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  1. In the serial killer example, Harris cites prior causes being determinates, "these events precede any conscious decision to act," but because they exist in the serial killers past doesn't mean they caused it. Of course there are plenty of plenty of people that have similar backgrounds but haven't murdered, Sam Harris is identifying conditions in the serial killer's past that could have influenced his act, but they are conditions, not necessary and sufficient conditions, so they exist but they aren't necessarily causal.
  2. Interesting! So I Googled it: U.S. Space Force estimated to cost $13 billion in first five years: memo https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-military-space/u-s-space-force-estimated-to-cost-13-billion-in-first-five-years-memo-idUSKCN1LX2GZ WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Air Force estimated start up costs for a proposed U.S. Space Force, a new military service backed by President Donald Trump, will be around $13 billion in the first five years, according to a Department of Defense memo seen by Reuters. The Air Force, the U.S. military branch that takes responsibility for space, authored the Sept. 14 memo outlining a proposal for “a lethality focused organization that will field space superiority capabilities.” [...] The memo estimated that creating a Space Force will cost in excess of $3 billion in the first 12 months with an additional $10 billion needed over the following four years. The U.S. Air Force estimated that there could be more than 13,000 people in the new “Department of the Space Force.” ________ But the Air Force already handles these responsibilities, so Donald Trump is adding an unnecessary program costing taxpayers money. What's the difference between him and a Democrat when it comes to this?
  3. Space Force is catching some momentum: Trump's vision for Space Force may get boost https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/dec/17/donald-trumps-vision-for-space-force-may-get-boost/ President Trump moving ahead with his plans for a separate military space command, a step toward his goal of creating a new U.S. Space Force, according to multiple reports. [...] Mr. Trump could sign the order for a Space Command as soon as Tuesday, White House officials said. The planned space command, which was first reported by CNN, does not need approval from Congress, as would be required to create a formal new military branch. [...] I want to know #1 how much this is going to cost and #2 who is going to pay for it?
  4. Exactly! Mostly what I've been reading about is inteachment.
  5. To be honest, when Trump unleashed covfefe I thought at first he was screwing with everyone, but still I can't be sure he didn't fat-finger "coverage". Too many late-night cheeseburgers has plumped up those tiny digits
  6. It's not about "boisterous" or "snowflakes", it's not about "strong" or "weak". That dichotomy is barbarism. There will always be a portion of society that will try to use primitive tactics and actions to try to gain advantage over others. It's your forum, you choose to allow or not allow whatever behavior. Civility exists, but for it to exist there has to be rules and those rules enforced, otherwise the barbaric will have their way. The rational and moral will be impacted by the "strong" and those who seek superiority over others. Perhaps the rational and moral will seek out "safe spaces"---as what it is currently being called here on OL---if the behavior of others is primitive and aggressive. But like you've said before, you pay the bills here on OL. I'm just one of those long-term members.
  7. So does that mean you do or don't believe that an iceberg in Antarctica was cut by a laser beam?
  8. Laser cut iceberg---it's about THE TRUTH people: Believe!
  9. Here's a diagram of the above cable/spool concept: What must happen when the wheels roll in the direction of the arrow? J Jonathan, If everything in the scenario is unbreakable and can't be distorted in any way---which includes the spools themselves from crushing, the axle from bending, and the wheels becoming unaffixed---nothing can make them move.
  10. For different reasons, you're right: I'm not a conspiracist. shrug
  11. Can you tell the difference between what is reality and what isn't?
  12. So who engineered the whole story? It's a multiple choice question: a) pedophiles b) elites c) satanists d) satanist pedophile elites Choose carefully!
  13. So you make a ridiculous claim the the latest news story is a false flag conspiracy, and I'm the one that needs education? What a joke
  14. I'm a bit confused, so are you saying that the news about packages targeting the Obamas, Clintons, and others is fake news and a false flag? If so, then why does Trump say the packages exist?
  15. UFO Sighting Filmed In Myrtle Beach in South Carolina: Was the UFO sent by evil Leftists? I wonder!?! Maybe SOROS was behind it? So many unanswered, plausible questions!
  16. Jonathan the conversation ended yesterday, why are you still talking?
  17. Not All Of Trump's Presidential Alerts Were The Same...
  18. Korben, Go ahead and troll if you value that way to spend the unrepeatable moments of your life. Please do not insult the site. That's not a request. You're here for free. I'm not. You don't set the rules. I do. You claim to be an Objectivist, so I'm sure you understand what private property means... Michael I didn't insult the site, the sentence was an in an exchange with Jonathan, here is the full context: Do YOU realize you're on an Objectivist site?!? LOL Donald Trump is NOT Objectivish in any way, and people here are the minority that they support Trump and are Objectivish.
  19. Um, huh? Try to be coherent. Try to communicate. Okay, so, your complaint is that I rip on Objectivists, so therefore my comparing you to a character in a fiction book is somehow something that I should not be doing? Um, non-sequitur there, bud. Do you know what you were trying to say? Maybe try thinking it through a littler better, and then work on using words properly to form a clear and complete thought, and then successfully communicate that thought. J Huh? That was coherent. Do you know how to read?