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    South Dakota
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    Writing; music; my little craft shop, working in wood, metal and stone; survival, camping, etc.; playing around with playful women; history; martial arts/sciences; fatbiking, designing my bicycles; keeping an eye on the news, important events; my grandchildren; travel.

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    Ted Behr
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    Blackfish! Bluefish! Fastfish! Loosefish!
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    Documentaries; the art of war; no movies or shows; boycotted Hollyweird over thirty years ago.
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I'm 5'8", around 230 lb., powerfully built, sometimes a little chub, sometimes not.  I love to eat.  I'm always getting into things and getting dirty and sweaty.  I'm not pretty.  I love dogs.  Women love me because I am too kind and generous with loved ones.  Women hate me because I have a furious temper that can go off in a flash.  I can be incredibly mean when necessary.  I don't suffer fools and won't have them around me whenever it can be avoided.  I'm a loner, a seeker of vast solitudes.  I love art and science, particularly making art and science.  I make my own laundry soap, bar soap, and chain lube.  Smart is sexy.  Cheers!