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  1. This event is Canadian news, for sure. Investigation is of course necessary whenever bodies are found to determine what happened, if there was foul play, and if possible to bring the guilty to justice (if the deaths recent enough). History is also a crucial part of culture and knowledge. If old enough, I suspect anthropologists and/or historians would be interested in excavating and documenting things, to widen our understanding of what happened. Insofar as NO ONE currently in government or not, thinks the State should kill, or inadvertently cause the deaths, or hide the fact of the deaths of persons within its care, there is, at the moment, no POLITICAL ISSUE to debate, it is not politics.
  2. Unless bad legislation is still on the books, no matter how historically or culturally significant, it should not be in any way considered political, and certainly not in the context of a country with a proper existing governmental system.
  3. The politics of archeology? Discoveries of WW1 and WW2 era massacres and genocides must be dominating the ongoing politics in Europe… given the number of atrocities all throughout the continent, throughout history and the relatively recent past (last century or so)… I see no way it won’t absolutely dominate politics for millennia.
  4. All good questions. Also where to stockpile all your fossil fuel before its all outlawed by the lefties.
  5. Well, now a backup generator for our house seems even more like a good investment.
  6. Interesting ... I am reminded of ruminations on certainty I have had before... I think this is not experienced as as only a single particular thing... notice it is fully acceptable to speak of "certainty of thought" (as part of a cognitive process) but also speak of "feeling certain" (as a kind of intuitive circuit). I find when truth is truly the goal, being certain is a means, as one inspects a towering scaffold for stability, with each section build going upwards... as the one goal, getting into the heights, requires the means of the stability for the scaffolding... so too the goal of the truth requires the means of certainty building up from the foundations in the the hierarchy of thought. Sometimes intuition is a "short circuit" and sometimes the unspoken goal is not truth. In either case, either what is being built is shaky or nothing is actually being built. In this sense, a false sense or the serotonin of the feeling of certainty is the goal. In such a case the feeling of certainty is the goal, and half truths become the means... to enable the evasion which permits the feeling... and the valid process of cognition and truth are both swept aside entirely. So, certainly there is a sense you are correct and can be certain of it.
  7. OMG! OMG!! As someone with degrees in Physics, I have no idea what to say but ... what a complete and utter farce. There never was a paradox, Merlin admitted as much when he said in the OP he had a solution he would "give" later. [Did he ever really give one that was any better than what anyone else offered?] As mentioned multiple times, there literally is nothing to "resolve", only bad thinking or intuition. The real problem is simply this: How does one address a fictional problem in a bad thinker's mind? and how do you evaluate WHO WINS the prize for that sort of thing by any kind of rational standard? The so called problem was dismissed successfully multiple times in many ways. Those who argued tooth and nail to deny the obvious revealed themselves with stark clarity. As someone who embraces Objectivism, all I can say is, credit to those here who were right, but you should all be MORE selfish given our finitude... one life 72 PAGES???? Unless you personally LOVE going through the explanations of rotation, rolling, translation etc, love making diagrams and VIDEOS... OMG MAKING VIDEOS!! in an attempt to show something to a select few who cannot or will not understand something??? Life is too short, BE MORE SELFISH and DON'T WASTE TIME ARGUING POINTLESS ARGUMENTS. Gotta give this one to jts, THE FIRST REPLY, even though only a sketch, it is true, and enough to dispell the idea (in a rational mind) that anything paradoxical is happening.
  8. This is unfortunate, but not unique. But you are defined more by what you DO, than what you have done, and in a sense what you attempt to do even if you fail. With repeated effort, you become a person you can love more (with time).. if not the most. "Evil" certainly constitutes evidence citable to justify hate. The more one loves oneself, and loves one's life, loves family and friends, and all the values one has and pursues, all the more hatred one could have or justify having toward the evil that exists and threatens all that which one loves. We all know (including Michael) that meditating incessantly or obsessively on Evil and one's justified hatred of it, is not conducive to flourishing. BUT wholly evading evil or suppressing the momentary experience of the appropriate emotional response is not useful either. You speak of wasting hate on yourself (or your life), best we all try not to waste life on hate, no more than appropriate in any case.
  9. There should be a word for properly peaceful, but that would have to have evolved in a society which discovered morality and the non-initiation of force. Technically "pacifist" is not the correct word to convey the meaning meant.
  10. I think Michael is being ironic. 1. He's extending a "wish" as an Objectivist who knows such things to be irrational and ineffectual. 2. He is doing so despite the absence of reciprocation, which is contrary to justice and self-interest which is immoral to an Objectivist. So he is saying something untrue... but what he says is also VERY true... On an emotional level, he likely does "wish" Ms Johnson a full recovery (because he is decent), while at the same time observing the likely truth that she is not a decent person, and would celebrate his passing. This seems quite reasonable given Michael's political views, and her views of what persons who have those views are like and what they "deserve". I get nothing of the "deserves to be shot" in there. Objectivists are pacifists who never initiate or "wish" for the initiation of harm, we also believe in justice, in freedom of speech and freedom of thought, so you should not have any worries about what Michael means. Ms. Johnson would be perfectly safe in Michael's world and would be equally safe in a world full of Michaels so to speak, while the converse, however, most likely would NOT be true.
  11. I cannot speak from experience (to your disappointment I am sure), but there is a certain consistency with those who are consumed with a hatred for everything on earth including themselves to be eminently satisfied, in fact proudly self-martyred (so to speak) with that kind of self-hatred. How else can a culture of small envious people who vilify the rich or successful arise without a hatred of the good for being good... and hence at least partly... the archetype of that small wrinkled hating thing hating those good parts of the psyche within. The Canadian Liberal and the NDP might be already be worse than the Marxist-leftist wing of the US Democratic party, but darn it of those Yanks aren't doin' their dangdest to out Marx them Socialist Canucks. Any neighbor who would say "please", "sorry", and "thank you" to your face, but would have no quandry robbing you blind in your sleep to keep their party's corrupt politicians in power, squashing your right to free speech, or forcing you to risk your life with mediocre state run healthcare or at least trying to guilt you into not "jumping the queue" (as if one exists) by seeking healthcare in a freer country.. The little tyrant next door, might smile at you in the street, but would grin at the chance to have you shackled and cowed by her leftist strong men. I need not list them, they are legion. I do not know you personally, but perhaps You might have seen that tyrant in the mirror, if you ever had the secret wish to force others against their will, not because they violated anyone else's rights but because you wanted to see them suffer, because you wanted to equalize their success with other's failures, you wanted to violate the rights of those innocent not because of their incompetence and disability but because of their competence and ability, because you wanted to knock them down a notch or two, for being successful... because you wanted to eat the rich, and strike out at the good for being the good, because you wanted to lash out in your own shame... or perhaps you no longer see that tyrant in the mirror, or indeed, perhaps in fact, you are one of the lucky few who never saw it. Trust me, as a person raised in a mixed economy, semi-socialist state, rife with a culture of altruism, and dominated by progressive education over the last 5 decades, I indeed was one of those tyrants in the mirror and next door. Now I know better. I see what you did there with the politeness.... quite funny. I observe that the statement I have heard: "Canadians are polite, but Americans are friendly", as an aphorism is quite true, very much, most of the time. Not all Canadian politicians are as I allude to above, THIS guy can actually be quite impressive from time to time:
  12. Watching a bunch of self-satisfied and self-hating meddling polite do-gooder tyrants with a case of "big-brother-US envy" enslave themselves into a backwater of insipid virtue-signaled mediocrity... is simultaneously absolutely beyond belief AND dull and tedious.
  13. My wife went through a phase, when she was about 23-24 during which she had an intense and visceral urge to have a baby... was drawn almost with a kind of yearning.. to every baby she saw... we finally had a baby close to 10 years later. Those could have been voluntary chosen rational urges... or she may have temporarily and involuntarily transformed into an animal of sorts... like a Weremother or something.