmas Story ... “What I want is a Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock ... and this thing which tells time. I think that everybody should have a Red Ryder BB gun. They're very good for Christmas. I don't think that a football's a very good Christmas present."
  10. Korben may have plagiarized a drunk third-grader somewhere, is how his project reads, to me. Look at this: “Conspiracy theories might pose an intellectual challenge but they are divorced from reality, though using elements of reality to create them. A conspiracy theory is a lie, a lie is any attempt at faking reality. Those people who create them are liars, and many fit into Rand's category of the Witch Doctor.”
  11. #Coronovirus is real but #fakeNews are working overtime to hide the truth of Charles Lieber, the Harvard Chemistry Chair arrested for hiding payments from WUHAN University - at the SAME TIME two Chinese spies were arrested for smuggling vials of 'biological materials'. ESPIONAGE! Harvard Scientist Is Arrested, Accused Of Lying About Ties To China Does Charles Leiber have any connection to recent coronavirus outbreak? He was being paid millions by China as researcher at Wuhan Univ of Technology. Coincidence? 10:10 PM · Feb 22, 2020
  12. Hey Billyboylover, aren’t you supposed to be saving the planet by supporting your hilariously stupid climate beliefs with actual science? Why are you wasting your time choosing my comments for highlighting and adding to Recommended Comments and declaring me the “emperor’s new policeman”? We are running out of time, Billyboylover. The planet is running out of time.Are You not really serious and sincere about all that, afterall? Then why are you sitting around twiddling your little thing while earth burns?
  13. Here is your insult: “the visuo-spatially inept Jonathan.” I haven’t asked you to hurl insults at Bob, you incompetent liar. I asked you to backup your insults toward Jonathan. Back up your insults toward Jonathan. Can you back up your insults, Asshole? Doesn’t look like you can, so far. So far it looks like you make up all your insults from thin air. Show us one error Jonathan made in this long, complex visuo-spatial discussion, just one, Shit-for-Brains, so we can all see that you do not lie right through your teeth ... show us one error Jonathan made ...
  14. Jonathan participates heavily in discussion below, both conceptually and visuo-spatially. Since he is so inept, since you are not at all a stone-cold liar indulging in classic narcissistic projection about that, then he surely committed many errors in a complex visuo-spatial conversation? So point one out to us, you miserable little Shit-for-Brains ...
  15. Slightly annoyed? No, he spewed insults from his overactive shit spigot then tried switching his aim to Rand herself when it all splashed back onto him.