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  1. Just swiched to it on my laptop. Much faster and easier to use than windows. With terminal commands i dont have to waste time with long tutorials.
  2. I disagree with the use of psychoactive drugs to treat non debilitating conditions. None of these seem like they could prevent someone from being self sufficient. Some of these traits seem to be advantages.
  3. I messed with some email spammer claiming to need an investor once. She replied with something about allah.
  4. I finished archiving the forum 4aynrandfans and will most likely upload it after it shuts down. Right now i'm archiving sites in order based off whether they appear inactive and likely to shut down. If you know of site that will shut down soon please contact me so i can back it up.
  5. Ive noticed that this does seem to be whats killed a lot of objectivsm sites so on Objectiscan once more interactive features are added users will only be banned if they do something that could damage the site and will only be restricted of they do something highly and intentionly disruptive.
  6. I added an "Objectivism Feed" Which combines the latest news from various objectivism sites showing the date, a description, the name of the site, and a link to the news. It also has an rss feed that you can subscribe to. I mentioned this earlier but, i was some what unclear about it.
  7. I'm more of an Atlas Shrugged person. I'm only setting this up as a contest format to maintain quality standards and because of limited storage space.
  8. Lemme think. I should invest some days or weeks of my time to upload content to webspace owned by a stranger, to win a contest? If you got in then you would have search engine optimization bonuses that come with being on an objectivism site that hosts other objectivism sites. You could use your own host but sites coming from general free webhosts have poor features and/ or may be looked at as spam by search engines, and even if you use a payed one you still would not get the seo advantages.
  9. More correctly, proper noun, as opposed to common noun. http://www.chompchomp.com/terms/propernoun.htm I know that's why when i said "Small o is fine, but it must stick to the main principles of Objectivism." I capitalized Objectivism.
  10. The deadline is 7/29. One month from now.
  11. I got it after i heard forum.4aynrandfans.com is shutting down soon. I have been crawling it for about 28 hours and have about 15 gigabytes of its content. Its backup is still in progress but, its mostly navigable now.
  12. Small o is fine, but it must stick to the main principles of Objectivism.
  13. Has anyone else noticed that solohq.com is a parked domain of rebirth of reason. Their layout seems similar. What's the story here?
  14. Im not sure if this is the correct place to put this but here it is. Objectivism Website Contest To promote the growth of objectivism on the internet and the knowledge of website creation i am launching the objectivism website contest. Your goal is to create the best Objectivism related website possible. Accepted entries will be hosted on a subdomain of the creators choice on objectiscan.com and creators will be given an an ftp account to access their subdomain. Here are some materials for you to start with: A high quality free webpage creation tool The w3c website an organization that creates web standards and provides reference information and tutorials. HTML and CSS, javascript, and php video tutorials. The requrements for entry are: The website must be related to objectivism. The website must have unique content or provide a unique service. The website must not contain illegal or malicious content. The website must be decent quality; consistent theme, good amount of content or good service, use of css, not spammy. Website must not be extremely demanding on the server (you shouldn't have to worry about this.) The website must be less than 10 gigabytes (will not apply to exceptional websites.)Right now we only have 80 gigabytes of storage to give away, but this may change. Leave the files of your entries, questions, or comments below.
  15. After seeing many Objectivism websites shut down and others were shutdown appears likely i have decided to make an offline backup of all the Objectivism sites i know. At the moment i have automated web crawlers that are currently making these backups. If a site goes down the backup will be uploaded to objectiscan.com/archive. Unfortunately there is a chance that interactive sites like forums will lose their interactivity do to their use of server side databases.
  16. I just added an rss feed aggregator that combines the rss feeds from Objectivism websites.
  17. <?php include('http://objectiscan.com/embed-objectiscan.php');?>
  18. What about to those who could understand, but joined after it happened?