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  1. no regrets. or how John puts it: have P.R.I.D.E.
  2. I can't find it but there was a reactor meltdown that was thought to be caused by a resistor
  3. Mach proved Time-Force Universe.Gonna make sense because the only thing that we don't see is a true vacuum which means that our brains are actually interpreting things Invertedly So movement is actually non movement But spin is an actual phenomenon And qualities are actual phenomenon But logic states that the universe is actually a mesh Upon which each spot There is a well and at the top of the well is the interacting particle.What that means is we have to use 3 tools You use subjectivity You use your senses And you use absolute reality Time force Implies that time is the independent variable So things have an absolute nature this predicts the double slit and single slit experiments This predicts Phonon's going through a vacuum This is based on the metaphysics the thing we don't see is a vacuum So we are a vacuum But based on observation and delineation from that space and time are Inverted And it is our brain which is doing the inversion. So free will exists. Sorry I'm typing this on a tablet I'm going to be doing investigations into this I've already come up with an experiment
  4. too much to read before I grab my synthetic organic chem book!!! sometimes I look (aka masturbate) at escorts online after I spend all my money on virtue and think "I could have had Anal Sex with YOU!?"!
  5. It is your DUTY to be a happy, successful, healthy, & the strongest you can be man. It's not a sin to commit suicide, a rotting corpse isn't an issue which renders healthy & strongest obsolete. The point of this message is: LOVE is created when you see a person who is happy. You cannot love suffering, you want to see it die.(NOT WATCH IT!). But remember that I could say I am less well-off than you! just kidding. I also wanted to say that using force is the only sin. If a man is going to burn down a forest that could be used for timber for the hell of it, by all means threaten him (but don't get caught).
  6. Music, Physics, Architecture, other forms of art. You see, I've been enslaved. I don't know how to get out of it. I've been doing good work, but I don't let myself think beyond the range of the moment; I mostly peruse the internet and when I stumble across something I work on it. Or send privately the music I'm working on. My confidence may be broken in the musical aspect. I've got 6 physics books I need to read and probably 18 after that. But the thought of working when I can never achieve totally gets in my way profanely. This is a work in progress of a work in progress: Ego [vers.mp3
  7. hey i thought sum1 could get sumfat out it
  8. I've chosen the work I want to do and the way I'll have to do it. I love my work, it is my pride & joy. And for some reason I'm crying right now because the word that describes it is "Sanctity". I'm scared, I now see, that man's evolution isn't going to give me enough work this way; so I draw it out. I want to rape my work. But the missing/desired/unexpressed I guess is that I'll never win. WIN TO LIVE MY LIFE FOR MY LOVE OF IT, NOT FOR OTHERS, OR OTHERS FOR I. I guess this had to be said. Everyone who wants to live in their own capacity give your warcry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe this doesn't's still unexpressed i guess this is metaphysics. As you feel pain/pleasure, happiness/sadness, & physical pleasure in response to things & you can choose the positives to not feel, and the negatives to feel. What is the driving force behind free will? I have never believed in god. But man's clash with nature, that's the most heroic battle ever told. There are no contradictions such as man choose. So maybe it's the slimers living the easy road that we should have had which destroys me. I will win. I will destroy peter keating, wesley mouch, the zero(sum) my childhood best friend, a prime mover said, a parasite does not have consciousness. So now to the title: you may have heard the term "egodeath". I am now defining it: I have felt the total nonexistence. I have felt lesser forms. DO NOT EVER LET THEM THINK YOU ARE BEING ROBBED, BEING CHASED, BEING TORTURED, WATCHING A FIRING SQUAD, OR THE GUILLOTINE. In my tribute to Rand I will say: I have felt all physicals pains. They are NOTHING to the torture of the altruist-collective.
  9. I would, if you give man a full education they act on full virtue. To learn that the materials they chose could have ~become a particle accelerator instead of a massive battery imo is one of the moralest things one can do.
  10. What's better: listening to a handful of perfect songs over & over OR listening to crudtunes just to hear something new? I'd say the handful is better
  11. You know what destroyed me: Eckhart Tolle. He says everything is nothing, nothing is everything. He planted the seeds for an orgy against the question "Good, by what standard?" He set up a stooge who offers poison mixed with the same poison's cure.