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  1. bob_hayden

    When the Catholic Church gets creepy

    Meanwhile the pope is planning to visit Ireland -- the first such visit in decades. Much has changed since then, what with the creepy clerics and the referenda on same sex marriage and abortion.There is all manner of silliness appearing to welcome the pope. Though I have enjoyed being a lapsed Catholic for close to 60 years, I do wish the Holy Father had consulted me about these candies. Given the recent history of the Church, I fear too much symbolic meaning may be attached to encouraging millions of young lads to take the pope into their mouths.
  2. bob_hayden

    How to disagree without being disagreeable

    The "Manager" quote in the box at the top reminds me of Deming, the statistician who preached quality control after WWII to deaf ears in the US, so he went to Japan and made that country a world leader in quality automobiles and electronics. While this was based in part on statistics, it also included much about management practices. I think the common thread is the question of whether the management task is to make things work or to assign blame when they don't. This and three of Jonathan's points make me think of the management of the apartment building where I have been living for two years. As one example, in the fall we get a condescending letter of advance blame reminding us not to open our windows in the winter and thereby let the apartment get so cold the radiators freeze. The first question is, "Who would be dumb enough to do that in New Hampshire?" Unmentioned is the fact that the second floor here is so hot that I never have to turn the heat on all year, and, indeed, do have to open windows in the dead of winter. To solve the problem one would need to figure out what is wrong with the heating or ventilation system, but it's much easier to blame the victim.
  3. bob_hayden

    When the Catholic Church gets creepy

    I thought the priesthood was what Catholic societies did with their homosexuals. (Hey, who else would be happy to forgo sex with women?-) I would not have a problem with that except that they preach against homosexuality. But what percentage of priests actually practice child abuse? I think cases get a lot of publicity because people are shocked. And I think priests tend to cover up child abuse because they are already covering up their homosexuality, and the fact the victims are so often boys would tend to blow their cover on that count.
  4. bob_hayden

    Sundry Hollywood Cases of Creepy

    Four cheers for Beyond the Fringe!
  5. bob_hayden

    Has anyone here had NB as a therapist?

    The couple of years the Atlas Summit was in NH I heard talks by a couple of therapists who I think studied with NB. I don't remember their names but the program -- maybe even the talks -- were online.
  6. bob_hayden

    Samantha Mathis is Dagny Taggart

    NB once asked AR how she visualized Dagny. "Like the young Katharine Hepburn."
  7. bob_hayden

    Frank's Niece!

    Thanks. I have no opinion of her but some of the issues people have raised do not bother me. For example, while AR may have stopped calling herself "Alice" long ago, relatives might have already grown used to calling her that, and continued to do so.
  8. bob_hayden

    Frank's Niece!

    Where did Cathy go?
  9. bob_hayden

    Introducing For The Children...

    Peter, a couple of the victims I know DID tell adults but were not believed. So, we can work on the adults to at least consider what children say, and to educate them. For example, adults need to know that most abusers are trusted people close to home, not big wigs in the entertainment industry that their children will never meet, or old guys in the park wearing raincoats on a sunny day. . Also, if parents give their children more guidance on where to draw lines, the children will feel more confident in identifying and reporting transgressions, and may see trouble before it becomes big trouble. I'd want to say something about "secrets" too though I'm not sure what. Those create huge conflicts for victims, and a home with secrets is a scary place. AFAIK I have only met one abuser. I only found out years later, but before that I thought that he seemed really good with children, but not with adult women, nor did he have many adult friends. This seems consistent with something MSK said about abusers learning to be really good with children so they could get close. So it seems that one thing we might be wary of is people whose human relationships are very skewed toward children.
  10. Even if we do not need to work many hours to take care of basic needs, adults may share a child's infinite desire for toys;-) Someone mentioned more people spending their free time on art, but this will increase demand for art supplies. All this says nothing of the human tendency to spend to enhance one's self image. I work with high school statistics teachers who often do polls of their classes. One question that has become popular is, "How many pairs of shoes do you own?" This turns up lots of girls with astronomical numbers of shoes. No doubt there are marketing people right now trying to figure out how to further "feminize" boys so they buy similar quantities of shoes. Online entities like Google and Facebook are getting fabulously rich from advertising. But that is a zero-sum game. They need to create (perceived) needs for this to remain profitable. One can get people to switch brands of laundry detergent but it is not so easy to increase total demand for laundry detergent.
  11. bob_hayden

    WHOA!! - ARI exhibiting at CPAC2013

    This was not in anything published by AR/NBI. After Atlas there was a flurry of vicious articles about Rand. Many of her follower were horrified but my reaction was that it made it clear how threatened the authors of those articles felt. I used to find them via some index of periodical literature found in libraries in those days. Lyall Morrill expressed a lot of interest in those, so I gave my collection to him. At that time Lyall was super neat and orderly while I was pretty Bohemian and I thought he might take better care of them. But I don't know if that was true. After he came out of the closet Lyall was more Bohemian than I! I would guess you could reinvent the wheel at some large library.
  12. bob_hayden

    Love Songs

  13. bob_hayden

    Love Songs

    This is the original of "Someone to Watch Over Me". To me it's definitive but I can well imagine moderns not being able to get past the voice, mannerisms, looks and accent. She was the leading lady of choice of Cole Porter, Noel Coward, and the Gerswhins. Here's something a bit more earthy.
  14. bob_hayden

    Love Songs

    Whether Schwarzkopf was a Nazi is a complicated question. AFAICT she was not able to get work because her father had resisted the Nazis but eventually she joined the party when offered a good job on condition that she join. No Howard Roark maybe, but perhaps just along for the ride. I'm a bit touchy on this subject because of the many victims of the Nazis who were later called Nazis for not throwing away their lives or careers in those years. What about all those classical musicians who played at the Kennedy White House during the Viet Nam War? Just the Way You Look Tonight: music by Jerome Kern and words by Dorothy Fields. Kern wanted to play the melody for her in the hope she could provide lyrics. Fields immediately told him to keep playing while she ducked out into a hallway. I don't remember what excuse she gave but the melody immediately brought tears to her eyes and she did not want Kern to see her crying. A wedding song. A love that survives the miles and years. As Kate once said in concert, "This is for all you green-eyed people." And lest you blue-eyed people feel left out, here is Kate as I remember her. I'm not much of an opera fan but this is something else, sadly cut and poorly transferred on YouTube. To go with the rotten sound I could only find one rotten translation.ötterdämmerung_libretto_English_German This scene is part of the prelude and begins after the norns disappear. It's the morning after the couple have spent their first night together. The translation I once had sounded much more Objectivist and the LP had much better sound.
  15. bob_hayden

    Introducing For The Children...

    I have known several victims over the years. One barrier that I have encountered is that, engineer that I am, I want to understand why this happens. But victims are very resistant to that. Perhaps they think I mean that the perpetrators "just need a little understanding". What I actually have in mind is things like gathering knowledge that would enable us to predict who might become a perpetrator, and using that to warn potential victims what to watch out for. Another issue would be to figure out if this is a permanent sexual orientation, perhaps one beyond the person's control, as homosexuality appears to be. In that case permanently segregating offenders in pleasant communities (Catholic monasteries?-) might make more sense than treating them like criminals for 15 years and then turning them loose. I think we have made great strides in awareness of the problem and in listening to victims, but very little progress in solving the problem.