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  1. Where are you being held and who kidnapped you?
  2. It is a disadvantage to tolerate the left in public. We place too much value on freedom of speech. It's like some religious dogma we have. No, sometimes speech needs regulation. Let's recognize that when a leftist advocates for socializing property, he's initiating a process of force against private property holders. Left unchecked, we run the risk of losing everything to the left simply because we tolerate them and the loot-thirsty mob that gathers behind them. It's like listening to a psycho rant about how he's going to rape a woman, and we do nothing about it. Then his psycho friends a
  3. I lost interest in Milo some time ago. But I'll note that being sodomy-free is not the same thing as being ex-gay. Is he attracted to females now?
  4. Sounds like the plot of Emergency! Season 1 Episode 5 (Dealer's Wild) from 1972.
  5. What are some important/favorite sci-fi films from the last couple decades? I discuss this topic with Lev on our YT channel. Our top picks that we discuss in depth are: *The Matrix - It revolutionized the style of sci-fi films with its "bullet time" cinematography and serious tone. The degree of drama reached a philosophical level that concerned matters related more to mankind's relation to machines than to his nonexistent experience with deep space travel and aliens on other planets. *Ex Machina - a superior character study of three individuals isolated in a testing f
  6. I used to think the Big Bang was the most hilarious thing, then I found cat vibing videos. Thanks. I'm just a soul whose intentions are good.* *May not apply to some socialists.
  7. First time I've heard of morphic resonance. It sounds unlikely, but I'm always curious about paranormal claims and ideas. I like listening to radio shows like Coast to Coast and Ground Zero. People with weird stories aren't always lying. Sometimes they're just confused about what they experienced, and sometimes they know something you don't. I hope they vary very slowly. I'm not sure I could handle another crisis this year. You can find articles announcing that scientists have produced direct evidence for neutrinos. But there's usually some speculation involved, like they are r
  8. I get the impression that he understands the difference, but he thinks the concept of relativistic mass is junk. Here are a couple short videos he did on that specific topic. You say that relativistic mass is dependent on its velocity with respect to the observer. But I don't understand why that should make a difference. Isn't it dependent on the quantity of matter? How does relative velocity affect the quantity of matter? Or do you have a different concept of mass? I've read that the neutrino was originally described as a massless particle and only recently th
  9. Has anyone here listened to the Dissident Science podcast hosted by David de Hilster? He popped up in my recent YouTube searching, and in an episode on Dark Matter a viewer named "sciencethinker" recommended a David Harriman video to him. Hilster didn't seem to know about Harriman, though both are very critical of modern theories in physics. Here is the video on Dark Matter. (The exchange with "sciencethinker" begins at 35:20.) Also, Hilster and his father are publishing a book about their Particle Model. The book's website has some info and additional links about it.
  10. Barney says that Scientology benefited many people back in the 1960s and ’70s. Yet Carl Barney Versus Objectivity shows that he greatly suffered at the hands of Scientologists and their practices. The apparent contradiction might be explained by Craig Biddle’s claim that Scientology is “a package deal of sorts” with “relatively good elements and some seriously bad elements.” If so, then like Rand with Aristotle’s philosophy, also a mixture, Objectivists might consider adopting L. Ron Hubbard’s better ideas along with Rand’s – not as part of Objectivist philosophy but as part of daily living. B
  11. Thanks, Mark. I created an account here to respond if anyone has comments.