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  1. wow my wife told me she deleted us from this forum but I can see that we are still members here. she went to her sisters this weekend so needless to say I have been watching porn and jacking off. well I am pretty sure you would rather communicate with my wife and her huge tits but sorry it is just me tonight.
  2. I think people are more offended that we are not wearing masks than me walking around with ample cleavage exposed LOL
  3. We are not sure how anyone can believe in objectivism and think that human nudity is not (or should be) a root lifestyle of the belief. There is nothing immoral about nudity or being naked in itself. Yes, we will agree that nudity can lead to questionable sexual activity, and again yes we will be open with you all that we have allowed that activity to happen but that should not be blamed on the nudity. You are free to blame that behavior on our own lack of control and we one that and that as well is a root of objectivism. To those who are confused, we are sorry and for tonight anyway, I am Dana (the wife) and I will be typing all of the replies unless someone has a direct question for my husband (Jerry) who is right here with me tonight and yes we have had a few beers today. Anything is "fair game" tonight and NO not even my big tits are of the table.
  4. Michael, Sex and nudity have a way of attracting attention. whenever we are at a nudist or clothing optional beach or resort there is always a steady line of "clothed" people walking by staring and even talking pictures. No doubt these are the same people who are bitching about how offensive naked people are.
  5. Well as the title says...the thread IS about nudity! So just trying to stay on subject.
  6. what question my husband just told me to go naked on here I told him he has to go first LOL
  7. if my work said clothing was optional I would go to work naked however my work has their rules
  8. nudity would have to agree with dress codes like other clothing does but there is no dress code walking your dog in the park and I would totally do that naked
  9. you bring up some good points and our daughter was raised a nudist and in college the libs think nudity is weird. I guess they pick their causes
  10. Peter our names are Dana and Scott and thanks for the tanning tips and neither of us have tan lines LOL
  11. thanks everyone and this is the wife of the couple however hubby is right here as well..