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  1. While on this forum i found out about a site called solo passion. They seem to have been a major site in the past but other then frequent blog posts they seem dead. Their forum appears to have once been active but in most categories it has been over a year since the last post. Their site design is outdated and many of the links are broken. I created an account, but the forums and blogs seem locked to new users. Surprisingly the blogs seem still active even though the rest of the site seems dead. Does anyone know what happened?
  2. Why not try switching from adsense to a cpm ad provider. Cpm means you are payed per impression rather then per click. A good cpm network will pay about 2-3$ per thousand views. If you get 100,000 views per month then that becomes 200-300 per month. I have noticed that your merchandice is on different sites. For example books is on one site and shirts are on another and these sites are not promently featured. You should use an e commerce script and host all merchandise on objectivistliving.com and feature it in the menu. Im not sure if your site already brings in more then it costs but if it d
  3. executor


    Why do you host all your merchandise on other sites instead of using an e commerce script?
  4. I have experince with google adwords. The ad titles are written by the advertisers not decided by google. Here is an image of an ad being created with adwords. I am 90% sure someone at the ari chose that title.
  5. This should be fixed now.
  6. I think ariwatch is still active. Some one using an email of their domain requested that requested that ariwatch be added to the index of my search engine. Who ever it was is either a regular member of this forum or objectivism online since i opened my search engine yesterday and those are the only sites linking to it.
  7. Thank you. To help the variety of objectiscan's search results grow faster i added form that users can fill out to recommend sites be added to the index.
  8. I just created a search engine for objectivism related content. http://objectiscan.com The options at the top of the page allow you to be more specific with your search for example forums will narrow the search down to objectivismonline and objectivistliving while official would display content from peikoff.com, the atlas society and the ayn rand institute.