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  1. Thanks for some good observations Tony – Religiosity will almost never leave mankind totally; it’s a sort of a curse which Dr. Peikoff called in The DIM H as “the ineradicable in the specie”! But the founders came out with a tremendous solution – All Men Were Politically Equal (i.e. unequal in terms of returns) except that they did not highlight the word politically the way Mr. Spencer has done on his blog. The phrase 'taken for granted' has to be qualified a bit; it should not be used to disrespect them because the fight between good and evil is a forever process that never ended with the fou
  2. This is the third in a series of posts. The first two can be found here: Were All Men Really Created Equal Equality vs. Inequality For an expanded version of this essay, refer to this page on Michael Spencer’s blog. For the abbreviations used in the blog you can refer the Legend. The FFs(Founding Fathers) had studied the Roman Republic well. (E.g. Cato was an inspiration for the American Revolution, and many amongst FFs, foremost Washington, were his admirers.) Yet, even while they hated democracy, condemned monarchy and aris
  3. Thanks for the response KorbenDallas. The Founding Fathers too interpreted it in the same manner, and it’s a unique view as compared to the rest of the world, which is why America became so great. But they took this view for granted, did not properly establish it in writing, or secure it against erosion -- which is why the opposite side of egalitarianism/ the Left is almost out to destroy America with the opposite interpretation, viz. all men are equal in terms of consumption irrespective of their efforts. Michael Spencer has beautifully explained all these, and many other issues rela
  4. This essay is posted as a continuation of the forum discussion Were All Men Really Created Equal. There are a few concepts of political philosophy that have affected mankind’s development since pre-historic times, but have remained unresolved to this day and are contributing to the present slide of America. For example one important concept is as follows: Are all men equal? If yes, then in what way? Men do not seem so in terms of their performances, their capabilities, productive outputs, intelligence, hard-work, ambition etc. All religions say they are equal beca
  5. I recently received an email introducing a blog titled “Is Democracy the Nemesis Also of the Americans” at From my reading of the website so far I have found it to contain excellent analysis about the nature of democracy and how it is leading to America’s collapse internally and externally. I have not come across such writing so far and have made it an important mission to bring it to attention on the proper forums. I am planning to post essays from the blog on this forum for further discussion. It is commendable that these ideas are coming from a foreigner who is