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    What’s religion? It helps us cope. Made by a man. Who smoked too much dope. And love? A glorious thing. But what’s it about? Wearing a ring? What about goodness? It’s so fake. We’re all humans. All on the take. We’ve built a plastic world, on a primitive surface. We’ve created a reality, based on consensus. Popular vote, rules the day. G-d forbid, you’re black, poor or gay. Strength in numbers? Is that what you say? Love is forever? You’ll never stray? Truth is relative. Perspective is too. It doesn’t seem to matter. Unless it happens to you. The world’s not messed up. It’s just who we are. W
  2. I thought so, but i'm a little thick. Thanks for introducing me to "subtle" humor.
  3. Michael, thanks for your note. I think the article you pointed to would make more sense if I knew more about the terminology being used. I suppose that for someone familiar with the subject, the references to TOC, etc, would make sense. The article wasn't written well for people as unfamiliar with the subject as I am. For someone like me, who is not familiar with the vocabulary, it seems like there is an objectivist “movement” rumbling, among hierarchy-loving intellectuals. But what do I know I’m completely ignorant to the subject if you have not guessed that already – this is just my first r
  4. After my post I saw yours... it's great to hear words from another person who appears to be "alive."
  5. Who qualifies as being an objectivist? Jeesh... people really do need to feel like they are part of a group. Why must everything be made into an exclusive club? That's a rhetorical question, the answer is obvious.
  6. I'm reading Atlas Shrugged, and after a few "Googles" i've learned a little more about objectivism, and then I found these forums, and this essay in particular. So, i'm a little ignorant to what's being discussed here, but I thought i'd comment anyway. One of the arguments in the essay above was that reproduction is one of the tenants of living a "full" life, at least according to objectivist thought. That may be so, but that is certainly not the message I would infer after several hundred pages of Fountainhead. So far at least, Fountainhead seems to recognize the futility and devastation of l