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  1. As rationally selfish beings, isn't it our right to push technology as far as we see fit? What about the three holy words, "I will it"?
  2. One of the most troubling things I notice these days, is that emotions tend to take presidence over facts.
  3. As far as my phisophy goes being born and raised Catholic, I must admit to having some trouble letting go of curtain beliefs, such as the belief in an afterlife. However after listening to some lectures from the Ayn Rand Institute and interviews with Ayn Rand herself, I've come to understand and accept objectivism as the most the reasonable and therefore beneficial phisophy one can have. Despite this I still have a lot to learn, again thank you guys for the helpful comments.
  4. I'm a student and a sequential artist, I first came across Objectivism through the popular video game "Bioshock". I'm currenty reading " The Fountainhead".
  5. One of the most common arguments I hear against laissez-faire capitalism is that it by definition supports the creation and preservation of so-called intrinsically evil monopolies, and that the only way to keep these monopolies in check is through government regulation. Why is this wrong? Is the Gilded Age a good example of monopolies running wild? I ask these questions knowing I probably sound like a moron, but I am young and new to objectivism. So when people make these arguments, I genuinely have no idea how to refute them. Thanks in advance for your help.