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  1. Should have used bigger rocks! I mean I don’t condone violence against retards..
  2. “Don’t touch your eyes nose or mouth before sanitizing hands!” All the nose pickers out there must be shatting themselves!
  3. And we have so many fucking idiots in this country T2 will probably get in again. I need to leave before it becomes even more of a socialist shithole.
  4. 58 yrs old and looks amazing, just didn’t have enough lead in his pencil, no surprise, 58 is 58 no matter how hard one trains.
  5. Cartels don’t pretend to be doing a public service either…
  6. Anti vaxxers have become the new Jews of the power grabbers needing a scapegoat.
  7. He was a good man, my condolences to his family.
  8. Yeah..all it is going to do is inflate housing prices even more..upupup she goes.
  9. There will probably be enough idiots under 40 that will be swayed by T2’s 40k FTSA to fuck things up…
  10. Your paperz please! Ssoooo do those enforcing vaccine passports get to wear snappy SS uniforms? Will the new vax chambers have wonderful flower beds outside?
  11. Cons need a majority because NDP will just vote with libs and force non confidence vote..
  12. I wonder how many deaths by suicide by “flattening the curve” due to economic lockdown/rising unemployment rates as well as prolonged periods of isolation compared to if we just washed our hands/other covid protocols but left people to carry on working/producing… People are now sheeple more than ever. How are we the people going to claw back freedoms that everyone so docile like surrendered…
  13. On a brighter note mr sock n hair Trudeau may have completely fucked himself with a razor blade dildo by calling an election where none was needed.
  14. Gains can also be taxed at your marginal tax bracket too..preferred shares on the other hand get the capital gains tax credit. REITS also get a favourable tax treatment.
  15. I don’t try and time the market, 60% equities (about 20% Canadian 20% US, 20% overseas stuff ) 40% safe stuff, Corp laddered and govt bonds, REITS and preferred shares. Set n forget, rebalance once/year to maintain 60/40. 2008 people that panicked solidified their losses..like 30% or more. Me? Within 18 months regained all losses and came out on top with an 18% gain. So what’s the lesson? Even if the Dow takes your hypothetical beating, bear markets are short lived. Just stay invested, rebalance and fugetaboutit. Statistically do you know who’s accounts do the best? Dead people’s.. that’s right, grammas accounts that haven’t been touched in thirty years often out perform idiots running active mutual funds..lol
  16. The economy has been smacked by covid, people are going back to work and so up she goes…the Dow will be pushing past 40.. Meh, I made 7.4% last year and it was kinda a crap year, so far I’m up over 15%, if there is a pullback I may only finish up the year at 12%..oh darned.
  17. Glad your not my investment advisor. Your totally wrong.
  18. Well here’s hope Biden gets the same treatment as Mussolini…
  19. Y’all left over 80 billion dollars worth of military equipment and weapons…clearly the powers that be never listened to their mama when she said “pick up your toys!”.