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  1. OL I don't claim to have practical, social, ethical, and moral causes practically working for me; and in my life; and I wish to have been able to have reversed every wrong or misdeed that I would have been responsible for. I want to be able to sell my works, specifically, my inventions, art, designs for manufactured products, and I have plenty of these; and even to set right other inaccuracies to others that I may have caused during my life. I wish to be able to return help to the others I know that deserved the help that I wish that I should have been able to have provided them whe
  2. Peter, I thank you for rediscovering and bringing forth those letters; I wanted to keep them. Who are you? I fail to recall, and I am pleased that you are there. Ralph [ ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
  3. On 2/12/2021 at 6:09 AM, HERTLE said: ... Objectivism, a philosophy that is a science. Michael, There, I meant that Objectivism is a scientific philosophy; not that there is a one to one exact correspondence of the two. That is a paraphrased statement that Ayn Rand made at one of the Ford Hall Forum lectures. She explained that Objectivsm is a philosophy that identifies the facts of existence, and specifically the facts that govern man's life, for example. She explained that science, on the other hand, identifies the facts of existence or existents. She said that wha
  4. Michael, This was not a medical lockdown of any type, no Covid-19 ,and no judicial or governmental reason or cause was involved. The incarceration by JFK hospitals in New Jersey was for more than five and one-half months during 2019-2020, and more recently for four days, was not involved with any judicial or court action, cause, or medical consideration whatsoever, kept by JFK by force, no reasons for their actions against this person were given, and no contact with the outside was permitted, no access to work or employment, no way to earn money for my apartment rent and threats of e
  5. Why are not supposed Objectivists taking actions to protect Objectivist individuals, and to release them from non-judicial enslavement and incarceration? Where are you people? Please help. Ralph Hertle
  6. We in the USA are being lied to regarding just who or what people are the real Asians. A gigantic fallacy of logic is being perpetuated upon us, and the 'designators of racism' are lumping everyone together into a horrible misidentification of the facts of reality. Sure, there are geographic, ethnic, and political boundaries for this or that region or peoples depending upon the particular context of facts for a selected conversation; however, the evils of the misidentification of individuals have specific consequences, and these most often have to do with the gain of power over the lives of in
  7. ON THE MOTIONS OF THE SPHERES Taking another try at understanding the Ancient Greek concepts of MOTION and RECTILINEAR MOTION. The Ancient Greeks, and the Ancient Greek Geometers (AGGs, astronomers or geometers) tried to understand the objects in the heavens or sky. Not a simple task. To say that things exist in the "multitude" was not too easy an idea to come up with. The AGGs concluded after seeing a lot of stuff that the concept of the universe identified a "plurality" of things; the universe was not a single entity or thing. They saw many entities. The identification of a p
  8. CO2 CONCRETE Our polititians still fail to heed the facts about their lies concerning CO2 sequestration and their intentions to diminish industry and liberty. Even the so-called business types, Republicans, free-traders, and the U.S Congress continue to keep a lid on the widely-known benefits and discoveries of CO2. Following may be the first article in the popular press on the subject of CO2 Concrete. https://www.yahoo.com/news/bendable-concrete-other-co2-infused-175803665.html See the illustrations and diagrams in the piece. The patents and related trade articl
  9. Would you believe the slogans from Congress people, saying: "Fight Like Hell", and, "Fiight Fight". One can't help but be reminded of the book title, "Ta Ta Tan Tan", that quotes the Chinese Communist political statement or chant that means, "Talk Talk Fight Fight". The Liberals in Congress have changed to "Socialists", which Karl Marx used to mean a synonym for the word, "Communists". Now they are rallying to the political cries of the Communists. Several of the people in the U.S. Congress have actually called out on the floor in their speeches for the deaths of their adversaries.
  10. Reification is not what the Ancient Greek Geometers were trying to do when they made up the concepts of the "Celestial Spheres". They merely represented their idea with a drawing-type of gesture. If they said "Sun" and drew a small circle in the air by hand to point out the hot yellow thing, or by a sweeping gesture by hand across and around the the sky from east to west they may have being trying to suggest the arc of the Sun's entity orbit that appears to cause night and day. Is that two "Spheres"? The stars and planets all had their own unique spheres that had many particular properties. M
  11. Mostly courses in Objectivism, a philosophy that is a science. And regular sciences and subdivisions. How many courses? Ten or more; and if I count books and text books on science and philosophy, possibly twenty books. For rather good definitions of the concepts of Cognitive and Normative see Wikipedia; and there is also a nice patter of discussion and explanation to be found. At least there is a lot of material for thought there that is written from a generally rational point of view. I don't claim that those materials are the end all; and there may be some good definitions of those co
  12. Regarding Pythagoras' ideas; Leonard Peikoff in his lecture on Pythagoras quotes the ancient teacher / geometer to say, "The universe is made of numbers." Pythagoras' statement when read in the Ancient Greek, that I can't quote right here, meant that the universe is made of "magnitudes". The Greek word "magnitude" meant to the Ancient Greek geometers, what we would read to be, "scientific concept." In one sense the 'Motion' of a thing could be used to name an entity's existence of a certain type. Pythagoras also meant that one special case of a scientific concept is number, and that other
  13. See Leonard Peikoff's course on Objectivist Epistemology. What is the proper name of the course? That course outlines Aristotle's, Ayn Rand's, and Leonard Peikoff's theory of knowledge, or epistemology, including logic, incorrect ideas, fallacies, definitions, hierarchy of concepts, and more. Peikoff's course is one of the best courses in philosophy ever written. Historians of logic may be interested to know that Eudoxus', author of his "Famous Theory of Equiproportionality", demonstrated the relationships of geometrical concepts and he provided the proofs. We know the short for
  14. Michael, I totally agree. I wish I had learned more about how to avoid being a victim, and to be productive in one's own behalf. Not to be conned. Psychotherapists ask many questions, and I wish to have met one who would know how to get all the pieces together again, or to plan avoidance strategies. I'm glad to hear what you say. Thank you. Ralph Hertle
  15. Norwegian, Danish and Swedish are Indo-European languages while Finnish, Karelian, and Estonian are Finno-Ugrian. I gather that possibly 10 or 20 percent of Finns speak Swedish. During the Viking days, the Swedes conquered into Finland and Russia. The Swedes founded the first organised Russian society with their trading empire that extended into the Russian rivers all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. My maternal side of the family, who were Finns, spoke Finnish. However, their family name was Lindroos. The Viking Swedes were known as the "Rus", and the Russians became known as