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    Photography, 3d modelling, photoshop, digital mixed medium matte painting. Attempting to not piss everyone off.(mostly failing at that!)

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    Jules Troy was my birth first and Middle name.Hi I am Steve Cossey. Over at RoR everyone knows I am Steve but just call me Jules. Well you can call me whatever you like :)
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  1. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

  2. Jules Troy

    Fake Social Media

  3. Jules Troy

    Trump humor

  4. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    True and true. Thhhthings to ponder. Some days I like some of the things he does, other days I scratch my head and think wtf was he thinking...
  5. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    So..one of the most introspective rational and intelligent objectivists to ever walk the planet hates Trump. Kinda says something doesn’t it?
  6. Jules Troy

    John Bolton's address on the ICC

    The Europeans have deemed the burning of trees to be carbon neutral, encouraging people in essence to burn firewood instead of natural gas or oil which they would pay a carbon tax on. Fucking morons. A tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year and can sequester 1 ton of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old.
  7. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    I will reserve any final judgement on Heir Drumph if you can get Stephen Boydstun to come on in here and extol El Presidente’s virtues. ...and they actually match your own.
  8. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    I’m not actually angry at Trump at all Marc. I’m angry at our own government and the idiots in this country that elected it and literally cheer every time yet another law or tax is enacted that moves us yet closer to being no better off than Venezuela....
  9. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    I have plenty to be angry about..
  10. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    I guess sarcasm is beyond your grasp?
  11. Jules Troy

    Trump humor

    Doo dooo dee doodoo!
  12. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    NAFTA‼️ I’ll putcha in mahhh weee BELLAY!!!
  13. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    Well maybe Trump could legalize cocaine, create a US/Columbia free trade agreement, use the military for shipping and completely cut out the nasty Mexican cartels. He could pay off the defecit in a week!
  14. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    Throw In a gas chamber or two with that wall, now that’s a party.
  15. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    Did Woodward write about Benghazi? Fuck him.