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  1. I have a great group of friends that I enjoy being/talking with immensely; we live in different parts of the country so we usually communicate through online discussions. As of late, I've become less interested in speaking with them because it seems the answer to nearly every question anyone asks is simply a link to an Ayn Rand quotation on the subject. Here's the thing...I'm perfectly capable of googling Ayn Rand's response on a topic... or perusing any one of my stack of Rand books to study her thoughts on a matter. But - some of my friends are brilliant people, and I'm sincerely interested in learning how their minds work, and hearing them expound on a subject. When I confronted the most intelligent guy in the group about it his response was "Rand was right so why should I have my own thoughts." What would Rand say about this? Where would we be if she had said "Ahhh, Nietzsche is right...I don't need to think about things anymore!"