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  1. (emphasis added) suggests a cranky, conspiracy-mongering message, something the Objectivists never bought into. I would reccomend reading the book as a conspircay is only a group of individuals working together with a similar agenda. If you judge the book before reading you are essentially putting Logic before Grammar (What you think you know about it vs the content in the book itself). Also everyone check out the site that the book is based on https://www.tragedyandhope.com/also John Taylor Gattos book Dumbing Us Down. I would like to hear from Objectivists there take on this matter. Richard Grove - What We Can All Learn from John Taylor Gatto
  2. Did I mention that this is will be the first History book I've ever read lol.
  3. Hi Iv'e heard a few Objectivists say that History is a bit of a hit and miss in regards to what actually happened. I was wondering what Objectivists view as great History books. I know on Lennards website a fellow Im assuming an (Objectivist Historian) reccomended A World History William H. Mc Neill. This will be the first History book I have ever read. Thanks for helping me in the process. I'm really happy to have found Ayn Rands works as they are very valuable for living ones life and you guys too with your recommendations.
  4. Thanks Michael. That seems like a very interesting persepctive youv'e presented. Guess i'll take a look at that one too.
  5. Thanks I think I will read first The Art of Making Sense, then Copis opposed to Kelleys or Rubys Introduction to Logic.
  6. Hi here are a few of my considerations as this is my first book to read on the subject. Socratic Logic by Peter Kreeft The Art of Reasoning: An Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking by David Kelley (I think he's an Objectivist) Confirmation Bias but looks like a great introduction. What do you guys think? You all seem to be very good at critical thinking from analysing your posts. Thanks Jacob
  7. Hi I'm way too optimistic considering my request in the post but I'm looking for a poster or a book/list that covers this. Also does anyone know the best graphical poster or mind map of History. Thanks By the way if you guys don't know about it there's a app called the brain http://www.thebrain.com/ one can use this as a visual reference for what they have learned. How fantastic!
  8. Would you be kind enough to match the books to the appropriate quote if possible. Also I've never read him, but am now eager. What would you say are his best? Thanks