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  1. I picked up a textbook on the history of western civilization at Goodwill for a couple bucks. There's a community college in the area, so it was probably used there. Anyway, I tried to manage through it, but ended up throwing it in the fireplace. Here are some of the parts the author chose to include: The Spartans "feared change." (I guess the author was trying to equate them with conservatives) The Greeks had homosexual relations with boys The modern island of Lesbos comes from the name of a lesbian Goddess. The Greeks had many feminist theater plays. (Were they burning their bras back then too?) The author devoted a page or two to Plato, but only a paragraph to Aristotle. That's just what I remember. I seriously doubt that those were the most important aspects of Greek civilization. Can anyone recommend some better books to learn history? What is that author leaving out?