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  1. I did describe what I meant by 'abstract', referring to the qualities of line, proportion, weight, rhythm etc. I have no problem imagining these qualities without intelligible subjects. Not confusing or incoherent at all.
  2. I've never been to Kiev, but it seems like many of the fascinating places in eastern europe. There's this contrast between grey, communist, concrete (with graffiti, obviously) and wonderful city centers witch buildings ranging back to the middle ages. With that contrast in mind, I find it difficult to enjoy this graffiti. Even though it's impressive, and I can see the value as a reaction to the communist oppression in these countries, I still see it in contrast to the great beauty and culture you can find in eastern europe
  3. Well, I can only speak for myself here but I've found that my enjoyment of art is very abstract. For example, one of my favorite artists - Glenn Keane - is a legandary Disney animator. While I enjoy the movies from Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks (I have, after all, spent a couple of years studying this kind of stuff), I'm not sold on the aesthetics. It's lacking, in a similar way that I find Thomas Kincaid to be lacking. Technically great, but... but... then you have some of the artists working on these films. Like Glenn Keane. Here's on of his drawing of Pochahontas: I find tha
  4. Maybe the question was meant to make you think about the asethetic qualities aside from the narrative, and not a suggestion that the painting needed changing? You know, actual considerations you'd have to make as an artist. Considerations i'm sure Gustave Courbet did make. How are you supposed to even discuss art if don't have a firm grasp of these aspects?
  5. Ah, yes. I wonder why I didn't think of that. Maybe because I was blind drunk, or maybe because I tend to associate such lighting with spookyness (which is not quite right for desperation). But, I think your lighting scheme would work really well - the way I picture it. Give him an uncanny glow, with that expression, tweak the palette and I think you would get a very strong sense of desperation. I think it would be a good exercise to do some paintovers when I go on vacation.
  6. Now, that's a really interesting question Jonathan. Let's talk shop. How would you do it? I would probably put the key light more to the side, bump the intensity, and full on the opposite side to lift the shadows a bit. I'm thinking dramatic shadows and a somewhat unnatural light (most light is from the top). Then I'd lower the chroma and cool down the palette. This is certainly not the only way. Another's approach would, for example, be something like Munch's scream. I don't really have the proper words to describe the palette. Maybe pastel with contrasting colors? Anyhow, I th
  7. This is borderline word soup. I take it you mean emotions follow one's metaphysical value judgements. Agreed, What does that matter? Maybe that's what you would feel, but I certainly did not. Yes, it would fall under "pleasurable terror", but hardly safe. It was a certain kind of exaltation. The point is describing a certain kind of emotion, something which many philosophers have identified as a certain aesthetic quality. You are not making any sense. Now this is qualified word soup and a complete non-sequitur. It's about identifying a certain kind of emoti
  8. I think these threads must be considered some form of installation art. You should make a collage of images and quotes and approach some art gallery with it. ;) On a more serious note... Last summer I was in San Marino. It's like a mountain rising up from the flatlands in northern Italy. On top of the mountain there's an old medieval city. Of course I had to get to the top. Scale the highest walls and look out over the landscape. That's what you do, right? Standing there, on top of the wall, and looking out is a peculiar kind of feeling. The height is dizzying and the view is m
  9. Thorn


    Very nice modelling of form in the portrait. I noticed some of it was lost in the finished piece due to a bit muted skin tones (I think it needs some of the warmth from the light/skin to make the face pop). Could just be differences in the photographs though.
  10. A trip to countries like germany might be educational for some. You would find lots of nudity on very public display, including ads for brothels and sex clubs. And guess what? It's not a big deal. Glance away if you don't like it. No one is being traumatized.
  11. I think we need ourselves some heavy stuff here. What better to start with than Death - The Philosopher? And then some Cynic: Lastly some Meshuggah, with one of the greatest drummers you can find. Seriously, Morgan's drumming here is both fucking legendary och epic at the same time. It should come as no suprise that he's a jazz/fusion drummer originally.
  12. Juding by Jonathan's post it must be someone getting their finger pulled
  13. Thorn

    Dark art

    Both of the previous artist are, obviously, heavily influenced by Zdizlaw Beksinski;
  14. Thorn

    Dark art

    Another polish artist, Darius Zawadski: