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  1. thanks! This Thread is getting a lot of views that's a good reason to engineer and put in perspective like Frank Lloyd Wright's perspective drawings
  2. I believe these buildings can be built with truss webs holding up the top heavy parts you want to save the trees down below so iterates outwards sometimes you have to lay support columns that span all the height of the building but the foundations are underground slabs with piles or Piers connected if necessary to counteract the moments it should work because some soils are 1/10 the strength of steel and if you make the foundation deep enough because f equals Ma You use the lighter materials on top My building philosophy it's not to do anything too freaky it's supposed to be livable space the freaky stuff is turned into furniture but I realized that if a building is different it is also a tool to the intellect
  4. I have my reluctance to post cuz they're just sketches not engineered in perspective
  5. embracing selfdestruction I need to thank you guys you've been very patient with me
  6. the sad truth is i already won the world
  7. thanks. i was just born @ the wrong time. i wish i was born a million years from now where it is a leap of faith, or destiny to learn it all & then be a creator
  8. I'm really not trying to start an argument but look at the world there's nowhere left to explore there's no territory to use and look at these simple tools that we have a particle accelerator is a simple tool yet that's the best we have the materials we have to engineer with are so slim in comparison to what an Unchained world could have the only thing offered to me is history biographies these don't inspire me I'm a human being with values I want to flex the one muscle that matters my mind but the only struggle that I can find is like exercise I want to find a task that someone says is impossible that I even think is impossible and set out to accomplish it i want to be a savage looking at an intergalactic species
  9. the other half is covered in AS pt2 chap 6: Rearden's flashback but to have her know it
  10. it's the same thing for me is tobacco I hate smoking it but I feel like I'm making myself a stronger person if I succeed so the projects are architecture and a physics startup so really I I love the work so much it's the best work in the world the physics I do work on the architecture no the architecture is better than the physics but they're not actual buildings there for a competition I have so many designs I want to work on all of them like I Wish I Never Had To Die maybe that's the thing maybe I believe that I'm going to die soon and so I can't pick one because I can't determine what the best thing is Maybe deep down I hate myself and I want to torture myself I also really love making music but I finished my education and my life was so f****** hard before this for everything to be perfect maybe I just don't want to lose it idk, who is John Galt? The thing is when I stay away from making it I have different experiences and since yesterday I didn't work on architecture we started a physics startup so that's actually more profitable is this instinct is this intuition telling me that the world has a surprise waiting for me that I just have to be strong do nothing resist doing what I want to do that the world has a gift? I guess I answered my own question because objectivists don't give or receive gifts i need 2 stop the motor of (my) world i'm just searching but no answer I have found the answer read Howard Roark pt.1
  11. how i wish i could, she'd break me
  12. I live in a tension unbearable pain because I want to create and there's so many things I want to do but oddly what I want to feel most is jealousy a clean battle where I've lost the only way to kill the pain is to work but I feel like I'm not ready yet that I'm learning the responsibility of creating I'll know when this is passed I feel like I'm a masochist because I love my work that's why I'm not doing it I want to be broken My particular God is John Galt I want to be broken by John Galt
  13. I can't work on something unless it's difficult and I always find something that isn't my true passion to work on which is actually more productive I don't know if I was conditioned to hate pleasure or if this is an inherent thing in me but I have a big stretch of time that I need to fill and I've learned everything that I need to know I think I came here to say that I feel guilty because I don't feel like I'm doing anything and I'm sorry
  14. u can take the burden off the prime movers by becoming infertile (& pledging sexual purity=only with prime movers). I did.
  15. i schlop on the shellack. i am a mummy in plaster a ghoul in pantyhose a zombie in baskets & a vampire at who knows i like me, do you like u? let me turn the tablets mamphazumba karaliovdowsk in other words shiggy with some other dude at my grandma's house rockin' the bed gibbin him head he don't tuch ur puss but he be fuckin ur ass I walk in screaming like a banshee bat out of hell i open my arms and exhault "all is well" for this man was fuckin dat ass dat ol' eye the used sneaker, you, he, I.
  16. u learn & create. the personality u search 4 is out there, no light is ever lost!
  17. i need a place to post it. i'm going to be posting engineered w/ soils perspective drawings here, it should take 1 week for the 1st
  18. yes but i dont design for the inept builder. i design as a trader thank you. to answer ur ? freewill exists but i didnt understand ur comment @ 1st
  19. Architecture is contentless, you can show engineering works, but beyond your current sense of life transfer does it really give the viewer anything?
  20. most likely there'd be many species on another planet. i'll go into the religion first: homo sapiens didn't get here alone, homo sapiens are only the fountainhead of achievement. if a creature can move & has sense it has free will. they would have different senses than us based on what forces dominate in their neighborhood (if they don't have light but instead electroweak radiation chemical atmosphere they will see that & be immune to it) but meeting this earth would be much less likely. probably in a galaxy governed by em & gravity primarily we'd meet creatures who physics would not affect us much but we'd have to be EXTREMELY careful of their biology. they would have cells & bacterium infinitely different than our's. so it would be ok to send them a broadcast but not ok for either of us to meet
  21. the ego is the root of all good. no creature has the right to force another whether through force or by destroying the resources necessary to live. a mindless slave of any species doesn't have the right to live. it is not my duty to live for you to eat meat. so long as 1 creature is a slave freedom doesn't exist. a creature has the duty to be as knowledgable as any other and to not have infectious diseases-or it has no right to exist. it is not your duty to live but so long as you die you must incinerate your body without causing destruction of any value.