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  1. Chris, this is the best show I ever watched on the telly. Let me warn you, it doesn't get any less depressing.
  2. Johnny Cash was one of the best of *any* generation. He was rockin it well into his 70's. Love him!
  3. Chris, Why do you want Senator Edwards to submit to a DNA test regarding the parentage of the child? What difference does it make? Whatever the result, he's a lying sack of shit scum-bag. I could care less who he fucks or whether he may or may not have fathered a child with some bimbo not his wife. Mick
  4. Chris, The incompetence of the PGC Police, the arrogance of their chief (refusing to apologize and reluctantly clearing the Mayor and his wife's name)makes my blood boil. I've written several letters to the department expressing my outrage but have not yet received a response. Unbelievable! Mick
  5. Chris Grieb: "I have mention that with the news there is a group who is more upset than others. That is the right wing mailers. With Teddy being gone who can they warn as their menace. For left-wing mailer had the same feeling when Jesse Helms left the Senate." I don't know, I suppose W is far more of a lightening rod than the racist and homophobic Jesse Helms. As for Senator Kennedy, I have lost loved ones to cancer; my heart grieves for him and for those who care about him. I know most on this board don't share Kennedy's politics, but as for me, I wouldn't wish cancer on my worst enemy. Shame on you Mr. Grieb for your thoughtless and mean spirited post. And don't worry folks, this is the end. Mick
  6. Who Cares? I just want my ronpaulphoto.com. Oh the cult of personality!
  7. Well, what did you have in mind as possibly false on that page? Just threw it out for discussion. What I do know is Obama is a rabid fan of entitlements and big government. That's enough, no? So is Hillary and the hypocrite McCain; what's your point? Most of that shit on dontvoteobama.com is just stupid nonsense. There's enough reason to oppose all three of these stooges without making up shit.
  8. Kat, Is this 100,000,000 on top of the child support payments? He should have listened to his kids. As I understand it they implored him to get a pre-nup. I've never met Heather Mills, but I agree with your assessment of her; what a bitch! Mick
  9. When thinking about Israel's relationship with her Arab neighbors, I'm often reminded of Golda Meir, who said: Mick
  10. Are disagreeing with my interpretation of Ahmadinejad on the conflict? Or are you disagreeing with my feeling toward our (the US) involvement with Israel. Thanks, Dustan Both.
  11. You make a good point regarding Bollinger's introduction. His remarks were appropriate, but he made them at the wrong time and place. As for your points regarding the Israeli/Palestinian problem, I profoundly disagree with you. Mick
  12. In fact, he was invited to speak which is even worse. Inviting him to an intellectual encounter grants him the unearned sanction that he is an honest and reasonable person. He's clearly identified himself as being the opposite. Nothing that he says at Columbia can be trusted and, thus, it's fruitless for the organizers and attendees. The dark side is that Ahmadinjad will try to use the event to further his ends and this makes the invitation by Columbia immoral. I had edited my post before your post; yes, he was invited. I disagree with your assessment of Columbia; I thought President Bollinger, appropriately, dressed Ahmadinajad down. You can find the text of his remarks here. Mick
  13. Dustan, Did you watch it? I did not; I was at work. What were your thoughts on the introduction by the Columbia's President, Ahmadinejad's presentation and the Q and A session with the Columbia's students? Also, should he have been invited to speak? Mick
  14. Russell Roberts writes excellent novels on economic issues. The Choice: A Fable of Free Trade and Protectionism The Invisible Heart: An Economic Romance I know someone who has a copy of these books and can loan them to Peri. ;)