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  1. Yep, and you are more than welcome to come up with a model that better explains what is causing the current warming. Just because knowledge on a subject improves doesn't invalidate all previous knowledge. So please, what do you believe to be the cause of the current warming?
  2. Short abet to nearly every question, yes. Longer answer, science isn't absolute. It's a process and someone's through that process we realize we were incorrect. Now that you've been shown there isn't a pause in the data, are you going to accept it or try make a mountain out of the hole you are digging for yourself?
  3. There is no statistical pause in any dataset. Even UAH shows greater warming after 1998 than it did prior to 1998. Why do you insist on referring to a non existent pause? This is a strawman. Note, the final 2016 super El Nino was intentionally left off to give a best case scenario for constant warming and it still fails. Warming rate has increased, there is no pause.