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  1. "Nietzsche’s rebellion against altruism consisted of replacing the sacrifice of oneself to others by the sacrifice of others to oneself. He proclaimed that the ideal man is moved, not by reason, but by his “blood,” by his innate instincts, feelings and will to power—that he is predestined by birth to rule others and sacrifice them to himself, while they are predestined by birth to be his victims and slaves—that reason, logic, principles are futile and debilitating, that morality is useless, that the “superman” is “beyond good and evil,” that he is a “beast of prey” whose ultimate standard is n
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    No, I've moved around a bit. But I'm living back in Michigan again.
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    Hello, I'm glad I found this sight. I spent most of my life thinking that I was a Libertarian. I had never known about Objectivism, but knew that I was a supporter of individual rights and could see the evils of collectivism, and that led me to side mostly with the Libertarians that I knew… Then a couple years ago I picked up Atlas Shrugged. I had heard of the book before, but really had no idea what it was about. I grew up in a very liberal school system just outside Detroit, and was always told that Ayn Rand was a terrible writer. When I heard criticisms about her (mostly from the teachers),