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  1. Graveyards, nonexistent addresses, parallel universes, the list is nearly endless.
  2. Does this include Interstate Highways? How about if one is driving through a national park? The potential for abuse on this is off the charts.
  3. "Groups with Biden Ties Pose Ethics Quandary for His Administration" Tens of millions of dollars in anonymous Red Chinese donations have found their way into several non-profit organizations with the name Biden on the office wall.
  4. As it turns out, the answer to my question above is, "Yes." "Groups with Biden Ties Pose Ethics Quandary for His Administration"
  5. So begins the Failed Harris Regime. Has anything interesting happened yet?
  6. 11:59am EST, and still nothing by silence from the Emergency Broadcast System. What happened to all those wonderful predictions of a last-minute return to reality?
  7. I'm running with The Failed Harris Regime. Xi Joe Ping is a post turtle: someone else put him there, and he is helpless.
  8. Where's the BOOM? So far, I haven't heard so much as a peep from the Emergency Broadcast System. There's always supposed to be a BOOM with an Illudium Pu-36 Explosive Space Modulator!!!
  9. So, basically, straight to the failed Harris Regime without the agonizing wait?
  10. During the Cold War, Soviet dupes at least were sneaky about it. Today, Red Chinese dupes aren't even bothering to try to hide it.
  11. A Big Move to Ban Realtor 'Hate Speech.' At Work. Anywhere. 24/7. "Under the new policy, real estate agents who insult, threaten[,] or harass people based on race, sex, or other legally protected characteristics can be investigated, fined or expelled." How long until Realtors are forbidden to list the property of or sell property to Teh White Supremacists™, Teh Misogynists™, and other Oppressors™?
  12. They are. It isn't just social media. Seattle city and Massachusetts state 'education' officials are moving to remove all literature from Dr. Seuss back through Antiquity from government school curricula. This is not about Teh Racizmz™. It is about depriving our children of the literary tropes that define Western Civilization. I already have seen references to claims that The Hero's Quest is 'problematic', and Boy Meets Girl is right out. How long until children's literary knowledge consists exclusively in manufactured Intersectional™ 'culture'?
  13. That's pretty much it. Any further comment from me would be pointless.
  14. It also is unlikely that the whole "Orange Man Is Literally Hitler!!!1!" thing is 100% theater. The whole leftist worldview is a land of schizophrenic make-believe. To some non-trivial extent, they undoubtedly feel that destroying Trump—socially, psychologically, or physically—is the right and moral thing to do.
  15. More generally, Ayn Rand often wrote about those who hate the good for being the good. I refer to this as misocalosism (Greek: miso- disdain, hate; calos the good, the beautiful). A subset of misocalosists are cacophiliacs, who revel in filth and the ugly. In "The Age of Envy" (Return of the Primitive; formerly The New Left), she identified the hate of the good for being the good as the root cause of envy, which one must distinguish from jealousy. Jealousy is wanting what someone else has, or protecting what is yours. Envy is begrudging someone of what he has. Jealousy might lead one to s