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  1. hey i thought sum1 could get sumfat out it
  2. I've chosen the work I want to do and the way I'll have to do it. I love my work, it is my pride & joy. And for some reason I'm crying right now because the word that describes it is "Sanctity". I'm scared, I now see, that man's evolution isn't going to give me enough work this way; so I draw it out. I want to rape my work. But the missing/desired/unexpressed I guess is that I'll never win. WIN TO LIVE MY LIFE FOR MY LOVE OF IT, NOT FOR OTHERS, OR OTHERS FOR I. I guess this had to be said. Everyone who wants to live in their own capacity give your warcry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe this doesn't's still unexpressed i guess this is metaphysics. As you feel pain/pleasure, happiness/sadness, & physical pleasure in response to things & you can choose the positives to not feel, and the negatives to feel. What is the driving force behind free will? I have never believed in god. But man's clash with nature, that's the most heroic battle ever told. There are no contradictions such as man choose. So maybe it's the slimers living the easy road that we should have had which destroys me. I will win. I will destroy peter keating, wesley mouch, the zero(sum) my childhood best friend, a prime mover said, a parasite does not have consciousness. So now to the title: you may have heard the term "egodeath". I am now defining it: I have felt the total nonexistence. I have felt lesser forms. DO NOT EVER LET THEM THINK YOU ARE BEING ROBBED, BEING CHASED, BEING TORTURED, WATCHING A FIRING SQUAD, OR THE GUILLOTINE. In my tribute to Rand I will say: I have felt all physicals pains. They are NOTHING to the torture of the altruist-collective.
  3. I would, if you give man a full education they act on full virtue. To learn that the materials they chose could have ~become a particle accelerator instead of a massive battery imo is one of the moralest things one can do.
  4. What's better: listening to a handful of perfect songs over & over OR listening to crudtunes just to hear something new? I'd say the handful is better
  5. You know what destroyed me: Eckhart Tolle. He says everything is nothing, nothing is everything. He planted the seeds for an orgy against the question "Good, by what standard?" He set up a stooge who offers poison mixed with the same poison's cure.
  6. I have chosen something that is very hard for me: to give up all symbolic forms of art, not the consumption, but the creation. I have decided pure rational pursuits are my desired goals because my desired trades are from those who have chosen only art (I'm not calling art unreasonable). My currency, besides my work & money is adventure. I understand that to pursue this path with my full dedication will probably bring about a destruction of values. I'm doing with the full knowledge that I am a double-destroyer. I wanted to say this, and have realized why (while typing): I want to be the best. Many can be the best, but if you're not the best, you're the worst.
  7. how to judge: the means are either 1.statics/mechanics (architect) 2. structural analysis (soft engineering) 3.Roark's formulas for stress & strain (limit of what I think a person can use) 4. Finite/Boundary methods (computerized) they deal with vibrations from earthquakes, wind; and stresses from the soil. So what's interesting is that a person who sells-out a building, like a performer who sells, do they keep their ability to churn out the garbage? do they make mistakes afterwards? And a way to look at a structure if, say, there's 1 good room, is there a mathematical formula for what comes around the room? Is the next best part as isolated as possible? I'm sorry i just love architecture i guess this is about the law of stolen causes you see this in bands all the time whose first record was no good, there's a few in middle (but they're really dark or something), and they go back to what they were I actually refer to this as being "plugged into the source" what is the source? I've never been able to figure it out & it seems some people when plugged into don't churn out even better stuff (but maybe that's just my personality) but I do regard "plugged into the source" when not deserved always has a tiny watermark I saw some guy become plugged 😉 before my very eyes, his personality changed forever. He proceeded to write a decent amount of music with incredible energy embued. Only one song was good, and it was DAMN good. Then he lost all his confidence after highschool & when i asked him about the song he said he had been ashamed and deleted it forever. (around the time period of the incredible song, actually there was a band a year before THIS: he read both The Fountainhead & Atlas Shrugged. from the moment of the change his energy accelerated, it's almost as if I've watched people become REALLY kinetically energized; it just sucks I guess because that energy is simply destroyed. I guess it shows Objectivism isn't going to improve all people; which is why i'm here he said he didn't really understand The Fountainhead It'd be understood here that I was this guy's anti-bully defense, he expressed himself to his friends but through his friends to+/and through his work and it destroyed him; he went from popscreamo to lite jazz programmed music the key here is what was the psychological break that led to him wild demise and led him to selling out his work by letting it go around a highschool that a certain song "who let the orcs out" was about a certain girl. I wrote a song in a band about a certain certain girl (never released) but we keep it to the grave. I've always held "never reveal your inspiration" unless it's to who it's about.
  8. I think a person's own style is dependent on their other accomplishments. Two people of equal ability create two buildings on the same site, they'll be different. They'll be equal.
  9. I have come across a scientist who (r.i.p.) has ideas that will revolutionize science (i believe). The problem is no-one has replicated the experiments in decades, so it seems. I'm not asking for money; these experiments would be quite cheap. But they, according to logic & my reason could unify physics & chemistry. I also have a hypothesis for a galt motor which I intend to pursue The reason I didn't just post this is because I wouldn't want this in the wrong hands, so we shall vote.
  10. I, -The Meson Factories -Introduction to Stereochemistry -The Mossbaur effect -Positron Annihilation -Low Temperature Superconducting Crystals It's just a start I guess for upper level physics
  11. well for me, I was stuck writing music because no moment is to waste on the day I met my best friend (to this day) 23 years ago. I was going to be a paleontologist. But on that day I decided I was going to choose between art & physics because physics used materials and i couldn't bind him to life I chose art. I didn't choose music as such but as we waited I composed a tune. I composed it to be musically good and through that I realized it was the INTENTION that determined the sound. He & I are very different and it shows in our music taste but the GREAT songs we AGREE are GREAT. and what's even more astonishing is we can choose music the other would like
  12. In the case someone has STUMBLED upon this forum i will state that some homo sapians are infact not man, they are animal. But the reason I'm posting is because I saw in my imagination exactly that man is complementary. Nature was never a problem, those creators through history the philosophers, scientists, doctors, and artists were KILLED. I just want to emphasize that now I see this with my emotions. I acknowledge I have to pay for this post but I never bought the bromide I have to die, and neither do you as long as you remember it is every being's right to choose to die.
  13. well it's really that the soul is connected to the body, as long as it has no body, it is not alive. But she was scoring her importance on the world