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  1. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    You win. Bye. MSK ban my account as your site doesn’t have a delete account option.
  2. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    Thorium salt reactors may be instrumental as a power source on a lunar base. No water for cooling required.
  3. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    Establishing a moon base as a platform for mining exotic metals(or any metals) from asteroids would be an amazing endeavour.
  4. Jules Troy

    Prison Reform, Finally

    The prisons would all be 90% empty. 😊
  5. Jules Troy

    Fake News

    The only person to call my mother a whore was you. Now fuck off.
  6. Jules Troy

    Fake News

    Was I talking to you? Fuck off.
  7. Jules Troy

    Fake News

    I’ll try and be more civil in future, just leave my mother out of it...
  8. Jules Troy

    Prison Reform, Finally

    A few years ago over on RoR I had an interesting discussion on the war on drugs. http://rebirthofreason.com/Forum/GeneralForum/0408.shtml#8
  9. Jules Troy

    Prison Reform, Finally

    Michael it reminds me of the underground black market organ “donor” rings.
  10. Jules Troy

    Fake News

    Pretty obvious Jon gets to say whatever he wants without repercussion. Pretty sad how he asked questions about my childhood and me being me just answered knowing fully that he only did so in order to attack me at a later date. A small part of me actually was hoping that it was not what he was going to be doing but being the sociopath that he is I knew he couldn’t help himself. MSK.. that lil flame war would have even made Perigo blush. Just sayin..
  11. Jules Troy

    Fake News

    What’s sad is you actually had to look. How many people no longer post here because of me. Zero. How many no longer post here because of you? Probably all of them. Yeah that’s good value.
  12. Jules Troy

    Fake News

    I wish you a long long life. Possibly with Alzheimer’s..clearly you have some sort of Dementia and personality disorder already.
  13. Jules Troy

    Fake News

    You first shitbag.
  14. Jules Troy

    Fake News

    You stopped following or saying anything to do with Rand long ago. Ps: your keyboard warrior bravery is pathetic. You can’t even defend an idea against a “leftist”. You just call them a cunt or a pedo or a retard. Yup it is his site.
  15. Jules Troy

    Fake News

    So is calling my mother a whore..