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  1. "He thought of the things that had happened" A truss is a pinned joint that can rotate but not take force in the member itself; steel is martensitic when...Positronium is typically thought of forming due to band structure & lack of available electrons & in metals is due to heat..."
  2. I'm not asking, I'm just saying I'm super passionate about one thing, and want to get into two others
  3. I read Michael's storyline, maybe I feel my storyline can never be mine. I said "yes" to something that can never be taken back. That I am HR the 1#st, and John God exists.
  4. or God, as it may or and I can not emphasize enough may not be. What is it? It's your conception of the collective consciousness if it existed at your moment in time, or your reflection or projection of it. Does it line up with you? Yes/no? WHY? Now we are in the realm of religion and only art can tell
  5. That's interesting you think Rand loved her life so she created her work. To make a right angle turn: Sometimes one has to change their identity to recognize & realize YOU DO ACTUALLY LOVE YOUR WORK & there IS an element of tradition in it-Promethius of course existed. But Promethius was a being too. I have this joke Promethius' best friend was Love...and I'd have to go through my texts to find the end of the joke. So what I just realized I was looking for was the fountainhead: what thing that can be shared but is spiritual has been crowded around by men that i have been carried away from?
  6. That's the same question as "Did Roark LOVE his life?"
  7. Thank you for the support you maybe didn't even try to give in a hard time Veritas
  8. even if we're not REALLY competing, I want to go to a bazaar where everyone is selling art, ideas, inventions, scientific knowledge. I think I don't ever want to collaborate unless it's a cumbersome project. I got my plug today and now all my work's set up for many months to come; it doesn't make me sad, it's fear of pleasure-like Dominique except inverted. Like I was working and I knew I could finish my goal if my life depended on it but it was like fizzled out ehh.
  9. no regrets. or how John puts it: have P.R.I.D.E.
  10. I can't find it but there was a reactor meltdown that was thought to be caused by a resistor
  11. Mach proved Time-Force Universe.Gonna make sense because the only thing that we don't see is a true vacuum which means that our brains are actually interpreting things Invertedly So movement is actually non movement But spin is an actual phenomenon And qualities are actual phenomenon But logic states that the universe is actually a mesh Upon which each spot There is a well and at the top of the well is the interacting particle.What that means is we have to use 3 tools You use subjectivity You use your senses And you use absolute reality Time force Implies that time is the independent variable So things have an absolute nature this predicts the double slit and single slit experiments This predicts Phonon's going through a vacuum This is based on the metaphysics the thing we don't see is a vacuum So we are a vacuum But based on observation and delineation from that space and time are Inverted And it is our brain which is doing the inversion. So free will exists. Sorry I'm typing this on a tablet I'm going to be doing investigations into this I've already come up with an experiment
  12. too much to read before I grab my synthetic organic chem book!!! sometimes I look (aka masturbate) at escorts online after I spend all my money on virtue and think "I could have had Anal Sex with YOU!?"!
  13. It is your DUTY to be a happy, successful, healthy, & the strongest you can be man. It's not a sin to commit suicide, a rotting corpse isn't an issue which renders healthy & strongest obsolete. The point of this message is: LOVE is created when you see a person who is happy. You cannot love suffering, you want to see it die.(NOT WATCH IT!). But remember that I could say I am less well-off than you! just kidding. I also wanted to say that using force is the only sin. If a man is going to burn down a forest that could be used for timber for the hell of it, by all means threaten him (but don't get caught).