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  1. I figured out a way to make alloys lighter & stronger. dm me for the method
  2. of some autoRandite is it porphyritic tho
  3. I'll leave a golden nugget of the highest percentage sativa: The Burned Ward
  4. No, that was good advice that you gave. Truly. Just to further investigate my problem though, it's like I don't know enough. My ideas come too quick but they're like mush, you can just stick your hand through them. I probably work 11.5 hours a day but i'd like to get that full 18+. I'm just not sure if I should try to build up the lesser ideas or...Sorry, I'm not paying you guys to be my therapists. Ignore me. EDIT: I figured out my problem. I have to work HARDER. Upgrade my mind so the concepts I'm working with in say a year are huge compared to now, a total eclipse
  5. and be sure to state it in Ebonics; Ayn Perfect. Just don't screw up and stutter.
  6. it was a joke. For instance, if you're going to put in long days one method of breaking up the work without cigarettes, music, etc. is the following: 1.Internally fake. Speak slow, spell out your thoughts incorrectly, sing, make your tone the OPPOSITE of your meaning 2. Say something that has actually no meaning 3.Insult your work in the most creative way possible 4.Insult yourself These methods work to destress you, I was looking at methods of amping your work edit: I think I need to keep a journal
  7. I have a few things that I loved to do, but I've been doing them a lot & I've just gotten so bored. Actually, I do most types of creative work so I can't change types. I don't wanna hear anything like whap Roark on the face with a branch and then ride off. How do you infuse your work with life again?
  8. I've recently had the feeling that I was getting better @ what I do & that was improving my art. But a change occurred in the way I process information. Kind of like a metaprecept-that it was a check of my precepts against the collective mind & I came out a winner. Since art is a metaphysical recreation of reason, I can now USE this metaprecept. To make it more clear I had a deep insecurity that I was missing something. There was a specific person who unraveled what at the time was an unshakable confidence. & I used it, I used the insecurity to work to the day that I can make things, not just to beat the collective mind, but to understand it-AND TO USE THE UNDERSTANDING. And it turned out, the collective mind had never won. It's really interesting to note that every being that ever lived had to develop their thinking. An unlimited potential to grow. The collective mind is just the shattered pieces of the prime mover as far as they were allowed to go before they were murdered. And the prime mover before you went through the same thing as you because of the prime mover before them. Am I smarter than Ayn Rand? Perhaps YES! Because I inherited her thinking & SHE WAS THE FOUNTAINHEAD!!!!!!!(!) Thanks for reading!
  9. it's because the outside has less friction
  10. this proof was constructed by myself alone (with bits I learned from Rand): 1. If you can imagine god or a superior being to you, you have theory of mind. A non-mind imagining another non-entity is a contradiction & proof of free will 2.Thinking, judging, acting, feeling are functions of the mind. To any function one can apply any number of combinations of functions. Thus you are both an absolute & finite. 3. From physics, every action has a cause & effect (disregard causal mechanics). There must be a mechanism of digesting reality & taking action. But there is no such proof of such mechanism. So that mechanism is you. A third point to free-will. (If there was a mechanism you'd live in two realities at once) Since you are aware only of reality & yourself, but there are 3(+?) proofs of freewill, either reality or your self should disappear when you set them equal. So free-will exists.
  11. By the time you have read The Fountainhead you are in, or have gotten out of compulsory education, probably. To have maintained your integrity you will have to have been a creator. Thus to be Galt, you must first be Roark. So The Fountainhead is not the necessary novel, it is the novel that gives you credit for what you achieved.
  12. The fountainhead has 4 sections because it shows four work ethics. Howard Roark IS a hero if his work ethic was creation like in his section. Sure he might get few commissions at first in real life, but to work full steam. It would have to be a mystical novel or set thousands of years in advance when men live 300 years to property write the fountainhead, but men would have to live 300 years to write this novel. The mystical would include time travel. The sci-fi where wynand is already 250 years old. The point is, this is a novel that took 9 years to write because it is layered in such a way that it would take 9 years of just working on the novel to work out the nuances. I have just begun peeling the rind.
  13. The mind is all there is, when you put it in the right metaphysical context. Without the mind we are just animals subject to god. The godless revolution is essenced in the omni. The source of all wealth, all personality, the fountainhead of all that you can ever imagine is the mind. So don't sell out to money, fame, friends, or power. I used to think I was stupid. This occurred because of compulsory education. I used to think I was guilty. This occurred because of forced-socialization. You may think that you are those things, but I am living day when the hardest thing to do is to not be productive. So I thought I'd make this post. It might be my last (for a while). Got tons of interesting stuff I can do, with myself as the end, the prime mover of history as the context, and myself as the means. Happiness is possible. It is real, it is true, it is your's, reach out your hand & grab it!!!!!!!
  14. I think this is disgusting, crumby, & despicable. Why don't you ask your lover to take you on the "I Doo'd" during this "nasty" winter, you can rail Rail Wyland on the rail or maybe by the jib (watch out fo doz black flags hardalee's whilst I'm an objectivist in lee's dungarees Inspecting dung beatles & Kangaroos yada'N with Yoda & Rudy aka Rusty Collinder by the collider edit: Butt of Marcus is dross intended to make you dr00L lOOk, let's do something real gross & nitwitty this millenium, let's pretend Marcus is funna have sex with anything, including a head of let-us next to a scarecrow SCARECROW: COVER YOUR EYES!