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  1. Personally, what has me worried is not robots rising up against humanity so much as people using robots and A.I. for their own purposes. Who needs mercenaries or hit-men if you can program a drone to take someone out for you? Seriously, it would not surprise me if soon we start to see suicide drones instead of suicide bombers.
  2. Is that really the impression I gave?
  3. (Oh I love this! It's like being back in English Composition. I write a statement to convey something and when you show me how far off I was I have to go back and rework it to get closer to my actual meaning. It's kinda Socratic in a way.) I have this habit of trying to imagine a conversation before it actually happens. In the case of writing, trying to see through my readers' eyes and how they would respond, what questions they will be asking. This probably got reinforced as I was working on my Bachelor's of Arts in Journalism. My instructor told me that when you conduct an interview for a news story you are standing in for your audience asking the questions that they can't. So a good reporter has to get into the minds of their audience and anticipate what concerns they will have. One reason I enjoy posting on forums like this is it makes me think long and hard about what I am going to write. Although I suppose I am not thinking long or hard enough...
  4. I am tempted to pick this apart, but I really shouldn't. It was written in a different time and for a particular purpose. When Rand wrote this Panzers were rolling a crossed Europe and bombs and the Japanese were sweeping over Indo-China and the Philippines. Today we have the benefit of hindsight, we know how all this finally turned out and can clearly see how Hitler's dreams were very much a long shot. But all and all, it just goes to show you the history is rarely on anyone's side, most of the times its on its own side.
  5. First, I searched for 'objectivist forum' on Bing and this was at the top of the list. Second, I wanted to show I was not here to be an internet troll. I have seen people who join forums just to talk about how stupid everyone was, like someone going to a political rally just to tell everyone how dumb they are for supporting this candidate or party. Still, someone who is very apolitical might go to a rally to learn more about a party and particular candidate, and I wanted to show I am here more of the ladder than the former. Thirdly, you have a section here for introductions so I thought I would do that. Also I was a little curious what the reaction would be, how this community would react to someone who takes a very moderate position. Before you ask, I was not expecting anything in particular, which was all the more reason to try it.
  6. Let me begin with a simple statement. I am not an objectivist. I do not consider myself a objectivist because I have trouble agreeing with Rand on several points. I will be the first to admit that I have not made an exhaustive study of her writings, nor am I a philosophy major. Speaking for myself, however, and what I have read of her work, it seems to range from naive to foolish. Some of it is just confusing, but I did not study philosophy so that might be why. So why then am I on a forum dedicated to a philosophy I personally do not subscribe to. The simplest answer is that I am trying to 'practice what I preach.' In the words of a certain general... So here I am, trying to draw wisdom from a new source. Ayn Rand, in what I have read of her work, does have some good points, but she also seems to have just as many bad points. I also do not believe in the idea that any system, political, philosophical, economic or whatever, must be accepted or rejected in its totality. I think one can find wisdom in objectivism without being an objectivist, just as someone could find wisdom in collectivism without being a collectivist.