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    Photography, 3d modelling, photoshop, digital mixed medium matte painting. Attempting to not piss everyone off.(mostly failing at that!)

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    Jules Troy was my birth first and Middle name.Hi I am Steve Cossey. Over at RoR everyone knows I am Steve but just call me Jules. Well you can call me whatever you like :)
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  1. Jules Troy

    Muh, muh Canucks!

    Lawrrd tunderin jeezus bai! Ware ya tuuuu? I’ll comes ware yur at! Newfie to English translation? Where the fuck are you? I’ll be right there.
  2. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    So nice of Trump to be so concerned about climate change and the rain by staying indoors. 😈
  3. Jules Troy

    Fake News

    I’m thinking that if the number of white people that the left accuses constantly of being racist were actually racist there would not be anyone other than white people in America. It does get old being called a racist when you truly are not just because you have a different point of view.
  4. Jules Troy

    Muh, muh Canucks!

    Our only goal is to repatriate all our Canadian hockey players so the Stanley cup can be forever back in Canadian hands. Where repatriation is not possible then a 5000% tariff seems reasonable!
  5. Oh it’s not shut down? Well I guess people have more money than brains if they still go there.
  6. Tanglewood, where people go to experience a kinder benevolent death camp...(well until it was shut down).
  7. Jules Troy

    Fake News

    Well at least I get to wear “Thug”, because I’m nobody’s bitch?
  8. Jules Troy

    Fake News

    You mean like all the Carbon tax bullshit going on in Canada to save the environment for our grandchildren?/Alberta oil is evil? Meanwhile these same idiots seem to not grasp the implication of Canada buying Saudi blood oil and notttt paying a carbon tax on thattttt oil... This keeps up and Alberta will becoming the 51 state. Bet we won’t be having any pipeline issues then.
  9. Jules Troy

    Fake News

    Why use a crappy pipebomb when a 50Cal depleted uranium round from over a mile away would be so much more fun?! ?
  10. Well hopefully she becomes an MP and continues to deliver some much needed ass kicking.
  11. Jules Troy

    The Left's New Darling Dingbat

    Irony? Hitler was a rabid environmentalist.
  12. But is it as good as AAA BC bud Billy?
  13. Regardless of whether she wins or loses the mayoral election I’m thinking she will move up to provincial or federal politics. The left is shitting their pants over her and don’t know what to do about her.
  14. http://web.archive.org/web/20180802013921/http://www.cjnews.com/news/canada/faith-goldy-running-for-mayor-of-toronto This kind of throws a kink in the left’s narrative that she is a white supremist. The neo nazis are calling her a Zionist alt right infiltrator lol.