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    Photography, 3d modelling, photoshop, digital mixed medium matte painting. Attempting to not piss everyone off.(mostly failing at that!)

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    Jules Troy was my birth first and Middle name.Hi I am Steve Cossey. Over at RoR everyone knows I am Steve but just call me Jules. Well you can call me whatever you like :)
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  1. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    It is an ever enjoyable pastime! I have not been able to do much lately, 80+ hour weeks put a dent in my fun factor.
  2. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    The good thing about the circle method is, no matter what position your subject is in it really helps with proportions when it comes to viewing angle/perspective. I have a couple books on this method for both birds and insects, had them since I was 7. HHHhhhere is another FANTASTIC book! http://drawright.com/
  3. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    We be we Jonathan? I would hope you are not slipping into some loose collectivist trap. How about I will be me, you can be you (I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts). PS: have not had any decent owl pics in a while, working on it!
  4. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    Yeah Jon’s default “your arguments are worthless”.
  5. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    So...game on? Weeee!
  6. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    That fortunately is the fate of many rapists/child rapists when they go to prison. Not enough though. And no, the attacker will most likely be charged with murder and have that added to his sentence. Sometimes these things get a blind eye turned to and the person is just charged with assault, but not often. Probably why MORE of them are not killed.
  7. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    But ...that’s like 3/4s of Canada, my arms would get too damn tired, I’m not young anymore!
  8. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    I saw plenty of leftisms thrown around, no biggy . Sexism I dunno about that...it’s a stretch to say leftist women are less attractive than X is sexist. Is it sexist to say I prefer redheads over blonds? Or is it simply sexist because I mention a preference at all? Never had to give it much thought, been married for the last 12+ years.
  9. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    You can’t even think for yourself Jon. You instead take Michael’s analogy and insert me into it and attempt to insult me further. I’m not a racist and would never be inyour stupid analogy that you completely butchered. As for my Dagny comment, it went right over your head. I was seeking clarification on your premises. Dagny shot the security guard because John Galt’s life was being threatened, and he was her highest value. The security guard represents the oppressive state and so needed to be eliminated as a lesser/no value/sacrifice if she let him live. (At least that’s my take on it). Oh I was making that analogy in a(obviously futile) attempt to see where you are coming from since you accused me of not understanding Rand’s views on retaliation. Pretty sure she didn’t advocate calling people 12 year old girls. You seem pretty quick to dismiss me as being beneath your “vastly superior intellect” by immediately attempting to insult my intelligence without actually saying anything meaningful or original (or constructive for that matter). i mean you couldn’t even answer a direct and honest question about what you do(if anything) for a living! My moral fortitude? Really you are insinuating that I have sub par morals? On what basis other than I called you a prick, which so far does not need to be refuted, it’s pretty evident.
  10. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    Just for you Jon. So what are you saying Jon? That you are like Dagny when she kills the security guard and Carol is the security guard? That kind of initiation vs retaliation?
  11. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    The only moronic thing I can be accused of is attempting to get you to actually act rationally and somewhat civilly...you act like a nutter not an objectivist. Your behaviour is more akin to what is expected over at SOLO and it’s kind of embarrassing. You are better than that.(I would hope). Michael has stated he knows she isn’t some pedoworshipping demon but yet there you are day after day..grow the fuck up already.
  12. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    I get it Michael, defend/attack a persons ideas, not the person him/herself. So asking if Carol has issues of tripping over her fat gut is ok? I would assume so because you didn’t say a word about it. (Hint..it’s not ok!)
  13. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    Being charged with sex worker trafficking is a far cry than hearsay of being involved in a child sex ring from conspiracy theory sources. Im not advocating for her but stick to actual facts.
  14. Jules Troy

    Trump humor

    Godayyyyyum this made me laugh a lot. Seeing them them lose their shit was pretty priceless.
  15. Jules Troy

    Donald Trump

    Haha the ole “Go gargle with razor blades!” Guy!