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  1. "For a Renewal of an Old Departure in Ethics," by Henry Veatch, and "Traditional Reason and Modern Reason," by Francis Parker (both from Alvin Plantinga's collection Faith and Philosophy: Philosophical Studies in Religion and Ethics) are available as downloadable PDFs from the Recoveries section of my website:
  2. Two questions occur to me: (1) Is math-based science the only or the most excellent form of knowledge? (2) Is it possible to arrive at your position using math-based science? ---R Neff
  3. "Matrix, Matter, and Method in Metaphysics," has been posted at
  4. >> I'm not saying that they *shouldn't* be put back in print or made available in electronic format, I'm saying that I doubt anybody will do it. << So why don't we do it? Surely there wouldn't be unsurmountable copyright problems. All it takes is for someone to provide a copy and someone to do the work. To quote Francis Parker: "Anything approaching a fully satisfactory explanation of these phenomena [of knowledge] requires the co-operative efforts of all those who believe that there is a world of real existence independent of human minds and that this real existence can be truly known as it really is."
  5. Mr. Bissell -- If you can provide texts to other articles not on-line elsewhere by Veatch (or by Francis Parker, whose "Realistic Epistemology" is also posted), I will be happy to consider coding and posting them as well. RNN
  6. Henry Veatch's essay "For a Realistic Logic," from the book <i>The Return to Reason</i> has been posted at