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  1. I got couple of private responses to my post. Applying the feedback, I will add another chapter. In this chapter I will explain concept formation, generalization, principle formation, and application for concepts of consciousness. In the process explaining fallacies like misclassification of units, wrong connection of concepts etc. This will serve dual purpose. One, it will illuminate epistemological aspects of psychology. Secondly, it will illuminate concepts of consciousness like feeling, thinking, knowledge, methods etc. Plus I will widen the scope of Evolution of Psychology to more modern
  2. On demand basis, I can also share chapters 2-6 for feedback
  3. I am writing a book on the subject of Psychology. Working title is - Reinventing Psychology Using Objectivism : For Powering the Motor of Human Mind. I have completed draft of most chapters. Here is the detailed table of contents -------- REINVENTING PSYCHOLOGY USING OBJECTIVISM POWERING THE MOTOR OF HUMAN MIND [COVER - Bike inside brain. Three roads to study, experiment, and skyscraper. (Representing academic, applied, and technological aspect of sciences)] PART 1: BASIC TEMPLATE
  4. 28th December, 2019 marks one year of publication of the book. To celebrate the occasion, book is available for free. The offer is for a limited period. Do read and review... ....Happy Managing !
  5. PART 2 — UNDERSTANDING PSYCHOLOGICAL REALITY THROUGH CLASSIFICATION PART 1 PUBLISHED HERE PSYCHOLOGICAL REALITY Human mind or the Psychological reality, while it’s clearly an important aspect of existence, is definitely not an independent entity set. It’s derived from general and specific reality we analyzed in the previous blog. In general reality, classification, causal connections, principal formation, and field or subjects of study are clearly functions of mind. In specific reality, the understanding of material, social, and physiological aspects also require application of
  6. PART 1 — UNDERSTANDING VARIOUS ASPECTS OF REALITY THROUGH CLASSIFICATION INTRODUCTION Life on earth is almost 3 billion years old. That is, it took this much time for evolution to come up with humans, the only organism with conceptual faculty. Further, in a million years of existence of various Homo species, only very recently we started using mind close to its full potential. Building computers, machines, social and cultural institutions. So in this blog I will try to develop methods to understand something that was 3 billion years in making, and a million years of tuning after evol
  7. PSYCHOLOGY BY FREUD AND OBVERSE PLATONISM Sigmund Freud [1] was an Austrian-German psychotherapist, who wrote some books and presented many ideas in the field of psychology, when the subject was in its infancy. Here are the key points that Freud brought into this field. Division of mind into conscious, subconscious, and unconscious elements. Further claiming that unconscious and subconscious aspects like dreams and hypnosis are most important. Emphasizing on the urge to break rules, like longing to incest with mother (what he called the Oedipus complex). Overall, generalizing ide
  8. Excited to publish most important part of the "Right & Wrong" video series. The animation about Ethics of "Rational Egoism". The Ethics Ayn Rand discovered and advocated.
  9. RIGHT & WRONG - Ethical Survey of Altruism, Predatory Egoism, Hedonism, Eudaimonia Part 2, Episode 1, where Ethical code of following systems is analyzed, synthesized, and understood Altrusim Predatory Egoism Hedonism Eudaimonia or Flourishing Life Part 3, Episode 2, will have Rational Egoism, Nihilism, Categorical Imperative, Skepticism, and Pragmatism