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  1. I'm ashamed to say that I have no idea what that means.
  2. It's astounding to me how listening to Trump speak, as opposed to simply reading a transcript of what he said, seems to short-circuit my usual emotional response of "God this guy is a pompous ass." He does very much seem like a guy who is not into big, weighty political philosophy discussions. (I think this is why a lot of the more purist libertarians may hate him -- this philosophizing is basically all of politics to them, and he won't indulge them with praise for Hazlitt or whoever they have an intellectual infatuation with at the time.) Perhaps this is why I have trouble articulating my fa
  3. Peter, That's easy. Marco Rubio (about Trump's McCain comment): Its not just absurd. Its offensive. Its ridiculous, and I do think it is a disqualifier as commander-in-chief. Some other unprovoked gems from other Republican politicians: Racist Blowhard Cancer Jackass DumbDumb He fired up the crazies Rise in polls due to the public's "temporary sort of loss of sanity" I don't want to be associated with the kind of vitriol that he's spewing out these days Not reflective of the Republican party He doesn't represent me, and he doesn't represent my party And so on. So it's OK to say those things ab
  4. Sex as self-fulfillment is rape-y? I had always thought it was non-fulfilling sex that is rape-y. I picture some man telling a woman she should thank him for so brutally ravishing her. "It was for your own good!"
  5. Nearly the same as Pastafarians. Of course that makes them evil secularists, right Greg? ;)
  6. Oh my god. I was sold as soon as he said that in the private sector he has to deal with everybody. Gee, isn't that minda what you were saying Michael?
  7. Don't get interested. It took me a lifetime to find out it's all crap. Even Donald Trump is playing at it for his own angle. The others want to be President, I don't think he does. He's having all the fun his money and brashness can buy. Greg, here, has it mostly right about his own relationship to politics, although he's mostly wrong about many other things. Learn how to be an American but become a man of the world. If you're interested in business learn a foreign language for trade. Spanish takes 600 hours, Mandarin 2600. That's optional because English is the most important for starters. Th
  8. Just to be clear -- is this asking for a prediction of what will happen? The other poll seems to be asking what the people want. I don't want to weigh in if it does, because I don't feel I've even been alive long enough to have enough knowledge of practical politics -- to say nothing of being actually interested and paying attention.
  9. Didn't you predict in the Trump thread that he would splinter off and fuck the Republicans over by doing so and splitting the vote? Which is it?
  10. How on earth does she think it's even mediocre reporting to claim he said McCain isn't a war hero not ten seconds after reading a *direct* quote from him saying the exact opposite? That's insane.
  11. Ha!! This thread is beautiful... A friend of mine on Facebook (an actual fan of Jeb -- I finally found one) seems to be ranting about this exact thing, saying this alone is a reason to, as he said, #FireTrump. I tried telling in that even if this is insulting, it doesn't matter unless it translates into policy -- that mudslinging politics is just as foolish as the droves of people in our generation (he's two years my senior) who would vote for Obama just because they think he is a cool guy. But maybe I'm going about this wrong. -David P.S. Can you tell you're swaying me away from Rand/Walker?
  12. Perhaps this anecdotal, but I have seen and heard a number of people say that Trump either pushes their buttons or males them smile "just like that Palin woman." It seems he is speaking to the same crowd then, and that's good news for his candidacy -- a ton of people on the right think McCain lost the election for Palin rather than the other way around.
  13. Here's a report on prison food. Enjoy some schadenfreude.https://www.themarshallproject.org/2015/07/07/what-s-in-a-prison-meal?ref=hp-1-111 Still looks a lot better than Michele "Dominatrix" O'bama's school lunches. Also, it would be interesting to find out what is available in their commissary to supplement the meals. A... They look to be about the same quality as the food I had in high school, to me. I can think of a few of the regulars they gave us that Id have killed to have replaced with some of these.
  14. Wait, did I miss something? You want a Trump presidency?
  15. Hilarious. Don't these people writing these articles understand that even that kind of article gives him media coverage? I must say I'm surprised by the stir Trump is causing. Didn't he "run for President" once in the recent past? Why is it different now? (Or is it?)