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  1. I too started reading Zuboff's book, but found some of her assumptions off-base. Although I could say a lot more, I work directly in this area of technology so it might not be appropriate for me to do so.
  2. Hi PDS, Thanks for the kind words. Although the Stoics are enjoying a renaissance these days, I prefer Epicurus for his greater focus on the individual and for his more secular outlook (the Stoics make much of Providence and of accepting whatever God or Nature doles out). As you can see from my site, I've written a book on Epicurus, which you might enjoy as well. Best, Peter
  3. Several years ago I did some textual research into Anthem. The different editions you can buy (Caxton, Signet, etc.) contain many discrepancies - not to mention the Project Gutenberg version. I even went to the Library of Congress to inspect the galley proofs. My conclusion was that the 1946 edition is definitive, so that's the version I republished at my website for texts in the public domain. You can read more at and if you're so inclined.
  4. Hi MSK (if I may) and Peter, thanks for the friendly welcome. These days I am very deep into Aristotle research (it helps that I know Greek), but Roger Bissell's recent paper on the law of identity in Aristotle and Rand has me interested in some comparative work on that topic and also on the origins of dialectic in Plato and Aristotle.
  5. Somehow I didn't find this website until today. Thanks to the proprietors for maintaining an open forum for discussion of Rand and Objectivism. You can read my writings on philosophical topics here: Because I'm very busy with my career and, in my spare time, with writing an epitome of Aristotle's ethics, my postings might be infrequent for the next few years. Please don't interpret inactivity for lack of interest. --Peter Saint-Andre