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  1. Trump runs for congress and wins. Trump runs and wins speaker of the house and wins. Trump impeaches Biden. Speaker of the house becomes president in 2022. Trump runs for president again in 2024. 6 more yrs as president. everyone in o land rejoices, Jules is a goddamn genius.
  2. I got the first shot of moderna a couple weeks ago. I’m told I don’t get the second dose until Aug.
  3. Well..when I was a younger man I could do it in style.
  4. Nope... Our own idiot in power is to blame too. If the Energy East pipeline would have been approved we would not have needed Keystone. Quebec stopped that one citing “environmental concerns”. Meanwhile they have no problem dumping millions of barrels of raw sewage into the Saint Lawrence river. Fuck Quebec.
  5. You seriously use numerology as a cognitive aid? Why does that not surprise me...”snickers”.
  6. So I guess I don’t get my deep fried crow. OOon another note..Biden cancelled Keystone XL. I guess they prefer the taste of Saudi Blood oil to Canadian rights abuse free oil...
  7. The outrage? Like that dumb bitch that entered a federal building armed and got her ass blown away? Yeah..glad I’m in another country right now, yours sucks.