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  1. Holy Mother of.......Talk about a WMD! Hooaah!!! SEX......BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All in one lil' ol' Firecracker!!!!
  2. 18 Foxtrot That's interesting. I'm ex-SF and didn't know that. Things sure have changed since I was in. Is 18 Foxtrot Intelligence Sergeant? Apparently. Checking the Internet, if I were in today I'd be 18 Delta (Medical). If you don't belong to the Special Forces Association, you might get some value from it. --Brant Well mention my name and Intelligence in the same breath and there is usually some snickering! I may take your advice but I am no longer much of a joiner of anything.
  3. 18 Foxtrot That's interesting. I'm ex-SF and didn't know that. Things sure have changed since I was in. Is 18 Foxtrot Intelligence Sergeant? Apparently. Checking the Internet, if I were in today I'd be 18 Delta (Medical). If you don't belong to the Special Forces Association, you might get some value from it. --Brant
  4. Thanks folks. More should remember. But I need to...I dont I dont feel bad. I chose to be a monster. I chose to be death. I was good at it. Except the girl. That I don't like. Yeah, she would have killed maybe me, but damn sure the Israeli's near by. Weird, and no I dont want this to be a long discussion, but she was scowling when she saw them. Then she saw me. I smiled. She smiled. Why? I saw the grenade and well, I reacted. Anyway. I chose to be what I was. No regrets except, just wish that girl had gone to school or was playing soccer or anything else that day. Fuck the rest. I dispise tribalism. And what I would love to ask the itty bitty russian woman is...Were MY actions, tribal? Is revenge Objective? And, if you enjoyed it..."at that time"? Well, thats the monster question. Gone fishin'! Heard any Obama jokes? Hehehehehehee! Oh, FYI! Bronze Star numero dos was because a certain Battleship could',t hit the side of a barn!!! No "V" on dis velvet rope, but my sorry ass walked big mutha shells in on some Syrians. No idea what I was doing. Coulda walk'm in on my own big ass! True! Worked though. I never cared for Syrians. Just dont like them. They kill good people. I love Israelis. I love the "New Jersey" but she cant shoot straight. Marines make good pets. But their mama's love them. (no one else does...I mean they bite and shit in sand! Cant be house trained!) And...folks....I AM ARMY!!! Hooaah!!! Funny green beenie included. gw Tribal? Objective? Put yourself there. Answer that. Whut u say Baal?
  5. On this day in 1983 I "earned" my first bronze star. Lebanon. The Marine barracks was down and so was the French. I was close to the latter. FYI, I was "Special!" I was 20 and bulletproof. Ran though sniper fire and pulled 5 French soldiers from the rubble. All dead or dying. On 24 October 1983 I killed my first human being. Over the next 2 months I killed 16 more. Remember every single face. Most from a distance. Some at point blank. On 15 December I killed number 17. My birthday. She was a 12 year old Arab-Palastinian. Someone placed a grenade in her hands...and pulled the pin. She was looking for Israelis I think. I put a 5.56mm bullet in her head. She was smiling. Whats the point of me telling you fine folk all this? No one remembers 23 October 1983. Pisses me off!!! 300 mothers lost their sons that day. I was there. And no a fucker remembers! This morning I was going though some ancient boxes of crap I had accumulated over the years. Found a Bronze Star. Old. I had forgotten. I never forget but I did. I forgot what today was!!! I hate it!!! Anyhew...There is no Objectivist reason I speak. Just speaking anyway. Just want folks to remember. Remember them. Wish I had a itty bitty russian woman with a big brain to talk to today. I would ask for Objectivist answers to subjective questions. Like, what would she think about a 20 year old kid who for two months was a monster. The Angel of Death. Is there an objective answer? Nevermind. Just remember today. 23 October.
  6. Happy Birthday you sexy thang you!!! Woof!!! gw
  7. I am VERY disappointed!!! I've been called a MOTHER at least 20,897 times in my life. And not one damn present! Little Boy #1 - What happened yesterday? Little'r Boy #2 - Johnny was being mean again! #1 - Whud he do this time? #2 - I came to school and right thar on my school locker was a big ol' said, "MAMA'S BOY!!!" #1 - Did you do anything about it? #2 - No............."BUT MY MAMA DID!!!" Love ya Mom!!! gw
  8. I kinda think Firecracker was on to something..... Check this out - This is his attack on Angie. She does not deserve this. Utterly tasteless stuff from an utterly disgusting man. Victor Pross is an unbalanced, misanthropic, cowardly loser. And he likes to prove it every chance he gets. gw
  9. Oh! My kind of cat! But not so fine as Prrrr-fect Daddy’O Kat I dig a Kat cat like that! But if I were to Tomcat Kat, Then ol’ MSK would smell a rat and go Rat-a-tat-tat on this Tomcat. So with that, I’ll just stand pat. And order a Guiness stat! And drink it in my Ten Gallon Hat. Yeah my poetry sucks. Not much I can do about that! SLAINTE!!! gw
  10. Top 10 discussion topics on SOLO PASSION 10.Baton length and air orchestration conduction. Does size really matter? 9. The best wine growing regions for Objectivists. Winner? New Zealand! Popular for things with a nice fruity head! 8. Question of the Day - How many Canadians (C’est “Canadien” pour les Quebecois!) does it take to screw in a light bulb. Answer: Two, one to screw in the light bulb and Victor Pross to take credit for it! 7. The debate over New Zealand banning sheep cloning! Why clone when there are 10,000 Kiwis volunteering for breeding duty? 6. Michael Stuart Kelly condemned again! His deadly accurate observations are overlooked this time. He is condemned cuz he’s actually seen a naked woman! Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! 5. Miss New Zealand shocker! Should the runner up be castigated because HE had breast implants? 4. Is “Brokeback Mountain” congruent with Objectivist aestheticism? Who cares? We see Buttcheeks!!! 3. Playboy applauded for publishing the AR interview online! But hey? What’s up with all the naked chicks? 2. Several caricatures of SOLO Passion members, reputedly by Victor Pross, have been found posted on the internet and are condemned for their grotesqueness! Of course it was a greater shock when it was discovered that the pictures were actually photographs taken at the last TOC Summer Seminar 1.OMFG!!!! Has anyone seen what was posted over at O-Lying? Some Prissyholic Saddamite posted a vicious attack full of Anal-gobbling puss vomit!!! Probably that homophobic KASSless Texan who is too butt ugly to even post a gawdamn photo of himself!!! That Brokeback-baiting, Psychobabsle Saddamite racist should be hauled off to Maryland where he will most likely be murdered in 15 minutes by one the racially tolerant yet homicidal street gangs! Or at a minimum that Anarcho-Saddamite, pussball, pomwanker should be interned indefinitely in the basement of the Brandbourne Californian Christian Temperance Union and forced to listen to every known copy of Babs Branden and crew on tape! And I mean TAPE not CD!!!! Start with her “Psychobabble for Sissies” and then slowly tighten the screws!!!! I don’t know what surprises me more…That that Saddamite Pussball MSK would allow such a post or that anyone over at O-Lying can even count to TEN!!! And another thing..........yada, yada, yada…… Whew! Somethings never change! Well at least no one here suffers from pianist envy! gw
  11. Back home fer a bit... Gotta major hankerin' for my Mom's Chicken Fried Steak! Oh, I so hope Collard Greens are growing in her garden también!!! (There's only so much Charquican a boy can stand!) Been seeking the meaning of life. FOUND IT!!! But it's kinda gross and sticky so I won't go there! Two Celebrity sightings. Jack Nicholson. (Prick) & Nichelle Nichols (Hot!) She's very raconteur-ess-esque-y, full of some of the greatest stories and she is one very sexy woman! Mamacita!!! I am so happy the President got a new puppy! Can't wait to see what other exciting presidenting will happen over the next few years! I am now addicted to Abalone. Stood were Aristotle stood. Was thinking of starting a "Smart Gal's Gone Wild" video franchise. They would be filmed discussing Quantum Mechanics or deconstructing the works of Gersonides (philosophical not mathmatical) or perhaps simply debating the inherent greatness of Tom Landry over George Allen, all the while jumping up and down on a trampoline wearing bikini's! (Note: This is pipe dream as a truly smart gal would run for the hills at the sight of me with a camera!!!) Buuuuuaahahahahahahahaaaaa!!! Have man love (sorta) for the Navy Seals. Hitting three moving targets from a moving platform from three concerted firing positions is a thang o' beauty. Gotta dig it! Gives me a Woody just thinking about it!!! Lost 10,852 games of chess. Won one. She was 8 years old. (No excuses loser girl!!!!) Hungry, gotta go. Adeus, gw Oh, one more thang! If anyone comes across Jenna Wong, Sarah House or KT, tell'em I got a new video camera! Wow! Just the thought of it.......Oh man! Oh man........Oh......Oh..... I gotta go to my bunk!
  12. Howdy Amigo! Good to see yer debonaire mug! Can't stay long, gotta get back to whatever the hell it was I was doing! (Now lets see.....was I fishin' er cuttin' bait.......) gw (A tribe of one.)
  13. Speaking of crap...... I just tryed out the testimonial generator!!! I typed in "doo doo!" Great fun!!!! Oh lordy...I am so juvenile, I know, but hey I be chillin' and diggin' life! Oh and just so ya know, I typed "tryed" on purpose fer all the anal retento's out thar! [dragonfly] Where I be we make our own rules fer de Angleesh!!! Yep! I be ju-vee-niiiiiiile! Adios!!!! gw
  14. I am already at da gulch! Built it myself. Drop in and see us some time!!! B) Caio!
  15. I admire your honesty. Being so open to the world as you are here in this post suggests a great integrity. That is an inspiration. It seems you temper reason with compassion, even love, and with hope. This suggests a good and great heart. That you have satisfied the prurient questions without addressing the prurient takes real grace. However you temper reason, you let reason and emotion do their tandem work, which suggests wisdom, which means you will end up happy with yourself no matter what you decide. That you make clear that you now draw the veil over the affair shows impeccable class. You make the entire waking dream less sordid and oh so very human, which is the lesson I had hoped all would draw as we shut the hell up about your private choices. As if we presumed you were too stupid, or a damsel, or a mere romantic woman, to be let alone to figger it out. Which suggests the rest of us are foolish gawkers/thwarted moralists/gleeful bystanders, and that we wish we were more like you. Objectivish and Classy. I now think of you as a Garbo of the O-ish world. Funny that I, prurient me, will never know how the story turns out. I should hope you feel a small twinge of shadenfreude at that justice. I wish I had said that. And yes Angie I am happy. I have you to thank for that and no other reason. (Why? I keep asking myself. wink wink) Now if you all will excuse me I am taking a class in how to write cool stuff like William Scherk. It's great fun! gw
  16. Hey Jody! My wine swilling, butt munch buddy! (Shit I gotta be careful bad mouthing you cuz thats how I met Firecracker in the first place.) You know what I am talking about. Nothing can take away from Firecracker. She is one of a kind! Lets sing her praises as friends and admirers. And lets hope she sends us dirty pictures! We can dream, can't we! You are loved Angie. I hope more join this chorus. YOU ARE LOVED!!! Hey Jody? Have you heard? Barbara is all mine!!!!!! Seems she likes pygmy monkeys and........ gw
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    Oh! My! God! After 44 years, 6 months and yada, yada, yada minutes......(damn math) BARBARA BRANDEN SPOKE TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My God there are not enough exclaimation points in the alphabet for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are not enough stars for me to capture and put into a single engagement ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS NOT ENOUGH PADDING IN MY CELL TO KEEP ME FROM DOING VILE THINGS TO....ER, MY PADDING! Ladys and Genteelmen.....The Jackass has scored! *****Wait just a damn minute......OLD? Me?***** Honey I take Geritol.....and let me tell ya something........I am really.............. Oh my God Barbara just talked to me!!!!!!!!!! Barbara! I love ya! I respect ya! I want to see you nekkid! I mean that from the bottom of my heart! (Especially the nekkid part!) Damn! Barbara Branden just talked to me! I am going to have a woody for a month! Is that too much information? Oh well. Now back to our original program. gw
  18. It's wierd! (misspelled just for Dragonfly) hehhehehehehe Exactly one year ago I fell in love with a special human being. I had never met anyone like her before. Had the greatest time conversing with her for months. I fell in love. I fell in love without ever knowing what she looked like. Of course then I saw her and (Valley Girl accent) It was like so totally ..."Sit boy! Sit!" Damn. She is purty! She is......She is.............Sorry I am daydreaming........... Oh well. All I can say now is that after all the pity parties I threw for myself and after going so low and touching bottom I can say I am so very glad I knew her, er know her, er or somesuch. Her name is Angie. I loved her. I love her now. She is special, just get to know her. And you just might discover something unique. About yourself. I love ya Firecracker! Hang in there! And always know that I know what you are talking about. I live it everyday. You have reached one. Sometimes that is all it takes. Love ya Sweetie! Always have. Always will. gw
  19. Um.....this seems to have my name all over it. gw
  20. gary williams


    "C'mon, after all, everyone knows that there's three big warning signs when dating a man, if discovered, a woman should run the other way... - Axe murderer - Plagiarist - Living with parents after 21 Bob" MOM! THEY ARE MAKING FUN OF ME AGAIN!!!! (plagiarizing an old tv show) ........(Me) - "There it was! Painted on my high school locker! The words....."MAMA'S BOY!!!" (A friend) - "Did you do anything about it?" (Me) - "No, but my Mama sure did!!!" Ahem....has anyone stopped and realized just how lovely Barbara is! Marry me Barbara! And I promise you many a happy night in a very, very padded cell! Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! (Shit! I just plagiarized Kat!!) p.s. - I can't plagiarize cuz I can't figure out the quote thingy! p.p.s - Vic, it's all about principles and morals. Morals based on principles, er somesuch. You were a stone wall of reason but you had no foundation. All walls fall without foundation. Try reading Rand. pp.p.p.ppppp.ssss - Firecracker, your foundation is solid as a diamond. You know I know. Hang in there. You know the truth. You live it everyday. I think about you every day but just kinda like a sister now...........Hey! Let's move to Arkansas cuz I hear sisters are hot there! Sorry I am an ass and I have just been couped up fer a spell.....Take care sweetie! Now back to Barbara..........Let me ravage you like only a pigmy love monkey can!!! Size does not matter right? Riiiiiiiiiight?!?!?!?!?!? Now, if anyone can plagiarize me, I have one thing to say..........Damn yer good!!!! Adios! gw
  21. V, I wish to apologize for my rather snarky attitude yesterday. It had nothing to do with you really. It had nothing to do with your art. I apologize and I mean it. gw
  22. Ohhhhh! You have access to Wikipedia! How coool is that! gw PS - I can't but help notice how quickly you got off the Da Vinci references! Smart! Of course I never doubted your intelligence! I think you are fabulous....or.....Well, you could be!!!! Of course, I know nothing of Da Vinci!!!!!!! Now, I have a real job. I must earn a feable living. (Yeah folk! I am a poor bastard!!!!) So I must lay me head down to sleep, and pray my lord my soul to keep.............. Hmmm? I wonder if Da Vinci is in Heaven?!?!?! I bet I know that answer too!!!!!!!!
  23. NOTE! MSK is a stick in the mud!!! And Jon's paintings are way cool!!!!!!! gw