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  1. Not to change the most recent subject matter posted, but my neighbor just earlier today stated that the very idea of human activity causing global warming is something that has been completely fabricated... that it's absurd & unrealistic... By the tone of his voice, he was quite passionate about it. I asked him if he thought global warming was even possible? He said 'not by us' I then asked him if he knew about the fact that Venus is hotter than Mercury, because of "runaway" global warming He didn't know about it and did not care to hear that global warming on Venus
  2. The following statement comes from Rand's book: Intro to Objectivist Epistemology - With certain significant exceptions, every concept can be defined and communicated in terms of other concepts. The exceptions are concepts referring to sensations, and meta-physical axioms. --- - Sensations are the primary material of consciousness and, therefore, cannot be communicated by means of the material which is derived from them. The existential causes of sensations can be described and defined in conceptual terms (e.g., the wavelengths of light and the structure of the human eye, which produce