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  1. It's on Youtube also and check out the comment section. People are not taking it as satirical. Not sure if it's meant to be or not.
  2. I'm getting into this group more and more as I hear them.
  3. It's from the Fountainhead. It comes from Ellsworth Toohey's speech to Peter Keating.
  4. For those who need a sigh of relief: DOW UP 567 NASDAQ UP 148 S&P UP 46 Bull market resuming? Stay tuned.
  5. I know the animosity towards Trump runs deep and wide but the market had over a year to purposely drop just to destroy Trump. Why wait so long? This is far fetched to me. What I think is many anti Trumpers are secretly gleeful that this may start a serious downturn and convince voters to turn against him. I'm thinking, of course, this is a correction and that we will see the stock market rally continue. Wait a few months... 27,000 maybe 28,000?
  6. I suppose they will claim that the FBI is the one speaking "truth to power" now because they see Trump as the power and the FBI as the resistance.
  7. Uhh.. I'm confused. His racism/sexism?? Did you read the memo?? Can you quote the part that is racist/sexist?
  8. Correct. I have always assumed that man's attitude is the context and the only context referenced by Rand.
  9. I think the phrase describes man's attitude about the universe, not the universe itself. It goes like this: "I have a benevolent view of the universe. It's a wonderful place and I can prosper in it."
  10. That's faking it. You aren't a pessimist, you just decide not to care about the outcome.
  11. You've provided the process of self improvement. What you have not shown is the benefit of pessimism to that process. I'll ask again. Which type of explanation for failure will stimulate self improvement better? A pessimistic one or an optimistic one?
  12. I think I can do 100 push ups. I try. I only do 15. How should I explain this? What's an optimistic explanation for a failure? What's a pessimistic one? If I want to do 100 push ups eventually, which explanation is more likely to stimulate self improvement?
  13. I'm sure the pleasure police will be knocking at your door. "Sir... back away from that chocolate bar now! You aren't allowed to eat that! It tastes good!"
  14. Freudian slip? She had to have meant to say the rich... raise taxes on the rich dammit!
  15. A change of pace: Impressionist Frank Caliendo on the Rich Eisen show comments on Trump. start at about 13:58
  16. MereMortal

    Galt's Oath

    I know. But I did ask a couple of questions in my reply. I'll simply ask one in this reply: Is the oath as written flawed or inadequate?
  17. MereMortal

    Galt's Oath

    Why would you want to change the oath? Don't you like it as written? Is it somehow flawed in its current form? I like it as is and would prefer to keep it.
  18. Stefan Molyneux has a new video on the Trump University Court case controversy:
  19. Honestly, even when I consider a particular candidate a prick and completely unfit for office, I don't care if he simply says "none of your business" if anyone demands to see his returns. They ARE no one else's business. Frankly, I'm surprised that more Objectivists are not on board with this attitude. There is one Trump opponent I know of that is: The IRS Has No Business Vetting Anyone
  20. Michael, Did you miss this or were you going to get to it? Trump's presser today. starts at about 20 minutes in.
  21. I saw this and watched. It's good.
  22. A blast from the past. Christopher Hitchen's interview with Charlie Rose about his book "No One Left To Lie to"