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  1. Let me explain: (This is actually a very good question. ) The two genders are not statistically equal in capability. Neither are the races. ( ethnic groups if you wish, if you believe that a 'race' cannot be easily defined). Remember, we are talking statistics not about individuals ( just like stating that men are taller than women, you will find a some women to be taller than some men). Now you might ask why this is important, to know this fact especially since we are talking statistical probability rather than about individuals? Well a typical sexist, (the way I understand ho
  2. I wasn't sure if this post of mine can be best classified as an 'offer' but I could not find a better fit. Since you are reading this you probably know what I’m getting at. People who are grounded in reality ( according to my definition of course) are rare and may often be lost among the sea of the deluded masses. So this post of mine is an attempt to gather people who are like-minded.( people who I deem to be grounded in reality through my own colored lens of the world). The idea is to form mutually beneficial alliances in this insane world. Right now this process of forming alliances is
  3. Old post I know,. Can you try and quantify the amount of Mercury and Aluminum (and any other substance that you think deserved attention) with respect to say what we inject daily via say food pr say breathing etc.