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  1. Hello all, Im new to this board. I am a grad Student and currently serving in the US Navy. I have been evolving my thought over the last few years, as I found the pundits on both sides of the American political spectrum as the same, both parties wish to destroy the American dream for the sake of power. I long for the utopia that Ayn Rand writes about in Atlas Shrugged, in Galt's Gulch. But since that apparently is not possible in the socialist driven world, where one is demonized for not living a Altruistic lifestyle, I choose to withdraw and just dream of what my most beautiful world would look like. and it brings me here, since my perfect world would be filled with like minded objectivists who are not afraid to work to earn their way. Being a grad student, I have to suffer through the indignities of the "evil of Capitalism" and how Ayn Rand is mean, since she believed people should work for their way, and being rational and logical is the only way to a valid conclusion. Im just glad to be here, and I will be in and out. I hope to make some friends whom see the world, and interact with it like I do. Mark
  2. Frustrated with Graduate School

  3. I pose a question, Can a person be religious and an objectivist. If the religious person find happiness in the faith that they hold, does that not qualify as source of happiness. The argument from me is that most religions, especially the ones that rely on faith, lack reason in the manner in which come to the conclusion of their faith. I personally am a objectivist, but raised as a Christian. I currently hold that the Christian faith is mostly without reason within it ranks, and the followers blindly follow the leaders, most of which manipulate and bend the teachings to whatever they want. I'm currently a student at Liberty University, and continually have difficult time reconciling the requirements of the school, with my own personal beliefs. I consistently hear from the instructors and other students that one cannot be virtuous without " christ" as the center. I disagree with this idea, Using what Ayn Rand said in Objectivist Ethics, as she quoted from Galt's speech "Man has to be man,- by choice, hold his life as value. by choice; he has to discover the values it requires and practice his virtues-by choice. A code of values accepted by choice is a code of morality." Is she supporting a evolutionary thought here, that say, I learn and accept these Christian values, by choice, then it becomes my code of morality? The christian values for the most part are natural law, Don't murder, don't steal, etc... social norms accepted throughout most if not all societies. Anyone have thoughts on this??