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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Trek:_Picard
  2. Haha warp drive would definitely come in handy! 😈...and photon torpedoes..and and and..Romulan cloaking...awe hell just gimme the holo deck!
  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Species_8472 Just sayinnnnnnnn...
  4. They may like our water more than observing us too...
  5. Encana just pulled the Pin as a fuck you to Trudeau, is renaming itself and moving to the states. Rednexit is gaining traction, who knows we may become North Texas sooner than we think.
  6. I think it’s foolish to broadcast “hey here we are!” Into outer space. It might not be friendly...
  7. Peter I believe he jumped off the balcony right in front of his mother...
  8. Well if Kenney can somehow force the issue byyyyy holding Alberta’s money ransom then maybe that will bring the feds (and Quebec) to the bargaining table. 13-18 billion/year all of the sudden not being sent to Quebec? perhaps our “Pétrole” will be seen a little less dirty eh?
  9. Already the calls in western Canada to say fuckitall and separate are larger, now more than ever. If we can’t build pipelines east or west and are going to be landlocked anyways we might as well keep our 50billion+/year and spend it on ourselves and not enable those who not only are fiscally irresponsible due to our enabling of them but act out completely against us as if we are the “enemy”.
  10. In 2015 he said 2 years of infrastructure spending then 2 years of balancing. He didn’t even try to ramp down on spending, this time? He didn’t even attempt to say anything about controlling government largess. He is going to have to cozy up to the NDP commies to get anything done sooooo hopefully he gets nothing at all done in the next term...