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  1. I liked the movie “Black Panther” Brant!
  2. Quit standing behind the skirts of better men..Taddddd... Taddddd..is that like a Boston version of Toddddd? Taahhhddd?
  3. Knives are so much more personally gratifying though. I mean if you really are hell bent on killing someone there is no “I didn’t meannnnnnn to kill that person!” (After you’ve taken out his renal artery or other sliceable)Whereas with a gun you can wuss out and say “it accidentally discharged!!” Unless of course you are using a sniper rifle..... BTW..did you know..that if you stab someone in the kidney it is sooo painful that they can’t even scream?
  4. Guns are for pussies like you... You obviously don’t know me, I never do what I’m “told”. As for me getting vaxxed I would have done it sooner of my own accord if I could have. Except for the Astra Zeneca one..
  5. In Canada they are actually bribing people to get jabbed. We have free healthcare and now on top of it we have to bribe Anti vaxers to try and get herd immunity. I say if those that are refusing actually get covid and need intensive care? Let em die in the waiting room..
  6. I know it doesn’t quite fit but dang, horse shoes n hand grenades..
  7. I don’t need no stinking guns mang! My farts are WMD!
  8. Yeah I’m a lil bitter, I’ve actually done work on the keystone project and could have on future spreads as well. So that’s a big fuck you sleepy joe.
  9. Maybe Canada should turn off all hydro-electric power to the US citing “maintenance errors” oops sorry...we do tend to apologize even for bumping into a piece of furniture...
  10. Trudeau should go visit India and lick as many doorknobs as possible...
  11. Canada has the 3rd largest proven oil reserves in the world. I think we should sell it to whoever fucking pays the most.
  12. Well it’s official, Keystone XL is officially dead. Fuck you Biden. Guess we will be selling our oil to China instead. “When those who produce everything need permission from those whose produce nothing, that society is doomed,” Pretry prophetic...
  13. Maybe Israel should force Palestinians to relocate to Iran. They could save on shipping costs of their rockets! Next day delivery!
  14. So...get our money out of them THEN nuke em? trump kind of was making em pay with all the tarrifs..
  15. So does the world get to punish China with a war reparations act and hold them financially liable for all economic losses sustained by aggrieved nations from trying to contain this virus?
  16. See their covid and raise them a smallpox. covertly inoculate everyone else first?
  17. Ermmm...you realize China has a crapload of nukes too right? just sayin..
  18. Imagine if Mexico launched 800-1000 rockets a day towards US. cities. By the end of the week there would be no Mexico...
  19. So..hamas fires 1000 rockets that are mostly ineffective due to iron dome. Just because they failed to inflict massive casualties does not negate the intent. What if Israel’s defense system failed and those rockets inflicted 20k casualties? FFS Israel even passes out pamphlets letting people know “you have 3 hours to evacuate because we are going to destroy this building”. Noooobody does that!!!!(except Israel) and people still shit on them for actually being good at defending themselves. I think Israel should take the stance of “for every one rocket you fire at us we will return fire with 100 equally random and carelessly aimed rockets back at you.”. They will come to the peace table much quicker once they just plain get tired of dying. PS: I don’t see other Arab nations extending a welcoming mat to any Palestinians that may be enticed to leave...
  20. Who knew! Sure wish I’d bought 5k worth when it was under a buck/coin....