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  1. Well as much as this sux for many. Trump will have to run in 4 years. I bet a nickel.
  2. https://lawandcrime.com/2020-election/11th-circuit-to-lin-wood-explain-all-this-precedent-showing-we-have-no-jurisdiction-to-hear-your-case/ ouch?
  3. Trump lost, get over it? He can run again in 4 years if he lives that long? Up here in Canada we don’t really give a shit. Both candidates will fuck us over one way or another. Trump with tariffs on Aluminium and steel, Biden with wanting to kill Keystone XL.
  4. Peroxi-Acetone packs one hell of a punch in a small package. Just sayin. Yes terrorists use that shit for making IED’s. ps: you Americans have all the fun!
  5. Jules Troy


    Although not classical marble there is a little town in Northeastern BC Canada that has wood carvings every year, some are fantastic! https://www.chetwyndchainsawcarvings.com
  6. Huh..didn’t know there was anyone ugly enough to stand in as her double...
  7. I saw a meme of Trump golfing: ”Unhappy Gilmore”. I kinda chuckled.
  8. Comes with the complimentary iWhore?