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  1. atlashead


    my creations are architectural designs, music, art, & science experiments.
  2. atlashead

    arts base is egoistic

    I meant the holistic current
  3. atlashead

    arts base is egoistic

    that is, knowledge based. if you have aristotlean knowledge it's simply up to your reason to tease out symbols. so even if an artist, you have to be educated or your art will be anti-life. Your will then is the egotistic part
  4. atlashead

    feeling overinspired

    when I could read thru particle physics in a day, when every task is too easy and there's no1 achieving around me I feel overinspired. I can't get the grunt work done.
  5. it'll happen one day that a person will be found to have a disease that will spread infectiously if they live/die
  6. atlashead

    How to be a prime mover

    I added another thing: perpetual tapping. Tap your body perpetually
  7. John Galt's morality has 3 facets: morality, ethics, & the body. Morality is education "your education or your life"; you cannot take actions that will not enslave a person now or in the future without COMPLETE knowledge. This means you do not destroy the life giving values of this world. Ethics means you are to be self-sustaining. While not destroying value, you must CREATE value. You can not control a person in any way shape or form. The body's morality is that a person who exercises' resting food usage is LOWER than if they didn't do cardiovascular exercise. This is morality. This is my objectivist thesis.
  8. atlashead

    Government vs. Physic

    (The Great Reset) People who aren't self made are liable for destroying value. If you can't use it to the highest ability-you are not to touch it. This is the proper form of government. We have thousands of years behind us of extortion by force & fraud. This brings about things like Donald Trump being a billionaire. Government & voting is immoral. Taxation is immoral. Subsidizing education is immoral. But if someone doesn't have a full education they have no capacity to be anything but a destroyer. Judge a (wo)man in the harshest way. If (s)he is perfect, share. I believe in universal education-I believe everyone is innocent & duly capable at birth (Even if they're crippled). I believe every being has a right to their freedom, body, & property. That is why we need the great reset. We should put all our currency in a crypt and never touch it until we have a use for it. Private property is a right, but shouldn't a John Galt in the face of a Francisco be allowed to seized Francisco's property-for John Galts know better? John Galts know more knowledge-they are more Aristoelian, more Pliny the Elder (two who had all the knowledge available at the time?) If people are going to vote, it is our right to see HOW they vote-but in a representative democracy all voting is immoral.
  9. Free will exists. Someone should get a mental health worker involuntarily committed.
  10. Executing all the guards. Howard Roark would give John Galt anything.
  11. There are 7 billion leeches in the world, and only so many prime movers/ideal/perfect people. When you sacrifice your health to the masses, or your means of production to them, you are committing an immoral act in concrete, but an amoral act in means. It DOESN'T HURT the prime mover to be virtually COMPLETELY SELFISH, in fact-it helps them. When Hank Rearden gives up his metal, who did he hurt? Himself and all the prime movers. They would have made bullets, guns, knives, and barbed/razor wire with it. In the cases of emergency it's most important to have a powerful BODY, that means working out. At the same time, if you work in a physics lab, and you depend on your arms, it's important that you're not too sore. We live in a world of animals-if you don't work you don't eat, but you have to have the chemical energy to DO work.
  12. atlashead

    Sexual Ethics

    I must say there's no guilt in having heterosexual anal/oral sex using a condom while the woman's on birth control with spermicide in her vagina. I'm sorry if I guilted anyone out of this. The only thing you have to sell out is mass opinion. It is the mass' opinion that you should save pieces of yourself for your "love". It is my opinion, if you're in pain and a heterosexual: anal/oral sex using a condom while the woman's on birth control with spermicide in her vagina. awhw, the wonders of technology
  13. atlashead