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  1. Teresa is dead, Fred is dead, Ed Thompson is MIA. That leaves Michael Marotta and Steve Wolfer to scream at one another :)...
  2. The window of putting pressure on someone’s carotid artery until they pass out until they actually die is pretty small.. PS: someone on fentanyl isn’t exactly a threat. PCP on a he other hand...
  3. Soooo..if a black man is hanging by a rope what do the cops now charge him with? Loitering? Or if a cop runs over a black man and he gets away is he later charged with hit and run?
  4. How about none of the above? If you could F@ck off or jack off over —> there that would be great!
  5. Snl celebrity jeapardy Trebek “the pen is mightier” Sean Connery “I’ll take the Penis mightier for 200!” Trebek No it’s the pen is mightier !” Sean Connery”I don’t care what you call it if the penis mightier really works I’ll take a dozen!”
  6. Why use someone so buttfuck ugly though? I mean I wouldn’t screw that with a stolen dick!
  7. One of the biggest life extending “medical” advancements that increased human longevity was running water. The Romans did a pretty good job with that.
  8. Meh I don’t give a toss what you choose to wear or not wear. Plus..you said it, I didn’t. Haha it actually reminds me of that elevator scene in the movie Liar Liar. “People are so nice to me here”. “Well that’s because you have nice tits!, I mean..”. “Smack”. ps: do you even know who Ayn Rand is?
  9. I liked Arya Stark.
  10. One of the examples I found interesting was the diary accounts of a Doctor that as his day to day accounts changed when his mental illness progressed. His sense of an “I” identity slowly left when his voices became stronger, his awareness of time also leaving, but also returning when he actually got better. Neat stuff.
  11. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.thrillist.com/amphtml/entertainment/nation/westworld-bicameral-mind-theory-real
  12. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.thrillist.com/v/s/www.thrillist.com/amphtml/entertainment/nation/westworld-bicameral-mind-theory-real%3famp_js_v=0.1&usqp=mq331AQFKAGwASA%3D#ampf= Something interesting. Pity Jaynes died before writing a sequel to The Origins of Consciousness.
  13. Well if you would like to talk about why a superimposed technique is a preferred method of radiographic inspection than an elliptical technique I’m game. Or perhaps the merits of using a smaller focal size diagonal to achieve better IQI sensitivity at closer source to film distances and why certain finer grain films won’t actually give you the sensitivity and latitude you may desire..well I’ll be all ears. Ooh wait. By your own standard of judgement you would disqualify yourself as being a loser... Nice try. If you actually post something worth discussing to me, and actually talk without biting heads off I may be interested. You can’t even have a conversation with Ed without slamming him so why would I? Ed is a good man. I enjoy reading his articles. I messed up by evennnn saying anything here I guess. Sorry Michael, sorry Ed. Back to the dunce corner I go.
  14. Let’s just agree to disagree, and yes I have if you dig a little deeper over at RoR.
  15. Ed, Jon is why We can’t have nice things, like..members that talk more than they do. Nice to see you!
  16. Looking forward to seeing said authorities gun you down when you finally snap and go on a rampage. Nutter.
  17. Yes Michael I’m well aware of how the swamp is loving this pandemic. I’m also well aware of how most people are just taking it up the tailpipe.
  18. https://www.lawfareblog.com/quarantine-and-isolation-authorities-states-affected-covid-19 even in California they cannot take your children from you. They cannnnn put your house on quarantine and NO one can leave the house but they can’t go in and remove your children. They have to assume everyone in the household is infected until proven otherwise. So Jon your hypothetical has no merit and is not worth answering. Dipshit.
  19. That may be but you are still a pussy and a batshit nutter.