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  1. Signs Your Objectivist Friend is Calling for Help. Are there signs that have meaning to others that others may respond to? Ralph Hertle
  2. Cartesian Coordinate System Reply to merjet: The Cartesian Coordinate system may have claimed to have been based upon Aristotelian Logic and Euclidean Geometry, which is based on Aristotle's logic, however, we may find that the ideas of the Cartesian System are not based upon Aristotle's ideas, except for Aristotle's Logic. The Cartesian System of geometry is borrowed from the geometry and measurement system of Pythagoras, in all of its basic premises, which is a development of a measurement system that has a three-dimensional grid centered upon the three dimensional straight lines that intersect at the origin point formed by the common center points of the lines, -X+X, -Y+Y, -Z+Z. And...... that each of the three straight lines are copied in three +/- directions in each of three planes from the original three straight lines, at unit intervals, forming a matrix of a selected number of adjacent cubes, each of which is one unit dimension on a side, placed in rows and planes. Pythagoras envisioned a greater matrix cube that was made of 10,000 times 10,000 times 10,000, times 8, unit-sized cubes. That is, that the total number of unit cubes was equal to one Miriad cubed times 8. One Miriad units equals ten thousand units. Archimedes said when asked how many unit cubes that would be?, and also, what is the largest possible number?, and, I paraphrase, he said, "10,000 cubed times 8, and that is quite the largest number for anyone." The so-called Cartesian Coordinate measurement system, of XYZ coordinates, is a copy of, or was handed down directly from the work of Pythagoras. We may add, here, as additional information, that Pythagoras demonstrated as an extension of his system of measurement that a placement of a selected number of spheres, starting with radius = one unit, would start with the first sphere, and would have its origin at the center of the greater cube. Subsequent spheres of radius sizes, R=0, R=1, R=2, R=3, and so on, would be placed having the same center radius point as the greater cube. Ralph Hertle _________________________________________________________________________________
  3. BaalChatzaf The AGGs called the specific type of arguments being dealt with here in these writings, RATIOS. Where have I read that one of the AGG teachers asked of his students' homework, "Have you done your Ratios?" Additional to that, you bring forth a new way to state a definition for one fundamental type of Motion. The AGGs, especially Aristotle and Euclid, used two types of concepts for Motion, MOTION. and what 18th., Cent. Geometers called RECTILINEAL MOTION. To us modern geometers the older description is somewhat confusing. To the AGG the "MOTION" of "something" meant the EXISTENCE of the thing, and also the "ESSENCE" (Aris.) of the thing. In the context of the geometry of the AGGs the motion of an entity, or of a thing, meant the thing itself. In the 18th. Cent. the term Rectilineal Motion appeared. to describe the existing thing that had particularizing attributes, hence those writers, wrote the term, Rectilineal Motion. That, to our way of thought, added an unnecessary degree of specificity to the term, Motion, that makes the term too particular for general scientific discussion. For example, not all "Motions" are Rectangular, or Lineal, and some attributes may refer to color, temperature, or to the possibility of being made into something specific. However, "Existence" is a broad term that covers a lot of science, philosophy, and meaning. That type of "Motion" was named by an Ancient Greek word not here stated. Our modern term, "Motion" does not mean what was meant to the AGG. To understand the concept they knew we meed to use the term, "existant", or, as Ayn Rand said, "Thing". She granted that some things could be ideas, others physical existents, and some things could have still other types of attributes. Some things are different from other things, and they have properties and characteristics that are different from the others. One example of a characteristic of a selected existent may be its location relative to the locations of other things. Our modern term, that you wisely suggest, is "TRANSLATION", and that means a change of specified location from one exact place to another exact place; and the principle of the change is specified. The change may be along a straight or curved line, or may be in the same place, for example. Given a thing having "Motion", the existing thing may also be functioning in accordance with a another principle, for example, it may be relocated from one point at the end of a straight line, to another end point at the ends of the straight line. Or, consider the circle. That is, the translation of the location of the entity on the curved line of a circle. Or it may be relocated from one position on the periphery of a circle to another point on the periphery of the circle, and the change of the location may be specified according to selected radial lines forming an angle of specified size located at the center of the circle. That is a specific or particular attribute if the thing or existent that has MOTION that is its basic attribute. The term you wisely suggest, TRANSLATIONAL MOTION, would refer to a particularizing attribute for the thing having basic MOTION or existence (1), and also, a particular attribute, for example, change of location (2). While Motion is the broadest possible term there may be other particular terms that may govern the functioning of the existent; and other terms may be used instead where different meanings are needed. All things must have at least one attribute. and may have more. For example existents are existing. The AGG's science of RATIOS is a study of the lengths and principles that govern the causes of the lengths They often used the term "Ratios" instead of "Geometry". The basic matter of geometry is the science of Definitions. Here, the fundamentals are given by Aristotle, Pythagoras, Euclid, Eudoxus, and Archimedes. Recall that Euclid was a strict Aristotelian in his use of Logic. All of our talk may get nowhere if there is no accurate science of definitions or demonstrated examples of the items being defined. Definitions require statements, proofs, and demonstrations in word concepts and in actuality. To the AGG more explanations need not be said. While drawing demonstrations of the principles of traditional Geometry in drawings are useful, the graphic and text puzzles are not needed. The graphics provided for this discussion topic are excellent, and they speed the comprehension of the ideas being expressed. Thank you. Ralph Hertle ________________________________________________________________________ B: "Aristotle's wheel has a moving axis. In other words, there is translational motion and rotation. " RH: I would add that, "rotation" is a form of "Translational Motion," that is its a particular form of existence. RH
  4. OL I don't claim to have practical, social, ethical, and moral causes practically working for me; and in my life; and I wish to have been able to have reversed every wrong or misdeed that I would have been responsible for. I want to be able to sell my works, specifically, my inventions, art, designs for manufactured products, and I have plenty of these; and even to set right other inaccuracies to others that I may have caused during my life. I wish to be able to return help to the others I know that deserved the help that I wish that I should have been able to have provided them when they asked me. Current problems for me or against me are not all financial; they are the results of the evil pragmatism of others. These causes are morally the opposite of the principles of Objectivism. For example, non-judicial slavery to me, that are unknown to others, that are refused recognition by, Objectivists. Now. however, I find that I have no yacht, no mansion, no financial account, no items to sell, and no income stream. There is no way I can afford the attorney fees of $450 per hour to reverse the immoral claims against me in court for the wrongs done by others to me. Nor have Objectivists elected to ask me to be helped to create business enterprises based upon my innovations. Nothing. For me, in spite of the value potential of my creations, these days, the future is bleak. I still want to create new business enterprises, and to invite entrepreneurs to review my works . What is the future for me and Objectivism? Is There a future in Objectivism for me? Where are the Objectivist entrepreneurs? Do I give up? Now, I ask, is Objectism out there? I acknowledge and respect the writings on Objectivsim that I see being posted. I have to offer what I offer. Ralph Hertle +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  5. Peter, I thank you for rediscovering and bringing forth those letters; I wanted to keep them. Who are you? I fail to recall, and I am pleased that you are there. Ralph [ ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
  6. On 2/12/2021 at 6:09 AM, HERTLE said: ... Objectivism, a philosophy that is a science. Michael, There, I meant that Objectivism is a scientific philosophy; not that there is a one to one exact correspondence of the two. That is a paraphrased statement that Ayn Rand made at one of the Ford Hall Forum lectures. She explained that Objectivsm is a philosophy that identifies the facts of existence, and specifically the facts that govern man's life, for example. She explained that science, on the other hand, identifies the facts of existence or existents. She said that what differentiates philosophy (here referring to Objectivism) and science is the context of the identifications involved. In one sense philosophy is a science and in the other, science is philosophical. From one standpoint one could speak philosophically about the facts of the universe, and in the other sense, that of science, one could identify the structure of the ideas that concern man's nature or the structures of the ideas that may identify the existents of the universe. Context governs definitions, to paraphrase what she also once said. Each with respect for the other. May we add that we cannot have the one without the other. Ralph Hertle __________________________________________________
  7. Michael, This was not a medical lockdown of any type, no Covid-19 ,and no judicial or governmental reason or cause was involved. The incarceration by JFK hospitals in New Jersey was for more than five and one-half months during 2019-2020, and more recently for four days, was not involved with any judicial or court action, cause, or medical consideration whatsoever, kept by JFK by force, no reasons for their actions against this person were given, and no contact with the outside was permitted, no access to work or employment, no way to earn money for my apartment rent and threats of eviction, except for one hour no outside walks, roughed up by JFK thugs, no contact with one's personal physician, friends, or attorney permitted, and no access to one's own computer or home, kept naked for one to two months without being allowed to bathe, kept in shackles for days at a time, and also in a wire cage for days, clothes and personal belongings stolen, and the list has more say. Three hours during the duration for guest visits were permitted. My friends thought I had died and didn't know what they could do to help. Other persons were also kept at the JFK facilities who had no idea why. I've been trying to write the story and that is really difficult. Local County authorities were unable to explain or offer help. You won't believe the outrageous amounts of moneys that were billed by JFK and their consultant doctors to the Insurance companies. I received nothing. After my release one attorney told me I had no way to get any help, legal or otherwise, because I simply couldn't afford the fees. I don't know why all that happened to me, and it appears to be some type of slavery business. I'm out of it. If anyone wants to find out what was happening to me, they may contact me directly. Ralph Hertle ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
  8. Why are not supposed Objectivists taking actions to protect Objectivist individuals, and to release them from non-judicial enslavement and incarceration? Where are you people? Please help. Ralph Hertle
  9. We in the USA are being lied to regarding just who or what people are the real Asians. A gigantic fallacy of logic is being perpetuated upon us, and the 'designators of racism' are lumping everyone together into a horrible misidentification of the facts of reality. Sure, there are geographic, ethnic, and political boundaries for this or that region or peoples depending upon the particular context of facts for a selected conversation; however, the evils of the misidentification of individuals have specific consequences, and these most often have to do with the gain of power over the lives of individual persons for the purposes and intentions of tyrants. Who is propagating that type of label over individuals? Mostly the Liberal Left Press in the USA. Almost no one in the Press is claiming only some Orientals to be Asians for the Press might have to read books to find out where these Oriental peoples actually live. And, not all Orientals are Asians, for some are Aryans, Arabs, Karelians, and Indian Ayans, to name just some. Maps: It may be instructive to consult maps to find out where Asia is, or where some individuals or groups of Asian Peoples live, and to inform the Press. To get some idea where Asia is we may access the maps displayed on the Internet. For example, to find just one of numerous locations and history maps visit the site:" https://elgritosagrado11.blogspot.com/2018/05/25-new-asia-border-map.html ." The "racist designators" may have to eat crow, for it is they who are the racists. Ralph Hertle [ ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
  10. ON THE MOTIONS OF THE SPHERES Taking another try at understanding the Ancient Greek concepts of MOTION and RECTILINEAR MOTION. The Ancient Greeks, and the Ancient Greek Geometers (AGGs, astronomers or geometers) tried to understand the objects in the heavens or sky. Not a simple task. To say that things exist in the "multitude" was not too easy an idea to come up with. The AGGs concluded after seeing a lot of stuff that the concept of the universe identified a "plurality" of things; the universe was not a single entity or thing. They saw many entities. The identification of a plurality could be easily proved. The things or objects in the universe or sky were separate from one another. And yet they were different from one another. Different in unique ways. What ways? Earth's Moon, Luna to us, arcs through the sky day and night; and it appears to be, and have been, speeding along according to principles quite different from those of Mars. And the Stars, so many of them, seem to always be in one place all the time and to not translate their locations relative to one another. Other entities, meteors, comets, Earth and Sun, and so on, have identities that seem to be unique. If one gathers up all the we can see about a selected one of those that is a single thing we may identify that it, or they, exist. The thing continues to exist, and it continues, continues, continues. I keeps existing. To borrow a phrase from the AGs, they found that, "taken together" the plurality was everything that exists. For mental convenience, says Ayn Rand, we may call everything that exist by a single name, the "universe", even though there is always and only is the plurality. All those existents could be identified separately. Changing gears for a minute we may listen to what Ayn Rand has said about the concept of A is A, or "Existence Exists", that in the long form of the idea, is, she said, "Existence is Existing". That existence, being everything, continues to exist, and just keeps continuing to exist. To the AGGs that continuation of existence was a type of "Motion". We might say, a type of Motion in place. That is, an existent exists where it exists, or, "that existent there" What is it that you are talking about? That. A type or form of being. Existents, referred to singly, are things that have "Motion', or existences. The Moon arcs across the sky. There is more to it than to point to that thing there; existing where it is, with nothing more to be said about it. One day it is over there in the sky, and on another day, or night, it is in another place. One could draw a line from a point where it was in the sky to where it is. The moon had a function that was actualized to cause it to be at one place and then continue over to a still different place in the sky. And, it would do that day after day, day upon end. The AGGs saw that a unique characteristic was at work, One that was different from another, highly visible characteristic, that the Moon had the visible quality of having a white color. Most of the time, that is. The unique qualities of the Moon, for example, that it traversed the sky from place to place, were given the geometrical name "Rectilinear Motion". The AGGs saw universal identifications, the existence or being of a thing, to be its "Motion"; and also, the particular attributes of a thing's nature or functioning, to be its "Rectilinear Motion". Comets came and went, and stars stayed where they are relative to one another and together they rotated across the sky. The objects in the sky had existence, "Motion", and they had properties and characteristics, "Rectilinear Motion". They all had universal existences, and they all had properties and functionings. To the AGGs the stars were the most static and the acted from their most distant sphere as things that in their plurality had many unique characteristics. And, yet, they seemed to act together, for the most part, as if they were all in a distant eternal sphere. The term, "Sphere" was the "Handle", to give it our modern name, for the concept of, the eternal characteristic, the "Motion" of each and every thing. The existences were always there, and the unique attributes of every thing were the knowable differences or characteristics of the things that made things what they are. Not that the AGGs knew everything about each and every thing, which they didn't. They knew that the entities of the universe existed, and, also, that they had essences or characteristics. These ideas to us in the science of identification are termed, "Universals" and "particulars". May we say that everything has universal attributes and particular attributes? RALPH HERTLE
  11. CO2 CONCRETE Our polititians still fail to heed the facts about their lies concerning CO2 sequestration and their intentions to diminish industry and liberty. Even the so-called business types, Republicans, free-traders, and the U.S Congress continue to keep a lid on the widely-known benefits and discoveries of CO2. Following may be the first article in the popular press on the subject of CO2 Concrete. https://www.yahoo.com/news/bendable-concrete-other-co2-infused-175803665.html See the illustrations and diagrams in the piece. The patents and related trade articles published in recent decades have said their piece. There will be more, for there is a gold mine in the sky. Our future world will have a huge percentage of CO2 Concrete products. The amount of CO2 taken from the atmosphere in future years could be enormous; so much that if they took 10% of the CO2 from the atmoshere [presumably so they could punish capitalists, free-enterprisers, and citizens of liberty] the amount taken would make it difficult for plants to live on Earth. The polititians fail to disclose the link between CO2 and plants. Plants use CO2 as the food that causes the structures of the plants to exist. Remove the plants, such that the Brazilian deforesters are doing, and there will be more CO2 in the atmosphere. By the use of CO2 Concrete there will be less CO2 in the atmosphere and much more manufacturing of high strength products. By the practical use of CO2 in manufacturing there will be less smog, smoke, and ash in the air. Notice that the U.S. Politicians have continued to blame free enterprise and capitalism, and they have not dealt with the beneficial aspects of the use of CO2. These politicians thrive on the hatred of the good; that is their motive. They are more interested in the evil of the hatred they practice than in freely permitting businesses to create CO2-based products and a cleaner atmosphere. CO2 use should be a factor in the platform of the future Republican Party. May algae grow on the multiple pens of the liberal polititians and swampy kickbackers. RALPH HERTLE
  12. Would you believe the slogans from Congress people, saying: "Fight Like Hell", and, "Fiight Fight". One can't help but be reminded of the book title, "Ta Ta Tan Tan", that quotes the Chinese Communist political statement or chant that means, "Talk Talk Fight Fight". The Liberals in Congress have changed to "Socialists", which Karl Marx used to mean a synonym for the word, "Communists". Now they are rallying to the political cries of the Communists. Several of the people in the U.S. Congress have actually called out on the floor in their speeches for the deaths of their adversaries. Where are the Capital police to have those congress people arrested? Ralph Hertle
  13. Reification is not what the Ancient Greek Geometers were trying to do when they made up the concepts of the "Celestial Spheres". They merely represented their idea with a drawing-type of gesture. If they said "Sun" and drew a small circle in the air by hand to point out the hot yellow thing, or by a sweeping gesture by hand across and around the the sky from east to west they may have being trying to suggest the arc of the Sun's entity orbit that appears to cause night and day. Is that two "Spheres"? The stars and planets all had their own unique spheres that had many particular properties. Mars' orbit in the sky was in part a clear arc, however, they found that Mars' orbit also had kinks and squiggles in its line. Every entity had its own clear bubble, and the transparent imaginary and concentric "spheres" were similar to bubbles upon which one could draw features; all drawn in mind. The entities so drawn on their unique transparent bubbles also had different distances, speeds, and colors. The Spheres were visible and they were ways to collect many ideas from observation; and each entity, or celestial phenomenon, for example, a comet, was found to function, that is exist, and be expressed in its own space; in its own functional "Sphere". The Spheres were educational constructs meant to guide the student in understanding the nature of the entity or phenomenon being observed; they weren't intended to be or to directly represent physical beings or entities. Reification wasn't the intention; learning ideas in mind was. RALPH HERTLE
  14. Mostly courses in Objectivism, a philosophy that is a science. And regular sciences and subdivisions. How many courses? Ten or more; and if I count books and text books on science and philosophy, possibly twenty books. For rather good definitions of the concepts of Cognitive and Normative see Wikipedia; and there is also a nice patter of discussion and explanation to be found. At least there is a lot of material for thought there that is written from a generally rational point of view. I don't claim that those materials are the end all; and there may be some good definitions of those concepts from other sources that I haven't seen. Whether these are useful concepts to say more than "mental process" for cognitive, and "types of methods" for normative, I cannot say. My thought is that these ideas are not opposites; and that they are wide generalities that catch many disparate ideas in selected contexts. Either way one had ought to explain what one is trying to say, provide examples, demonstrations, definitions, and proofs. On Peikoff's courses, I found that his course on the subject of Logic to be most demanding and rewarding. His lectures on the History of philosophy, ancient and modern, are great for perspective. RALPH HERTLE.
  15. Regarding Pythagoras' ideas; Leonard Peikoff in his lecture on Pythagoras quotes the ancient teacher / geometer to say, "The universe is made of numbers." Pythagoras' statement when read in the Ancient Greek, that I can't quote right here, meant that the universe is made of "magnitudes". The Greek word "magnitude" meant to the Ancient Greek geometers, what we would read to be, "scientific concept." In one sense the 'Motion' of a thing could be used to name an entity's existence of a certain type. Pythagoras also meant that one special case of a scientific concept is number, and that other special cases are possible in geometry. To the geometers we may read that some magnitudes may be "all existents taken together", or "Motion", being a universal statement; or straight lines or even proofs of statements, being special cases of identities, properties, or functionings. Universals and particulars. Later mathematicians mis-translated "magnitude" to mean "measurement" and they even limited all "magnitudes" to be "number". Geometry to the Ancient Greek Geometers meant 'all science', and they narrowed the context in order to discuss selected classes of concepts or entities. If you stay with the term "magnitudes" to mean "scientific concepts", or, "scientific principles", the mathematical sub-science of Ancient Greek geometry will make a lot more sense. The so-called "celestial spheres" meant that certain objects in the sky function insofar as their existences, properties and rectilinear motions [meaning here, strictly, "particular properties and functionings"]. The term, "Motions", meaning the universal concept, "Existents", and "Rectilinear Motions" being particular cases or properties, for instance, straight lines. Objects in the sky were seen to have "Motion", meaning 'existence', and also "rectilinear motions", meaning having 'unique properties according to the contexts of their identities'. Each "Celestial Sphere" had a property, each had "Motion" and each "Sphere" described the functionings of entities that were particularly identified by their "Rectilinar Motions". There were no "spheres"; out there, there were only the "magnitudes" that could be used to identify the observed "things" selected. A sphere could have the Sun in it, and that existed with certain properties or functioned in accordance with certain principles. Mars had its own sphere, existence, unique properties and principles of operation. The "Spheres" were magnitudes and that helped to teach the existence, properties. and functions of entire systems of identities for celestial beings, or other things. To re-construct one of Pythagoras' lectures, find that the universe is a rich realm of concepts, and not just linear figures and measurements. Accurate translations are needed to keep one's ideas about Pythagoras' ideas on the straight and narrow, and that accuracy of identification is necessary in order to get to the discoveries of "Eudoxus" "Famous Theory of Equiproportionality" and Aristotle's systematization of the principles of Logic, for example. Ralph Hertle