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  1. This is one of the few definitive statements made by Rand on the subject of the Horror genre of writing. Of all of her aesthetic statements, this, while being one of her most bold, is conversely one of her least controversial statements. You'll often find people who would tear the rest of her aesthetics to shreds but who are in complete agreement with this statement. That always personally caused me problems. As a teenager and young adult I cut my teeth on horror. The stories I'm drawn to now often bear little resemblance to horror, but at the same time when I look at my own writing and my own
  2. I was going to opt out at this point but since you started the thread and what I scanned of your response of "Music of the Gods" (if you're who I'm thinking of and I got my third hand information correct) I'll make a little exception. As far as shape and proportion and composition go I'd say most artists who've worked since the renaissance have improved upon the original models. For better or worse new work is informed by older work and you cannot un-ring the bell. If you break down an artistic work point by point a newer artist will usually beat out an older artist. In many cases this will
  3. Conceding the point was probably an aggressive wording but seriously we're on the same page there and that's what matters. But by objectively better I meant as much in the same way Rand wrote on Tolstoy, there's some art out there that says some pretty abysmal things in an excellent manner. I'd like a piece of work that said something I didn't like or adamantly disagreed with but did it well more than I'd like one that conformed closer to my values but didn't do a good job of it. By the standard I just applied the movies Closer or Spanglish are far superior to most novels by Objectivist writer
  4. I went out of my way to post here so I don't think insults will serve either of us and I'm glad you seem to think the same. I became aware after being told about this thread that I might not have been as clear as I would've liked and I thank you for this opportunity to further clarify. That coupled with my own use of the bombastic style characteristic of SOLO probably made my point even less clear. I think you conceded the biggest part of my point however. I was mainly speaking in technical terms. The technique applied today is objectively better than what has been available or used in the pas
  5. I haven't posted here in a couple years but I feel the need to respond to this. I've made this argument a half a dozen times before and it usually gets ignored because I speak in terms of comics creators. The one time I use people everyone is familiar with then it gets noticed. Usually it goes something like: Jim Lee is better than Jack Kirby because even though Jack Kirby developed all the techniques and tools Jim Lee would later go on to use, Jim Lee had the benefit of time to see what Kirby did that worked and where the flaws were. On top of that he also had the benefit of learning from p
  6. As I was reading this chapter (I checked the book out of the library). One objectivist take on the subject seemed obvious. A happy ending a situation where the couple takes on society and wins. ---Landon
  7. I think cartoonist Objectivist Steve Ditko is a good measuring post for this. He worked on several projects for several different companies but what he is known best for is co-creating Spider-Man for Marvel Comics. Just as the book was begining to reach its height he got called on several recent decisions (such as potyraying hippies in an unflattering light, not wanting to take the character of an industrialist and have him to turn up as the key villain of the story). After a number of arguements with management he simply walked out at the book's height. Another issue he had was how marvel'
  8. I just finished re-reading "the Romantic Manifesto"... afterwards I feel really stupid for just about any complaint I've ever made about her aesthetic theory. I can't blame her for her poor immitators. Just started re-reading comics and sequential art by Will Eisner. I might have to finish my last "research" book for "Naked Souls," Green River Running Red by Ann Rule. This to my knowledge is the second book she worked on where she had personally met the subject. Her first major book "the stranger beside me" about Ted Bundy covers the friendship she built with the man while they worked (of
  9. Now that is one happy coincidence. Thanks for tipping me off to it. ---Landon
  10. Another thing I forgot is don't worry, you don't see allison again til she's on her deathbed... no idea when I'm doing that story but I know that much. ---Landon
  11. I do short character sketches (small stories that take place outside the main ones featring the smaller characters) on my myspace blog. Daily might be kind of rough (I have roughly one page of art half finished as I write this). As to Alicia and Allison... I went through several A names before I came up with Ann. I thought it might be kind of interesting if John and Allison made a deal that all the girls would have A names and all the boys they had would have J names. And if John knew what I know he wouldn't have taken that deal. So thats how I wound up with Allison Brenner giving birth to An
  12. But fair enough: The Brenner family: Ann Alicia Allison (M) John (F) Angelica (aunt) Ellen (aunt deceased) Alarm movement: Jim Morningstar (Spiritual leader) Skarr Robby (Alicia's boyfriend) Lisa (Morningstar's daughter) Dr. Amy Smith (psychiatrist associated with the group)
  13. Fair enough. As for the cast I used to do that when I wrote scripts for screen but this was basically for my eyes only, I even had to change a lot of the action captions from something like "set-up plot point x here" to something more vague and descriptive. Thanks for your comments thus far.
  14. This is my "Shooting script" for the first issue of Frontier War---Manipulation. I say shooting script because once I start the art phase I usually do a lot of rewrites. I move scenes around. I cut dialogue. I add dialogue. And sometimes new story events occur organicly based on a background image etc. The basic point I have is, the final product will probably have some differences from the version you're reading here. But this is the last version of the script I'm going to do. I don't want to over-explain it so I'm going to cut myself off at this point. I hope anyone who reads this can see wh
  15. Speak for yourself man ;) I just take Rand's advice and "check my guns at the door." ---Landon