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  1. Holy fuck send Satan a snow shovel as I’m pretty sure hell has frozen over.(I agreed with Jon lol) 😈
  2. Just how does one hang himself when he is supposedly on 24hour suicide watch that is supposed to prevent such acts?
  3. Rubber boots and a Captain Highlander rain coat? Yarrrrrr!
  4. When I think good Historical fiction? James Clavell.
  5. Peter, more non-whites have been employed/raised their standard of living substantially under Trump than any other president since 1972. When people are employed and finally making ends meet do you think they are going to toss the dice, vote Dem so they can once again be standing in the unemployment line? PS: Yes the market can be momentarily knocked down because of rumours and fear but these blips are pretty short lived (and good buying opportunities!). The fundamentals for a crash before the election just are not there. Usually governments drop interest rates because the economy is in trouble, Trump isn’t pressuring the fed to do so because of that. I’d say he is playing a longer chess game to come out on top against the Chinese. What would the Dems plan be against the Chinese if elected? Bend over and take it up the tailpipe?
  6. One could probably make a lot of money on short trades based on trump tweets. Ride em down and ride em back up.
  7. “I did not have sex with that Gerbil!”
  8. Well that was almost interesting, reading old Phillis rants..
  9. Well from what I have seen, Jonathan is an amazing and gifted artist...just sayin.
  10. I just saw Satan come up out of the ground, he had frostbite and asked me for a shovel 😈